The Shameful Attacks On Rep. Ilhan Omar

Source: mondoweiss

by James Zogby on March 6, 2019

What is happening to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar should be of concern to all Americans. Because she has dared to challenge the way supporters of Israel have worked to silence debate on US policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, she has become a victim of incitement and hate crimes, and the target of legislation meant to shame her.

The weapon of choice in this campaign has been to demonize her as an antisemite. Her “sin”, it appears, is her continued umbrage over the double-standard that exists in American policy toward Israel and its treatment of Palestinians.

During Israel’s assault on Gaza, for example, she criticized the failure of the US to pierce through Israeli propaganda and see what was actually happening to Palestinians in that impoverished strip of land. Then after facing down attacks by her new congressional colleagues, she “sinned” once again when she challenged the power of AIPAC to intimidate politicians and silence debate on Israel/Palestine.New to Washington and what was and was not the “acceptable language” one should use to discuss these issues, she admitted that her word choices had been unfortunate and apologized for the pain she may have caused.

Even with the apology, the die had been cast — she remained a target.”

Because she was a hijab-wearing Muslim, who was critical of Israel, the GOP sought to exploit her in their continuing effort to drive a wedge between the Jewish community and Democrats. For their part, some Democrats reacted with hyperventilated outrage. Extreme language was used to denounce Omar. Her words were described as “bigoted”, “vile”, and, of course, “antisemitic slurs.”

What was especially disturbing was that because she was called “antisemitic” so frequently  the term stuck. Never, in all this time, was there a critical examination of what she actually said. Never did she accuse the Jewish community of controlling the media (unless one assumes that Israel’s ability to dominate media coverage of events occurring in the occupation can be attributed to the Jewish community). Nor did she ever accuse the Jewish community of using money to buy influence in Washington (unless one suggests that AIPAC speaks for and acts on behalf of the entire Jewish community).

The entire affair came to a head when, at a Town Hall last week, Omar explained herself. Asked to address the controversy that had erupted over her advocacy of Palestinian rights, Omar’s colleague, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, spoke first noting that to her the question of Palestine is personal – it is her grandmother still living in the West Bank and her desire that she receive equal justice and recognition of her rights to live in dignity.

Reacting to what she had just heard, Omar said that she couldn’t accept those who fight for human rights and dignity for others and yet exclude Palestinian rights and dignity. For her part, she said, the focus would be universal – leaving no one out. She then chided those in congress who have pressed her to reject her commitment to call out Israeli abuses and ignore Palestinians rights. Because she is a Muslim, she said, her criticism of Israel has been automatically seen as antisemitic in order to silence her. Even more troubling to her was that, as a result of the manufactured controversy over her words, the discussion has become whether or not she’s an antisemite, while ignoring “the broader debate about what is happening in Palestine.”

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Ed note: Deep fissures happening in Israel while Israel now finds itself in an “untenable position.”


Watch the UK Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn carefully, that is where the split over Jewish power is appearing.

Source: Vox News

The anti-Semitism crisis tearing the UK Labour Party apart, explained

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is being accused of mishandling claims of anti-Semitism in the party.

By Darren Loucaides • Mar 8, 2019

LONDON — The UK’s Labour Party is in the midst of a full-blown anti-Semitism crisis.

Recently, nine members of Parliament (MPs) quit the center-left party in protest of the current leadership, citing their handling of allegations of anti-Semitism as well as dissatisfaction over the party’s stance on Brexit.

“I cannot remain in a party that I have today come to the sickening conclusion is institutionally anti-Semitic,” Labour MP Luciana Berger said at a February 18 press conference explaining her decision to leave. Berger, who is Jewish, has received a torrent of anti-Semitic abuse online over the past few years.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home in London on February 20, 2019.
Tolga Akemn/AFP/Getty Images

While rumors have circulated for months about a possible Labour split due to the UK’s upcoming, chaotic divorce from the European Union, the resignations — particularly Berger’s — sent shock waves through the party, and many felt that the party leadership should have done more to protect Berger from the abuse she’d been receiving.

If you’re wondering how the situation has escalated to this point, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

The anti-Semitism controversy in the Labour Party is fairly recent

The UK Labour Party, which dates back to 1900, was long seen as the party of the working classes. Throughout most of its history, Labour has stood for social justice, equality, and anti-racism.

Please go to Vox News to read the entire article.


Although the title is a bit mischievous, the democrats will help keep Trump in office in 2020 as the democrats splinter over Israel support and Jewish power.

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This is only partially correct, like the UK Labour party, the US Democratic Party are fracturing over Jewish power.

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Be sure to read Glenn Greenwald’s comment on twitter after reading this RT News on Megan McCain’s comments on Ilhan Omar. McCain’s “anguish” is another example of the fraud being gaffed off on us.

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YouTube takes out Middle East Observer probably because Middle East Observer was reporting too much on what is going on inside Israel.

(Urgent): YouTube terminates Middle East Observer after almost 10 years online

And don’t fall for the anti Semitic scam.

The Realist Report – Dr. Kevin MacDonald

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