The Public Is Catching On To the Scam (Including Information on the Vaccine War)

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Source: Russia Insider

by Michael Krieger (Liberty Blitzkrieg) | April 4, 2019

Financial Meltdown Incoming? Fed Chairman Goes on 60 Minutes to Deflect Responsibility for Obscene Asset Bubble

March 11– Last night, the current high priest of money printing, asset bubbles and inequality, Jerome Powell, appeared on 60 Minutes. Interviewer Scott Pelley mentioned the fact that such discussions are rare and noted the last time a Fed head appeared for such a chat was Ben Bernanke back in 2010.

As such, what I find most interesting about this event wasn’t Powell’s boilerplate, bureaucratic propaganda about how the economy’s doing fine and how much central bankers love average Americans, but why he and the institution he heads felt a need to do this now.

There’s no doubt something has the Fed spooked otherwise Powell never would have done this. One factor is they know the economic ground’s starting to shift beneath them, and they need to push a particular narrative ahead of time so central bankers can once again do as they please when “the time to act” arrives.

This is why Powell pushed the blame on the current economic slowdown on China and Europe. The Fed is no different than your average politician. It takes full credit when things go well, but endlessly deflects and blames outside forces when things fall apart.

Rule number 1 of the Federal Reserve: It’s never the Fed’s fault.
Rule number 2 of the Federal Reserve: It’s never the Fed’s fault.
Rule number 3 of the Federal Reserve

You get the point. If central bankers accept blame, or admit they got anything over the past decade terribly wrong, then they can’t justify doing more of the same and worse in the future. And that’s exactly what they plan to do, by the way.

Which brings me to the purpose of this piece. The reason I’ve started writing about such topics again after a multi-year hiatus is because the chickens are finally coming home to roost. The recent global slowdown and concurrent central banker panic is proof we’ve arrived at a very important inflection point. The central bankers hope they can prolong this already historic and obscene financial asset bubble a little longer via manipulation and propaganda, but they also understand it may be the end of the road for this cycle.

As such, every person in the world needs to understand what the Fed and other central banks did during the last crisis, and what they plan on doing the next time around (more of the same and worse). If you judge an economy based on stock market performance and aggregate GDP, you might think the Fed did a great job over the past decade, but if you judge it based how we’ve turned an entire generation of young people into debt slaves, arrived at levels of inequality unseen since just before the Great Depression and catalyzed an explosion of populist politics throughout the western world, you might be ready to grab a pitchfork.

What central banks have achieved over the past decade is a surreptitious transfer of risk and cost away from elites and onto the general public. They sent benchmark interest rates down to zero, but only the corporate and financial class really benefits from such distortions. They’re the ones who bought up all the foreclosed upon real estate (hello Blackstone) only to rent it right back to those who were evicted. They’re the ones who can issue debt on the cheap to buyback shares in order to dump their personal holdings to their own corporations. At the same time, credit card interest rates for the average person are at record highs of 17.64%. So who really benefits from the Fed’s record low rates?

Please go to Russia Insider to read the entire article.


Ed. note: Two very important discussions with Michael Hudson on debt and how America is becoming a neofeudal economy. The people (1%) who control the economy not necessarily militarily speaking, but everybody in the economy in order to break even has to pay almost all of their income to the people who own property. There is currently no better example of this then what is happening in San Francisco with the extremely wealthy elite running the Silicon mafia.This is feudalism and not only the landlords, it’s the bankers and the oligarchs.

The financial oligarchs are now just waiting it out while they wage asymmetric warfare. It is alleged the Saudis bought water or perhaps part of the Oroville dam in California but cannot be absolutely confirmed. When someone questioned this they were told it is related to the 1990 G7 Summit in Houston, Texas. The  Paris Terms. Debt-for-nature. Nature is America’s national resources.

That’s what all the debt creation has been about in America. Create massive debt. The debt is sold to foreign countries (China and others). They then take America’s national resources in lieu of debt repayment. The objective is to collapse the US national government. The new organization will be economic zones and economic regions around the world networking with China’s Belt & Road Initiative. The second video is included in the Russia Insider post by Michael Krieger:

This is what happens when you interfere with the big American oil cartels:

Burnt body of British missionary and activist against oil companies in the Amazon found in Peru


Don the Real Estate Guy Is Not Your Savior – Juxtaposition: Don’s Campaign Speech In Michigan and Conditions in Seattle

After reading and contemplating the presentation above, readers are encouraged to look at what Russia is transforming into in comparison to America with its crushing debt

Russian sovereign bonds selling like hotcakes as demand breaks all-time record

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U.S RECEIVES MAJOR WARNING: More Russian Forces Will Arrive in Venezuela

