The Kent State Massacre Never Happened

by Anon

Mainstream historians claim that students were protesting the Vietnam War at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, on May 4, 1970, at 12:24 pm when 29 National Guardsmen shot 67 rounds over 13 seconds in response to sniper fire. This allegedly killed four and wounded nine students, some of whom were simply walking to class or observing from a distance.

A popular conspiracy theory claims that the National Guard was tricked into shooting, or was ordered to shoot, by the FBI, as a part of its secret COINTELPRO program against the student anti-war movement. The massacre became a focal point for the anti-war movement in the following years and continues to attract opponents of government mischief today. I believe instead that the Kent State Massacre was a hoax run by Intelligence. In this paper, I will attempt to explain how I reached this conclusion.

After reading many of Miles Mathis’ hoaxed event papers, I went back to read his excellent Sharon Tate/Charles Manson paper again. If you haven’t read it, parts of this paper may not make any sense to you. Please read it before proceeding.I’m going to lead with something that may seem small, but which brings the unreality of the event into sharp focus. See that photo of victim Allison Krause, second from left, above? It’s fake. It doesnt look like Krause, and looks more like a painting than a photograph. I work in the visual arts, and this jumped out at first glance. If you can’t spot the fake, show it to a visual arts person you trust, and ask them what they think. Maybe they’ll tell you. [Miles: I confirm this analysis. It’s either a painting from a photo or over a photo.

In 1970 these photos were seen in print by millions of people worldwide, among them thousands of visual arts professionals. They, and every technician who handled this photo, also saw instantly that the photo is an outrageous fake. But there exists no record of anyone, anywhere, mentioning this fact. I may be the first.

“So what,” you say? Well, the Kent State Massacre is sold to us as a real event that featured many independent parties. If that is so, then there is no explanation for why the photo of Krause looks like a painting of someone else. A genuine grieving family wouldn’t stand by as the press promoted a fake photo, or have the desire or resources to manufacture the fake themselves. A competitive and independent press wouldn’t conspire to deface a real photo, print this phony without explanation, or ignore reaction to it from experts.

If any of these parties were independent, this fake would have been corrected or explained decades ago by somebody. This fake photo only makes sense if you believe that the aforementioned parties were in a chain of command, someone high up ordered the fake, and everyone below them merely followed orders. This does not match what we’re supposed to believe about the Kent State Massacre or other such events.

After some years, a second form of this painting entered rotation (above), and is sometimes used instead of the first. But the first has continued to be passed off as real, without comment from any side, for almost fifty years. During which time, many words were printed and videos shot about the massacre. The first fake appeared in that media, too. The people who produced it and many who consumed it could probably tell it was fake. And nobody thought to mention this?

It has I guess more of a photographic feel, and less of a painterly one. But it’s clearly meant to be the same photo. It’s a little harder to tell this one is a fake. I don’t know when it was made, but I haven’t seen it in articles from the 70s or 80s. I guess they needed something that passes for the original fake, but doesn’t look as amateurish. If that was the assignment, this looks like pretty good work to me. So why did no one blow the whistle?

Most likely, many did. But technicians are low on the totem pole, and questions they raise are ignored. Everyone in media has a boss who gives orders, and the top slots in media have been filled by Intelligence since at least the 1950s, as they freely admit. I assume this fake photo issue was raised from the trenches and quashed from above, dozens of times. I am now sliding it sideways to you, bypassing our respective chains of command.

“Aha,” you say, “What if the family submitted a cherished painting by an inept artist?” or “That was 1970, standards were low for photos.” To that I reply, please explain how the only photo on Krause’s Wikipedia page in 2017 is a different version of the same fake. If the first fake was a bad painting submitted by the family, why not identify it as a painting, and why later try to make it look like a photo?

The simplest explanations I have for why the photos are fake, are:

1. Intelligence needed Krause to be the darling of the event (as you will see later), but a bigwig decided she was too homely for that role. So they fabricated a more attractive face for her.

2. Krause has a distinctive face, which I will show you. They didn’t want to blow her cover for decades to come by showing millions of people a memorable face in 1970.

Perhaps you have a simpler explanation. If so, I’d love to hear it.

Here is Krause, who parts her hair in the center. This is what real photos of people look like:

Please go to this PDF file read the entire essay.



Doesn’t it seem as though the entire edifice of the American experience has been the creation of someone else and now this “fake” artificial existence is falling apart? If this is the case, and it is looking to be the case with every post here, what will this current system be replaced with and by who?

Russians to Investigate Whether America Really Landed on the Moon

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  • Pesident Trump better watch his back i think , he is being trapped into the Noth Korea con , maybe he should ask himself who gave them that capability = Clinton thats who . McMaster Worked For Soros-Funded Think Tank That Helped Make Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal
    Globalist mastermind Soros is using his influence to destabilize America
    The Alex Jones Show – August 8, 2017 His own backyad is full of traitors .

