The Theft of the Social Networking Invention

The Timeline of Evil – American Intelligence Media

Cyber Hijacking Findings & Timeline Discussed in the first video. Here is the document.   Download

After Thomas discusses his take on the Adam Schiff counter memo to the Devin Nunes one, Betsy and Thomas describe modern information warfare and give you a very powerful information weapon to use against the whole, rotten lot of criminals. Let’s end this war and fire a shot heard round the world.

Those who consider the rule of law to have primacy on the use of social media networking all over the planet should forward this information to President Donald Trump’s office. President Trump has the authority to have a check written to Leader Technologies to pay for and license this technology. The money stolen over the past 17 years should be paid in compensation for this technology being stolen from Leader Technologies for the incredible abuse of law.

We need a free press to hold the powerful accountable. As it stands now the media are nothing but propaganda organs for the elite and powerful. This money returned to Leader Technologies will be used to fund a free press so that from this point forward we can hold these powerful elitist interests accountable in the alternative media YouTube and Google are now moving to shut down.


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  • Many attempts to download the “timeline” link above failed. It was probably a combination of my vpn routing and slow broadband connection. If anyone else encounters issues, I was successful downloading it more directly from

  • Thank you for sharing that link. Definitely a document worth downloading!

  • Corruption yes , but the important point is . run by the redcoats , if you dont pin the tail on the donkey he will always be laughing at you .. You have to love the irony of it all given USA interferes with every country including so called allies . Traitors is what they are . they are all best mates with all the enemies that everyone died fighting , what does that tell you . They are treated far better than all vets too . The public has always been the enemy and they are al in bed together in order to reach the quota of depopulation, loot from the dead and rebuild contracts . No wonder they keep laughing at everyone . Soros is a typical example , have yu heard the JEWS, Banksters complain about him ? No, they fund him and are also in business with him …

  • John Stockwell – CIA’s War on Humans

  • I love you , all of you at Abel Danger.I am always learning from you and watch all of your videos. And I found American Intelligence Media about a month ago. I am totally disabled but my brain is not. Praying for you always.

  • I would love to think that what you say will really happen. Unfortunately I fear that it is all wishful thinking. I have heard nothing but endless talk and speculation since Trump was elected. But nothing ever happens. The crooks and traitors still walk free and laugh at us.

  • There’s something I don’t understand – why should Donald Trump write a check to Leader Technologies? The taxpayer isn’t to blame and certainly shouldn’t pay the bill. No, send the bill to those who gained from the theft!