The State of “American” Diplomacy

Finding a way out of the war against Syria

The White House is unable to extricate itself from the war in Syria. President Trump is hindered both by the self-proclaimed “stable state” (according to the anonymous op ed in the New York Times), which continues to pursue the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski strategy, and by the reactivated ambitions of his Israëli, French, British and Turkish allies. The logic of these interests could displace the war instead of resolving it.


Powerpoint extract from a conference given by Admiral Cebrowski at the Pentagon , on 23 July 2003. Left, in mauve, the zone in which the state structures have to be destroyed.
Although the White House and Russia have agreed to end the proxy war fought by jihadists in Syria, peace is a long time coming. Why?

Why is there a war against Syria?

Contrary to the idea carefully sown by seven years of propaganda, the war against Syria is not a “revolution which went wrong”. It was decided by the Pentagon in September 2001, then prepared for many years, admittedly with a few difficulties.

A war in preparation for a decade

The preparation of the war is explained in depth in Thierry Meyssan’s latest book. It is already available in French, Spanish, Russian and Turkish. It will be published in September in English, Arab and Italian.

A reminder of the main stages of the planning of the war:

– In September 2001, US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld adopted the strategy of Admiral Arthur Cebrowski, which specified that the state structures of half of the world had to be destroyed. For those states whose economy is globalised, the United States would control the access to the natural resources of those regions not connected to the global economy. The Pentagon commenced its work by “remodelling” the “Greater Middle East” [1].
– On 12 December 2003, George Bush Jr. signed the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act. From that moment on, the President of the United States enjoyed the right to go to war with Syria without having to ask Congress for approval [2].
– The Lebanese civil war (1978-90) ended with the Taif Agreement. At the request of the Arab League, and with the approbation of the UN Security Council, the Syrian Arab Army came to the assistance of the Lebanese army in disarming the militias, then, acting as a Peace Force, stabilised the country. Thereafter, Israël accused Syria of having occupied Lebanon, which makes no sense at all. [3]
– In 2004, during the summit of the Arab League in Tunis, President Ben Ali attempted to push through a motion authorising the League to legitimise the use of force against member states who refused to respect the League’s brand new Human Rights Charter.
– In 2005, the CIA organised the Cedar revolution in Lebanon. By assassinating Sunni leader Rafic Hariri and blaming the Christian President of Lebanon and the Alaouite President of Syria, they hoped to trigger a Sunni uprising against the Syrian Peace Forces. With the Marines ready to disembark in Beïrut, Syria withdrew on its own initiative, and the tension was dissipated [4].
– In 2006, Dick Cheney tasked his daughter Liz with creating the “Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group”. They organised the Israeli attack against Hezbollah, thinking that they would be unable to resist for long. US Marines were then intended to disembark in Beïrut and continue their march of “liberation” on Damascus. However, the operation failed, and after 33 days of combat, Israël had to retreat [5].
– In 2008, Washington once again tried to create conflict with Lebanon as its flash point. Prime Minister Fouad Siniora decided to cut the internal communications of the Resistance and to interrupt air transport with Teheran. Within a few hours, Hezbollah had inverted the Western military system and replaced all of its infrastructures.
– In 2010, Washington adopted the strategy of “leading from behind “. The Obama administration handed the attacks on Libya and Syria to France and the United Kingdom respectively (Lancaster House agreements).
– In 2011, beginning of military operations in Syria.

It is therefore absurd to speak of the war against Syria as a spontaneous event sui generis [6].

Indirect war

The original feature of the war against Syria is that although it was declared by states (the “Friends of Syria”), it was in reality fought almost exclusively by non-state armies, the jihadists.

During the seven years of this war, more than 250,000 combatants arrived from overseas to fight against the Syrian Arab Republic. They were without doubt little more than cannon fodder, and insufficiently trained, but during the first four years of the conflict, these soldiers were better armed than the Syrian Arab Army. The most important arms traffic in History was organised in order to keep the jihadists supplied with war materials [7].

The Western powers had not used mercenaries on this scale since the European Renaissance [8].

It is therefore absurd to speak of a “revolution that went wrong”.

A war supervised by allies who have their own objectives

By asking Israël to attack Lebanon on their behalf, then by handing over the wars on Libya and Syria to France and the United Kingdom, and finally by using the NATO installations in Turkey, the Pentagon allowed its plan to be confounded by its allies.

Just as in all wars, the leading country has to promise its obedient allies that they will be awarded a return on their investment. However, with the entry of Russia into the war, Western victory became impossible. Every one of the United States allies turned progressively back towards its own strategy in the region. With time, the war objectives of the allies gained the upper hand over those of the United States, who refused to invest as much as they should have done, militarily speaking.


Pursuing the colonial ideology of some of its founding fathers, Israël implemented a policy of division intended to split its larger neighbours into a collection of small countries which were to be ethnically or religiously homogeneous. It therefore supported – in vain – the division of Lebanon into two states, one Muslim and one Christian, or again the creation of a Kurdistan in Iraq, then later in Syria. We do not have the Israëli strategic documents, but retrospectively, the line followed by Tel-Aviv corresponds to the “Yinon plan” of 1982 [9] or that of the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies of 1996 [10].

Please go to Voltaire Network to read the entire article.


