The Parkland School Shooting: Another See-through Psy-Op

by Miles Mathis
February 25, 2018

We’re less than a week out from this staged event in Florida, but already conspiracy theorists have compiled plenty of good evidence showing it was staged. Watch this and this video [AD note: videos have been apparently removed.] for a start. First of all, multiple students confirmed that the school conducted active shooting training a month before this event. One student interviewed said there were rumors that an active shooter drill was going to happen soon, and there had already been a fire drill earlier that day. Most of the students admit they thought it was a drill. Many students reported gunshots from multiple locations, claiming two or three shooters. Many students interviewed show very little emotion, and we even get a few who can’t stop smiling, like the girl who claimed she spoke with Nikolas Cruz as he was exiting the building with the other students. If you had just been terrorized by a school shooting and found out you actually spoke with the shooter on your way out of the building, would you be chuckling about it so casually? There’s also the “former” FBI agent interviewed on Wolf Blitzer who does the worst impression of someone breaking down crying that I’ve ever seen. Then there are the dozens of pictures of students, parents, and community members making crying faces without any tears…

More crisis actors, of course.

But the award for most obvious actor goes to David Hogg, who is now practically a national sensation. I’ve never witnessed a more articulate, polished, and composed 17-year-old in my life. In fact, he’s so good in front of a camera that The Washington Post had to publish an article about him to justify how unbelievably well-spoken he and other students at this spook school are. The article is titled “The students at Florida’s Douglas High are amazing communicators. That could save lives.” The author writes, “what ties them together is their command of the visual medium and their powerful composure amid the worst kind of tragedy.” They try to spin it by talking about how theirs is the hyper-self-aware “Snapchat generation” that is constantly processing their own lives. Sure. Just watch some of David Hogg’s interviews, where he uses phrases like “soft targets” and “ajar” and talks about blood “being spilt on the floors of American classrooms.” He even has the presence of mind to give an impassioned political message: “I urge them – I urge them – to get out and do something about it. Call your congressman. Vote. Please, vote!” This guy sounds like a politician, or someone reading a poorly written script. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had an earpiece.

In a CNN interview the day after the event, Hogg said, “This is the 18th one [mass shooting] this year. That’s unacceptable.” What kid knows the number of mass shootings that have occurred this year? Did he go and look it up in preparation for the interview? Also, notice the number 18. Dead man’s hand, [18 also represents chai in Jewish gematria.] yet again. In any case, it should come as no surprise that Hogg’s father is an FBI agent. They say he is a “former” agent, but of course there’s no such thing as a former intelligence agent.

Apparently, the masses have caught on enough that the media is now running major damage control. Yesterday David Hogg and his father went on Anderson Cooper’s show to oppose claims that he’s a crisis actor. The BBC also covered the interview, and linked to an article they published less than two weeks before the school shooting titled “The people who think mass shootings are staged“. The article is just more blackwashing and misdirection, referencing the fake conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and absurd theories about the illuminati, while also tying conspiracy theorists to the alt-right and white supremacists. But I view this all as a positive. The fact that they’re trying this hard means they’re scared more people are catching on.

Then there’s Annika Dean, who survived the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting and whose son is now a survivor of this school shooting. We’ve seen this thing before, where the same families are victimized by different national tragedies. What are the odds? In fact, Annika is a school teacher who recently went through the Broward County Active Killer Program, “a training program that prepares teachers and staff to respond to, and plan for, active threats on campus.” She was even interviewed last year by Steven Smith, President of Guardian Defense, the company that helped develop the program.

I should also mention the names of the two AP reporters covering this story: Terry Spencer and Kelli Kennedy. You don’t even have to go past the byline to know you’re in spook territory.

Some of that is pretty commonly known by Youtube aficionados and other researchers, so I want to come at this one from a slightly different angle—by doing some research on the school’s namesake. The name Marjory Stoneman Douglas jumps out at you, doesn’t it? Especially the middle name. Conspiracy theorists have already suggested Stoneman is a clue linking the shooting to Freemasonry. I think this is lazy at best, misdirection at worst. I won’t bury the lede here, and since you’re on Miles’ site you can probably already guess what I found out: Marjory Stoneman Douglas was from the peerage. She was a direct descendent of Sir Thomas Horton Stanley, 4th Baronet of Bickerstaffe. The Stanleys of Bickerstaffe descended from Sir James Stanley, younger brother of Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby. In other words, they’re not just in the peerage, but very high up in the peerage. Thomas Horton Stanley died in 1714. Get it? 17 victims, 14th of February.

