The Relentless Attack on Venezuela

Ed. note: This may be one reason why Venezuela will not allow “humanitarian aid” into Venezuela.

Has the United Kingdom transported fake money to Venezuela?

Voltaire Network | 25 February 2019

According to a pan-Arab Lebanese TV Channel (Al-Mayadeen), an Ethiopian plane has uploaded at Malta 15 chests of false money to be delivered to Venezuela.

The Venezuelan economy has collapsed. Elliot Abrams thinks this is due to the communist government being unfit managers while the Bolivarian government of Nicolas Maduro thinks it’s the result of a US sabotage.

Whilst sabotaging the Venezuelan economy, the United States has just delivered humanitarian aid for the victims of this sabotage to the border that Venezuela and Colombia share. Convinced that this stock includes subversive material, the Venezuelan government is refusing to deliver this aid (but it is accepting aid from other countries). Clearly this stock is barely significant, since the total US aid following the crisis represents only 6% of the daily aid distributed by the Venezuelan authorities.

During the war against Syria, both Saudi Arabia and Qatar printed false money to bring the Syrian economy into chaos. However at the time, both monarchies were competing with each other; they had not come to a market sharing agreement. Further, at the same time they were paying all their mercenaries in dollars. For the mercenaries to be on the spot men, they had to change their US dollar pay into Syrian pounds. Finally, Syria has printed new notes in Russia.


These are CIA-backed thugs who will try to foment as much chaos and mayhem as possible. The same goes for the gangs and thugs on the Colombian side pelting Venezuelan police with gasoline bombs and rocks.

Charging into Venezuela – Disastrous Overstretch for US

This aid truck was destroyed by CIA-backed thugs in Colombia. Read Mike Pompeo’s tweet. Looks like their “troika of evil” (Cuba; Venezuela; Nicaragua) are up to no good in Venezuela. Astonishing the level of duplicity in Pompeo’s tweets. There are no “starving people” in Venezuela.

Burning Aid: A US Warmongering False-flag on Colombia-Venezuela Bridge?

200,000 or 10,000? WaPo deletes inflated Venezuela Aid Live attendance figure from its website

Mike Pompeo hates everybody. He hates Yemen, he hates Venezuela, he hates Russia and he hates China. Sorry, Mike, those are CIA-backed thugs causing all the chaos and rioting. You should know, you came out of the CIA. Again, the Venezuelan people do not need aid.

Not to be out down, Marco Rubio who works for Israel and wealthy Venezuelans in Florida, openly threatens President Nicolás Maduro. This is a US Senator threatening war with Venezuela and threatening to kill a sitting president of a foreign country.

Venezuela – No, The “Responsibility To Protect” Does Not Apply

Marco Rubio Sends ‘Bloody Gaddafi’ Tweet, ‘High on Imperialism’ and Still on Twitter

Here is the Random Guy™ Juan and his “opposition” who are alleged to have been planning on killing people. Did the Random Guy™ Juan flee to Colombia as is being reported by Vesti? Ten trucks of “humanitarian aid” to save Venezuela from starvation? Another CIA-media production using Branson because he was a hippie from the 60s. What will they think of next?

Venezuelan Minister: ‘Opposition Was Planning to Kill People on the Border’


Pretext Has Been Established – Shots Fired

Overcoming the Decaying North American Empire Unilateralism

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