The Queen’s Pilot – Colonel Russell Williams – Pedophile Fast Track Entrapment

Abel Danger 8-4-2014 Part 1 Russell Williams, Expoliating Evidence at Crime Scenes

Col. Russell Williams — Interrogation and confession of perverted sex-killer

On the morning if February 3rd 2010 Russell Williams placed the frozen naked body of Jessica Lloyd in a RCAF issue large duffle bag and put her in the back of his Nissan Pathfinder. He hung the body in a tree just North of his cottage and then drive to Toronto to deliver 3 an 8GB Kingston Brand thumb drive to Julian Fantino who delivered it to Stephen Harper, who passed it to David Johnston who used a courier to get it to the Royals in UK where Prince Andrew kept it in his private collection.

Prince Charles was to give the command for Williams, and Fantino to advance their roles in the Criminal Enterprise run by Charles and his mother.

Video #1 was the video of Russell raping and murdering RCAF corporal MFC. Williams is seen smiling and lifting his balaclava to affirm his identity.

Video 2 & 3 were the sadistic rapes and murder of Jessica Lloyd, both at her home and his cottage.

Video 4 was the sadistic rape and torture and ritual sacrifice of Deborah Rashotte by Williams and others.

The crown suppressed and lied about videos 3 & 4 as they were never shown in court.

Who is Karla Homolka?

Who is Paul Bernardo?

Source: The Peterboroughexaminer

Paul Bernardo, Col. Russell Williams were college pals

February 12, 2010

This is probably because of the people from the crown who joined Williams at his cottage for the ritual murders, torture and sacrifices and are seen on the video.

The licence plates of vehicles parked nearby Williams cottage the nights between the disappearance of the women and the roadblock at which they claim to have learned about Williams, have been traced to the Canadian Govt and OPP.

So crown agents were actively involved in the rapes, murders and ritual sacrifices of Ms Lloyd and Ms Rashotte.

Williams rape and torture of children was suppressed as part of a plea bargain with his partners ‘the Crown’ – because the evidence implicates those who have ALL received promotions since the events.

Fantino + Lewis + Hawks + Foulkes + Reives + Nicholson

Detective Ben Beatty however; (the cop who delivered the most evidence to Abeldanger) was busted from 30 year detective to the rank of special constable…. and now flogs real estate in Marmora Ontario to try and make ends meet and feed his alcohol addiction.

Abel Danger 10-8-2014 Part 2 Dubai Snuff Films + Serial Killer Russell Williams + Camp Mirage

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