Marjory is the woman in the center of the picture above, surrounded by a group of spooky, hooded “park dignitaries” at a Venetian ball. (The governors do love their Venetian balls.) That’s according to the National Park Service,, where I pulled the picture from. They have 38 results on a search for her, including many articles. You see, Marjory was supposed to be an environmentalist who, with her father, is credited with saving the Everglades from the encroachment of industry. This is obviously false, since much of the Everglades wasn’t saved, and she and her father played an active role in its destruction, but we’ll get to that in a bit. She was born April 7 (that’s 4/7) and died in 1998 at the age of 108. She published her famous book The Everglades: The River of Grass in 1947, the same year Everglades National Park was dedicated and year one of the ole CIA. She lived at 3744 (3+7 = 10, 4+4= 8; that’s 108) Stewart Avenue, Coconut Grove. Numerology markers everywhere.

Her Wikipedia page tries to paint her early life as troubled and difficult. Her parents separated when she was six and her mother was committed to a mental institution several times after that. (Notice the tie-in to mental illness.) Growing up, she lived with her mother’s family outside of Boston. Wikipedia tells us:

At sixteen years old she contributed to the most popular children’s publication of the day, St. Nicholas Magazine [founded by Mary Mapes Dodge, and the first publisher of 20th century writers F. Scott Fitzgerald and William Faulkner] with a puzzle titled “Double Beheadings and Double Curtailings”. In 1907, she was awarded a prize from the Boston Herald for a story titled “An Early Morning Paddle”, about a boy who watches a sunrise from a canoe.

Please go to Miles Mathis to read the entire essay.

Feb 26, 2018


You know, Jim, so much is fake now that what I believe is happening is that a group of ‘actors’ approached the authorities and said “we can make the 2nd-Amendment go away if you let us stage countless events month after month until the public cracks and lets you change the laws. Just give us carte-blanche to stage these events and ensure that neither us or the media will ever face prosecution for lying to the public”. Well the government changed the law to allow themselves and the media to be used for propaganda purposes and these kinds of events went into full swing. I’m unsure as to whether or not the kid on trial for this crime is even on trial. It would not surprise me if the whole courtroom saga playing out on TV is just a fictional, staged event. No real trial, no real prosecution, just a fictional script played into the public arena as if it is really happening. I used to wonder why any of these events would be faked since the monsters that are behind such things have no trouble.

Jim – here’s a video where the turd says its 9:32 am

My response: I found that and had the original and missed the importance in the original. All I can say is this is real. The entire thing was fake as aspartame.




1. Numerous eyewitness videos prove Cruz had nothing to do with the shooting at all. If anyone in “alt media” does an expose on the background of Cruz, and how the “FBI failed” because they “let it happen”, take that truther and trash that truther, they can’t investigate a shopping bag from Piggly Wiggly, let alone a story like this. Anyone saying Cruz did this is not worth a single lick on a salt block in a cattle yard.

2. The shooting did not happen, and there is perfect proof of this. If any truther is investigating this shooting as if it was anything but a hoax, they are off the deep end. It seems like lots of alt media is chasing absolute falsehood with this, to somehow drive home the “reality” that assault weapons were actually used to kill people. I have cold hard proof no assault weapons killed anyone, it is in this photo:


3. The shooting was a drill that was marketed as a real event, and it was staged by police officers. This next video proves police officers staged this:

In the above video a teacher talks about how the shooter “used full police tactical gear”. Yet our patsy was seen walking through the school with no gear, no gun, nothing at all while the shooting “happened.”

This next video proves that even Hogg said it was a drill staged by the police.

This next video proves Cruz had no gun and no tactical gear yet the teacher (above) says the shooter was wearing tactical gear while shooting. That means CRUZ DID NOT DO THE SHOOTING.