This is why nobody trusts the Americans (the oligarch class) anymore. The oligarch class in America have no credibility with their constant bullshit and compounding lies and arrogance:

Germans say Russia is more reliable than the United States

Donald Trump wrongly states his father was born in Germany – video

The following material on vaccinations might be related to this coming neofeudal economy where there is an entire class or section of people in the economy who will not fit into this coming technological tyranny. What will their fate be when they are deemed “worthless” to this system? Is it possible as the following material asserts, that in this engineering of humanity people can be vaccinated in order “fix people” to fit into this billionaire elite’s economy? In other words, using vaccines as bioweapons. Bill Gates as well as many other billionaire oligarchs think this is what is coming as Gates continues to promote and work towards techno efficient solutions like vaccines, Monsanto-engineered food with their arrogant “save us from ourselves” attitude. Here is what the banking and finance oligarchs have in mind for the non-producers in their neofeudal economy:

Breakthrough Energy Ventures: Our Malevolent Benefactors and Their Master Plan for Humanity


April 3-5, 2019

I will probably re-do yesterday’s vaccine reports to make them more cohesive, but this is the gist of it:

What is being peddled as vaccines now are in fact biological weapons, that turn your immune system into a weapon against YOU. The purposes are profit and debilitation of an enemy, and that enemy is YOU. If you are going to destroy western civilization without actually shooting people with bullets, the best method is to take trusted institutions and use them to destroy people. It will take people decades to believe it actually happened and by then it will be too late. They are three decades into this now.

The shots are damaging everyone via various adjuvants that trick the body into attacking itself. The shots are hurting white males more than any other group, because in addition to the adjuvants, all those DNA tests everyone submitted to sites like 23 and me were combed for genetic traits that were specific to the exact groups the elite want destroyed most, and the vaccines have, in addition to the adjuvants, the exact materials needed in the presence of these adjuvants (squalene is becoming a main one now) to kick off the destruction a lot worse in white males. This is why boys are getting autism a lot more frequently than girls, and WHITE boys are getting it far more frequently than other boys. The affliction itself is not autism, it is nerve damage that manifests the traits of autism.

They are not sparing the adults anymore

All the vaccines except for the SINGLE SHOT tetanus are not as advertised, even the three shot tetanus shot is sabotage because tetanus has always been a single shot with no boosters. If you got a preventive tetanus shot with boosters despite not being injured, you did not get a tetanus shot at all and are not protected. The purpose of the tetanus shots with boosters is to prevent pregnancy.

Obviously “THEY” know they are on the verge of total and complete conquest. They have maimed 30 years of children. Not all are totally dysfunctional but NONE that got the shots are going to be what they could have been.

There is an antidote

They have a vaccine that can reverse the damage. As it turns out, the damage is 100 percent reversible, all you have to do is tell the immune system to stop destroying squalene. And this can be done via a secondary shot that tells the immune system to destroy the antibodies for squalene. Anyone that got such a shot would come out of a fog in about two weeks with proper nutrition. So once the elite can declare total victory, they can fix the right people with a shot and work them as slaves in positions they can’t find the talent for among their own ranks. If we don’t stop this NOW, and I mean RIGHT NOW, we are in for a hideous future, and your guns are not going to save you.

They could not get rid of the second amendment, so they got around it via trusted institutions and destroyed us anyway, with shots we thought were real but were not for their stated purpose. They blamed the parents for all deaths via their “shaken baby syndrome” scam and all brain damage on “bad genes”. They claimed the white race was “suddenly getting stupid” but did not tell us they knew why. They pointed the finger at anyone who figured it out, calling the brightest people who could see it “anti science”. They used embarrassment and degradation to maintain control of those who knew something was amiss with the shots, and when that did not work, they resorted to murder. They are the world’s most despicable cretins, who stand as proof mankind is not ready to have technology because too much filth still exists that will, as soon as it is able, use that tech to destroy everyone.

Update to below:

There is proof just in the “disease” name (in the report below) that vaccines are causing it. And the medical system has to know it, because it is too obvious and I found proof in a single search. The so-called illness is called “Acute Flaccid Myelitis”. From that name, I knew that a lack of squalene in the child’s nerves would cause this, without looking anything up I also knew the adjuvants in vaccines contain squalene, which is needed to build the myelin in the nerves. If the immune system is programmed to attack squalene (as will happen if it is an adjuvant in a vaccine, AND THEY KNOW IT) any kid who gets such a shot will have his immune system attack and remove squalene from his nervous system to whatever extent it can, until the vaccine wears off. The kid will be totally screwed up by this. So I did a search to see if this had been censored. It was not censored yet. Here is a great run-down on this topic:


There’s your “acute flaccid myelitis, And here is an experiment where they injected it into rats to see what would happen. Here is the key quote from that experiment:

“The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of squalene on the central and peripheral nervous systems in rat at the ultrastructural level. Squalene was administered at a dose of 20 g/kg body weight, once daily for 4 days, and the animals were sacrificed 7 days and 30 days after the initiation of the experiment. After 7 days a mild swelling of mitochondria and dilation of the Golgi complex cisterns in few neurons in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus were observed. The swelling of astrocytes and their processes was also seen. Some myelin sheaths in the cerebral white matter were disintegrated. In the peripheral nervous system (the sciatic nerve), a damage of the Schwann cells, a destruction of the myelin sheaths, and lipid-like deposits between myelin lamellae causing a secondary compression of axons were present.

And this is in the vaccines now and is likely to be what is destroying our kids. A destruction of myelin sheaths is what mercury does, and Squalene will trick the immune system into doing it also. Unlike mercury which will eventually go out of the system, triggering an immune response to destroy myelin will have the effect of eating mercury every day. All get hit, some get totally destroyed. They can’t possibly not know what they are doing, this is intentional and they intend to ram it down your throat via mandate. See the report below.


April 1-2, 2019

Drudge had a headline that reads “Officials worry that a paralyzing illness may become more common”. Evidently, there’s a new debilitating thing “going around” that is paralyzing little white boys. No girls mentioned. Mostly if not all white. That’s a race-specific bioweapon type of problem. No doctors have any answers, and I believe if they did, their careers would be over. Just like autism, any doctor who finds the reason for “autism” is instantly flushed out of the system, it is a career busting no-go zone. Meanwhile the so-called elite formulating the childhood shots know damn well what it is.

I think something needs to be explained here – Autism as expressed after eugenics shot damage is not actually real autism, it is instead brain damage that manifests itself with the symptoms of autism. Because of this detail, the people claiming “vaccines” do not cause autism can sit there all day, and drill to bedrock about how vaccines are not causing autism and be right about it because the shots the kids get are not vaccines at al, and the damage is not autism, and they know it.

Italy proved the shots were not vaccines in Dec 2018 by testing the childhood MMR shot and finding none of the ingredients and none of the antigens it was supposed to have, the shot simply was not a vaccine. So since the people doing the eugenics KNOW it is not a vaccine, they can again rightfully claim that vaccines are not causing any damage, instead falsely labeled injections that are being called vaccines but are not vaccines are doing the damage, which is not autism, it is instead nervous system damage that has the symptoms of autism.

It is all a bunch of pathetic, amoral wordplay from the worst type of scammers the world has to offer, stated in a way that allows them to sleep at night. After all, they “never lied.”

No, they have obviously refined their eugenics shot down to targeting white boys better, and REALLY wiping them out, and they are testing it every other year to avoid having shots be blamed. No one told me this, but logical deduction certainly points to something of this sort. And I’d like to make a salient point: All the recent outbreaks of various childhood illnesses have been taking place AMONG THE VACCINATED, not the un-vaccinated. Why would this be? Obvious answer: Because the people who were supposed to have been vaccinated instead got a scam shot that not only took them down a notch intellectually, it also damaged their immune systems, making them less able to resist whatever they came across.

Seriously. Supposedly the “vaccine” was supposed to protect them, and then they get the disease? Much much later, not after the shot? You can explain getting the disease after a shot if the shot is legit, by having a defective batch that did not have the disease it was supposed to prevent killed off enough, but you can’t explain having the kid come down with it a year later unless the shot was not legit at all. Italy’s bust of the childhood vaccines proves this is what the case really is.

SO HEADS UP: Rather than back off after being busted, they are doubling down and making the eugenics shots a lot more target specific, with the goal of creating a sub class of people who are irrelevant and easily controlled. Little white boys are getting slammed down to zero like a heavyweight champion bashing their heads against a steel pillar. One good whack. Most won’t die. All will be wrecked for life. They intend to get it accomplished via the cover of “mandatory preventive medicine, ” administered via shots that are pushed as vaccines but are absolutely not vaccines in any way whatsoever. That way, since they know the shots are not really vaccines, and the brain damage really is not autism but only looks like autism, they can, in their demented and sick way walk through life saying they never lied, because vaccines really never did a thing and no vaccine ever really caused autism. And by the way, your kid is not vaccinated but we would like you to think your kid is.


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Finally, this is what Ivan the Terrible (don’t allow the liberal university “professors” in the west distort your understanding of Ivan the Terrible) did to oligarchs. Ivan the Terrible “broke the back of the aristocracy and liberated the Russian people from the domination of the money power of the oligarchs.”

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