The military geek Arthur Cebrowski takes his “computer networks and the efficient flow of information to turn America’s chain saw of a war machine into a scalpel”. One very critical aspect to not overlook here is that for the most part, America’s war machine is being directed by private corporations and networks that contract with the Pentagon. This privatization of war began when the Department of War was changed in name to the Department of Defense (DoD). At the time, many US military generals inside the Pentagon resented this change as was first reported in great detail by L Fletcher Prouty in his book The Secret Team. After reading Thierry Meyssan’s article above, try hard to come up with a good enough reason to justify and give meaning to the concept behind the Department of “Defense”? Defense of what? Well of course, war profits using the business model of terrorism™? Look what is currently going on in Africa.

U.S. Military’s Worst-Case Scenario: Large Parts of Africa Seized by ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Boko Haram


The US is now competing directly with China, India and Russia for resources in Africa. The ONLY way the US military (Pentagon and corporate American industry) can justify their presence in Africa is for their ISIS™ canon fodder terrorist creation to perpetuate themselves in Africa. The US, UK, Germany, France and especially Israel have been arming their canon fodder ISIS™ mercenary lunatics in Syria now for seven years as was indicated by Thierry Meyssan in his article above.



Why Africa? The Congo is the world’s largest supplier of cobalt used in smart phones of which there were something like 1.54 billion manufactured world-wide in 2017. If the US loses that cobalt resource in the Congo to China and South Korea, American high tech and communications firms are in deep economic trouble. What most of the buyers don’t know or they intentionally ignore, is that cobalt requires the lives of children in the Congo to mine by hand.

Your Smartphone Was Made By Child Slave Labor – Congo Cobalt Mines


It now looks like the Pentagon’s role in fighting their own proxy army ISIS™ terrorist creation is coming to an end as the Pentagon’s 14-page unclassified summary of 2018’s National Defense Strategy does not mention special operations, and says that “inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern in U.S. national security.” The US Congress and the Pentagon are now attempting to bring more oversight to US special operations forces while reorienting them away from combating militants like their ISIS™ proxy army who have now been defeated in Syria, towards “fighting more traditional nation-states”.

Special operations boom years may be coming to a close


To round off our post today, we’ve decided to post a few video clips depicting the chaos going on inside American “government” institutions as their non-elected representatives demonstrate to us one falsity after another and a steady barrage of duplicitous accusations on the circumstances in Syria. Let’s begin with the runner up in her failure to be a professional diplomat, Nikki Haley:

UN envoy Nikki Haley has seen the future: A chemical weapons attack will happen in Syria


Well, what do you know? Nikki Haley says “Israel is not going away”. Now Nikki, please, we realize Israel obviously isn’t going away any time soon, but can you please tone down your rhetoric on Syria just a bit so as to not make it so obvious you are a vocal mistress prostitute for AIPAC and Israel? Do you not have any original creative thoughts of your own Nikki, on an alternative course concerning Syria rather than risking countless thousands of Syrians getting killed in what is looking to be a coming overt act of war on Syria by the US on any pretext possible? Is that “diplomacy”, Nikki? Syria attacking its own country, Nikki, really?

Here’s an idea, Nikki, why not at the UN you announce to Israel that if they want Syria destroyed, to mobilize the IDF along with those brand new Lockheed Martin F35s and head to Syria themselves rather than the Israelis firing missiles at Syria from Lebanese air space? Or worse, using their US proxy military to get the job done for them? See what happens to American creativeness and inventiveness like in the case with Nikki Haley who probably spent her first formal years in college listening to NPR Radio? All that American creativeness and inventiveness has been sabotaged by alien interests foreign to America. And Nikki, you may want to start talking to the Turks, you know, some of that diplomacy, because they are not going to allow the US’s temporary proxies, the PKK, to organize anything in Syria on their border either considering the Turks just sent in several military convoys.

Nikki Haley “Israel’s NOT Going Away!”


Here’s another American diplomat, well, we guess he was a diplomat (diplomat for who?) anyway, John Kerry providing us with his opinion that Syria “did not rid their stockpiles of chemical weapons” when the Russians have repeatedly confirmed that Syria no longer has a chemical weapons arsenal and have reported this with documentation to the OPCW (mostly run by the UK). Kerry was President Barack Obama’s former Secretary of State who in this discussion yesterday, admits to Fox News’ Dana Perino that, “the Obama administration failed to rid Syria of chemical weapons after Bashar al-Assad crossed President Obama’s red line by using them”. John, come on now, really.

Nikki Haley crossed the boundaries of diplomatic absurdity, so why reinforce the absurdity that Syria’s Bashar al Assad is getting ready to use chemical weapons in Idlib? This one is a real doozy readers, watch this. It’s almost as if John Kerry received a telephone call the other night by his handlers who contacted Fox News to arrange for this interview with John Kerry. “John, look, Nikki is in serious trouble at the UN on Syria and we need you to cover for her ridiculous accusations on Syria.” This is the current state of American “diplomacy.”

John Kerry Admits Obama Failed To Rid Syria Of Chemical Weapons


Then to demonstrate the confusion possibly by intention at Fox News, Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson “call out chemical weapons hoaxes in Syria”. Tucker, you and Dana Perino at Fox News should have a conference to compare notes on what you have discovered in your reporting on this idiocy about Syria using chemical weapons – again. Perhaps toss in the fact that MI6 is planning for the chemical attack using their proxies the White Helmets to round up a few Syrians at the refugee camps then use them to set the stage for the big chem attack. Just make sure this time it looks more real alright? That last attack was pathetically staged so you White Helmets may want to contact the Brits for a few stage lessons.

Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson call out chemical weapons hoaxes in Syria



Lost in Lies, America’s Policy Prison




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