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Capitalism Is Jewish Usury

The Case Against the Jews: – A Documented Critique of Contemporary and Recent Historical Jewish Behavior

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A summary of the above: When reading this following article on Hjalmar Schacht remember that he was not a Nazi. The big mistake of Nazi Germany was to use white racialism as a pseudo ethnic identity and is still being promoted in the United States. It is social engineering and as pointed out, a good example of this was convincing Catholic ethnics that they were “white.” As soon as this happened in America they fell right into the social engineering trap. This social engineering technique was applied to Ireland where all of a sudden the Irish are now called “white Irish.” Don’t fall for this trap, the Irish never referred to themselves as “white Irish”, they are Irish.

Ethnic communities in America have been divided and turned into “white people.” The driving force for this is the American media. There was no mass immigration into America that caused these ethnic divisions. It came from domestic mass migration that broke up different ethnic communities in America that never referred to themselves as “white Americans.” Understand the dynamics of racial warfare and how it is being cynically manipulated namely by the media.

If you are a Hungarian with your own unique language you are Hungarian, you are not “white Hungarian.” Same goes for any other country and most recently in Germany where Germans now refuse to use English. The Germans are German, they are not “white Germans.” The Japanese don’t refer to themselves as “yellow Japanese.” The warning here is to not get caught up in this “white racialist” controversy when people react to both domestic and incoming immigrants and other ethnic groups.

The plan is to cause violence and then identify those people who are objecting to this mass migration. Once they are identified as “white people”, this will immediately turn to “white” means “racism”, and then the justification comes about to destroy people. This is precisely what happened in Nazi Germany. Violence will be constantly agitated for like in this staged or faked stunt by Jussie Smollet and those who put him up to it.

Source: Fixing the Economists

Hjalmar Schacht, Mefo Bills and the Restoration of the German Economy 1933-1939

So, I was doing a bit of that aimless reading one so often does on the internet and I came across the transcript from the trial of Hjalmar Schacht at Nuremberg after the war. Schacht was, of course, the chief architect of Nazi economic policy and the inventor of the infamous Mefo bill, which we shall discuss in more detail below. The transcript is fascinating because it includes a nice overview of Nazi economic policy during the war and the years of rearmament.

I’ll give some context first of all. As is well-known, after WWI the allies had banned the defeated Germany from having a size-able standing army. In the 1930s, however, after the election of Hitler in 1933 the allies moved more and more to appease the Nazi regime and effectively looked the other way as the Nazis rearmed. But rearmament still had to be done under something of a cloak of darkness. One of the restrictions on Germany was that the government was only allowed to borrow 100m Reichsmark from the Reichsbank (the German central bank at the time). With such a budget limit in place Germany could not obtain the funds needed to rearm. So Hitler turned to Schacht who was, with the notable exception of Albert Speer, one of the only higher-ups in Germany at the time with any degree of intelligence.

The first step, of course, was to obtain financing. In order to do this Schacht introduced the Mefo bill which the Nuremberg prosecution described as such,

Transactions in “mefo” bills worked as follows: “mefo” bills were drawn by armament contractors and accepted by a limited liability company called the Metallurgische Forschungsgesellschaft, m.b.H. (MEFO). This company was merely a dummy organization; it had a nominal capital of only one million Reichsmarks. “Mefo” bills ran for six months, but provision was made for extensions running consecutively for three months each. The drawer could present his “mefo” bills to any German bank for discount at any time, and these banks, in turn, could rediscount the bills at the Reichsbank at any time within the last three months of their earliest maturity.

It was not a terribly complex plan. The military contractors were paid in bills of exchange issued by a shell company. These contractors would then take the bills to a private German bank which would then gladly turn over cash to the holder because they knew that they could then hand the Mefo bill to the Reichsbank which would in turn convert it into cash using their money-issuing powers.

The resulting spending resulted in the German economic boom that took place under Hitler. Here is a nice graph from Erwin Mahe that compares the growth and inflation in Nazi Germany to that in the Netherlands in those dark years:

This is an incredible story from an economic point-of-view. After Hitler’s election in 1933 the Nazis were able to sustain between about 8-10% GDP for five years running with an inflation rate that would be the envy of the Bank of England and other inflation-targeters today. Now, we know how this growth was financed — that is, by money issuance — but how was it achieved? Here we turn back to the Nuremberg transcripts.

Please go to Fixing the Economists to read the entire article.


Jewish international finance did not like Hjalmar Schacht at all.

Nuremberg Trial Defendants: Hjalmar Schacht


Source: The Reykjavik Grapevine

36 Bankers, 96 Years In Jail

by Valur Grettisson • February 7, 2018

Local news outlet Fréttablaðið has calculated that in the past few years the Icelandic judiciary has sentenced 36 bankers to a total of 96 years in prison. All of the criminal cases are linked to the notorious crash of the Icelandic banking system in 2008. 

Eleven of those bankers, who are former employers of Kaupþing, were sentenced to total 35 years in prison, while other seven individuals from Glitnir HoldCo. were sentenced to 25 years. Former employers of Landsbankinn got 13 years in total.

All of the bank directors were sentenced to jail.  Heiðar Már Sigurðsson, former director of Kaupþing, got the heaviest sentence, or seven years in total. Instead, former director of Glitnir Lárus Welding, was sentenced to six years. This could still change, however, for he is still going through trials connected to the financial collapse.

Since the investigation concernig the cases connected to the collapse of the banking system in 2008 is now over, the office of special prosecutor will soon be dissolved, as the office was created specifically to tackle the magnitude of this criminal investigation.

In the photo above you can see: Hreiðar Már Sigurðsson, (to the left) former director of Kaupþing, who got the heaviest sentence. With him is Sigurður Einarsson, wanted by Interpol years ago for a brief period time. The third guy to the right is former President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson.



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