So when you see I am “missing all the details on Cruz” realize I am not, SORRY, I DONT POST BULLSHIT. Cruz did not do this shooting. That means the FBI did not miss anything, THAT CRUZ DID NOT PURCHASE AN AR-15, and that this entire thing is a fraud.

A message to others in alt media: Stop posting bullshit just to get a story. When you treat this shooting as real, you give the police state, which is using totally staged events that never happened at all, the power to influence the public and get away with a lie. Quite frankly I am sick of it, if you can’t understand holes in a computer screen should not be white, or a teacher thinking it was the police when it was happening, or students saying it was a drill, or a girl saying Cruz had no gun or gear while the event was being staged, if you can’t put that all together and conclude CRUZ HAD NO GUN AT ALL, or that NO POLICE STAYED OUTSIDE ON ORDERS, or that SWAT WAS NEVER CALLED, IT IS ALL A HOAX, you probably suck bad enough to have adsense.

If you have been reporting that sh*t as real, clean up your mess and GO TO BED.


More analysis:

Confrontation Between Lifeguard, Bodysurfer
Caught On Camera In Redondo Beach Goes Viral


Is David Hogg A Crisis Actor? Redondo Shores High School

MSM Florida Shooting Narrative CRUMBLES: Teacher Saw Shooter In ‘Full Metal Garb’

Parkland teacher: ‘I assumed that it was a code red drill because they had told us earlier in the day that they were going to be having a code red drill using blanks’

Florida shooting – No birth records for any of the victims


This alternative news source should probably also be read concerning Florida. Readers and viewers might want to gravitate away from the phrase “false flag” with these “shooting” events. These events really aren’t “false flags”, they should be called for what they really are: “staged crisis events”. And “this shit has to stop.”

Florida Shooting A Definite False Flag


If viewers and readers to this website have comprehended all the material in this post including all the hyperlinked news on the events in Florida and these elaborately staged shootings, then they will recognize the significance of this news:

2 Jewish Congressmen introduce bill to ban Assault Rifles


This is legitimate inquiry:

Anti-Semitism dramatically increases across US, says ADL


The current state of “law enforcement” in America today (Dial 911 and Die):

Broward State Attorney’s Opened At Least 66 Cases Of Criminal Misconduct Into Sheriff’s Office


Is this some astonishing acting, in the White House too, and what’s with the American flag lapel pins? Where is the flow of money here in this recent event in Florida? What intelligence agencies, along with the media, the FBI and the CIA are involved in a turf war?

My daughter has no voice. She was murdered last week.” (C-SPAN)


As of February 27, 2018 (more insights on the staged shooting event in Florida):


Related to video discussion above:

Teacher grazed by Parkland shooter’s bullet: ‘Shooter was in full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting a rifle I never seen before’


Whatever this social media Florida-staged shooting poster boy punk’s role is in the events at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, he suddenly becomes a spokesperson calling for a boycott of FedEx?

So much for the boycott: The value of FedEx rose by over $640,000,000 yesterday


Just a bit too articulate social media Florida-staged shooting poster boy punk.

The Florida shooting poster boy punk work’s for who? John Podesta?

Confirmed: David Hogg Works For John Podesta’s ‘Center For American Progress’







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  • I spoke with a teacher yesterday who has taught in that very school system for 17 years. Somehow she does not know even one of the 17 dead or 14 injured. What are the odds?

    They’ve already worked out $28,000,000 for the destruction of the building and construction of a monument her husband told me.

  • Gun owners should boycott those companies . TRUMP appears to be going along with these fake drills . Alex Jones is another who has been exposed , as soon as he is confronted with the false flag isssue he melys into a babbling jellyfish instead of confonting them with the evidence . USA and the world need a law hashtagged until success False flags illegal -life in prison including all spooks FBI and anyone involved . What excuse could they have for not passing that law ??? The Truth allows itself to be drowned out and is simply not confontational eneough in the alt media twtter ect . One good thing out of this is they are willingly exposing themselves as the traitors they are . Alex Jones appears to be helping the liars , he is very weak when confronted and never produces the evidence to prove they are fake , he has the platform to do so .

  • Britian’s connection to Trump . Lets not forget she was in charge at the time of the B. LADEN scam and 911 . US Deputy Assistant to the President Lisa Curtis—also known as Americans woman-spymaster . Lisa Curtis then became associated with the Tony Blair Institute For Global Change—headed by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who’s currently embroiled in row over this said to have warnings to President Trump that British intelligence was spying on him. Lisa Curtis then became a senior research fellow at the American conservative public policy think tank Heritage Foundation—with her, also, becoming a writer for the American political journalism news website The Daily Signal— Now we know the spook connections another redcoat.

  • Kevin Hogg Prime Suspect in Parkland Massacre

    Cubic Simulation Systems is Murder Inc….

  • Shimatsu giving another shitsu scalp massage?! How long has that disinformationist been on the CIA payroll, one wonders? Notice the great divergence from what Mathis and Stone notice and conclude, in Shimatsu’s account. Makow shouldn’t have fallen for this.

  • Read the Miles Mathis article. Regarding Marjorie’s puzzle Double BeHeadings and Curtailings puzzle, his analysis is greatly flawed. Double Beheadings and Dbl Curtailings is nothing more than discarding the first 2 and last 2 letters of a word and rearranging the remaining letters to spell the answer to the question like a crossword puzzle question. I do find it interesting that she was interested in puzzles, codes and cyphers at a young age, especially because of her lineage.

    I also find it interesting that she only donated one medal out of all of the honors she ever received. Which medal? The Presidential Medal of Honor from Bubba. Who did she it donate it to? Hillary’s alma mater. Weird.

    Interesting how important she was to the Queen and the Rothchilds. See the below:

    Despite blindness and diminished hearing, Douglas continued to be active into her second century, and was honored with a visit from Queen Elizabeth II, to whom Douglas gave a signed copy of The Everglades: River of Grass in 1991.[76] Instead of gifts and celebrations, Douglas asked that trees be planted on her birthday, resulting in over 100,000 planted trees across the state and a bald cypress on the lawn of the governor’s mansion, the South Florida Water Management District began removing exotic plants that had taken hold in the Everglades when Douglas turned 102.[77]

    In 1993, President Bill Clinton awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor given to a civilian, the citation for the medal read, “Marjory Stoneman Douglas personifies passionate commitment. Her crusade to preserve and restore the Everglades has enhanced our Nation’s respect for our precious environment, reminding all of us of nature’s delicate balance. Grateful Americans honor the ‘Grandmother of the Glades’ by following her splendid example in safeguarding America’s beauty and splendor for generations to come.” Douglas donated her medal to Wellesley College. Most of the others she received she stored at her home.[68]

    Douglas was inducted into the National Wildlife Federation Hall of Fame in 1999, and the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2000.[78] John Rothchild declared her a feminist before the word existed.

    (Gold Badge, St. Nicholas League Competition.)
    EXAMPLE: Doubly behead and curtail walked, re arrange the remaining letters, and make a chart. Answer Tr-amp-ed, map. I. Behead and curtail a European country, rearrange, and make a biped. 2. Behead and curtail mocking, rearrange, and make a flower associated with France. 3. Behead and curtail in a feudal manner, rearrange, and make to praise. 4. Behead and curtail in particular, rearrange and make an heroic poem. 5. Behead and curtail to hold back, rearrange, and make a heavenly body. 6. Behead and curtail gifts, rearrange, and make observed. 7. Behead and curtail a leader, rearrange, and make a light blow. 8. Behead and curtail stays, rearrange, and make purpose. 9. Behead and curtail notched like the edge of a leaf, rearrange, and make tidy. 10. Behead and curtail a large, Arctic animal, rearrange, and make to eat. II. Behead and curtail one of the United Slates, rearrange, and make a feminine name. 12. Behead and curtail mirks by folding, re arrange, and make, a large body of water. 13. 1 ehead and curtail not any thing, rearrange, and make to strike. When the thirteen new words have been written one below the other, their initials will spell the name of a
    man who was famous in the early history of New England.

    Copied from the issue from 1907