  • The problem governments have is they lied so much about everything no one believes anything they say which is just how they like it . As it clealy states i the IRON MOUNTAIN report the blueprint for golbal tyranny they intend to waste everyone’s mafia taxes on space which will lead to nothing and failing the green fraud they will invent a alien landng hoax , tell me that’s not happening at this time . It sure is . Now that eveyone can discuss any thing they want with anybody they are even trying to stop that . I n order to need police you need criminals and as we all now know who runs the criminals you can see the ploy . In ordert need armed killers you need armies and wars because they only protect the Elite running them , brainwashed to the extreme they believed they fought for freedom which you can clearly see now was a total lie , given they themselves alo funded the opposition who were fought against . Lets nt forget where all the expet nazis went after the war . The UK , CHINA , NASA , USA AND RUSSIA . So there you have it , one giant scam to keep the mafia taxes going . Read all the UK treaties you will soon wake up . aLL TRATIES ARE MADE BETWEEN THE QUEEN AND iRELAND AND THE REST OF THE WORLD What IRELAND has to do with iti have yt to discover , but i do find it strange that they appear to have been mixed up in every rebellion in the west . No one can deny that all those fought against are treated far better than those who were woumdedfighting the ficticious enemies . And it is strange how no one except a few ever mention the real looter the Swiss who helped fund every war and hide all stolen loot without a problem . They didnt have to join anyone . OTTO pilot get a special mention there for being on the ball .

  • Mars has 635,000 impact craters 1 km in diameter or bigger, six over 400 km wide and the Hellas Planitia is 2300 km in diameter and 9 km deep with uniform curvature topography. This impact can only come from an object with 147,000 km diameter. In July 2017, posted article “All Stars Begin as Twins” which then have a plasma duel resulting in one going supernova. This explains the matter of our solar system and the long elliptical orbit of our Sun’s brown dwarf twin called Nibiru, which maybe on a return visit. The Aug 21, 2017 total eclipse will make this apparent to all if not covered up by chemtrails. Existence of this massive system explains the many anomalies in solar system orbits, past Earth changes and NASA cover-up of this threat for decades. > extensive research on Planet X

  • You lost me at “The Swiss” “have funded every war” unless you are referring to a certain inbred group who has a central control in specific parts of Switzerland and fiat currency control managed in great part from there. Specify or you’ll have Freedom Seekers’ shaking their heads in dismay and confusion. Either that or your entire post dismissed as just silliness. Note where the patriarch of the Bauer’s sent his sons and it wasn’t just Switzerland.

    Ireland? “every rebellion in the west” Really? Or are you referring to the inbred occupied portion (Belfast etc–Orange versus the Green–aka The Republic of Ireland–not Belfast area of Northern Ireland.) The occupied portion of Ireland which was stolen by the UK inbreds not unlike Palestine and filled with other inbreds from Eastern Europe, The Soviet Union and other places of interest. Or did a bot write this post? Just askin.

    Yes, we expect an alien-hoaxathon as described/encouraged years ago by fellow inbred NYT’s Paul Krugman–the moronic, “Nobel Prize” fake recipient/eCONomist for his foolish “Keynes was a genius” boloney. Hows THAT worked out for our Republic in the United States. Or not worked and only worked as a vehicle for global theft from We The People. An Organized Criminal Ring faking as “Government Authority” as a private bank in the hands of a few inbreds——-Thieves one and all.

    Summary-BE SPECIFIC. Name Names. Peoples. You only halt Global Tyranny only if and when you identify your enemy. Agenda 21/2030 is also a part of their game as is Communist Core. Lets play–“Name the Tyrants” rather than pointing in a general direction. It’s like pointing and screaming “Yonder!!”. Not helpful.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Folks do not remember that when we went to the moon, the scenes of action there had all been filmed already. ‘Home movies’ were way down on the priority list where the math and critical nature of every facet of the project and accumulating data through experimentation in moon conditions held sway. Across the bottoms of TV screens across America, a banner had been added by the news networks after NASA’s delivery of the Stanley Kubrick production to the network studios. “THIS IS A SIMULATION” in big white block letters. Do not trust Russia. Putin did not kick any oligarchs out of Russia. Wealthy Rothschild jews sit atop the oil companies taken. The same cabal responsible for the murders of some 50 million Russians.

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    As far as The European Union – THE FOURTH REICH – is concerned THE BALKAN WAR of 1991 to 2000 NEVER HAPPENED.

    The 100K Balkan people were NOT MURDERED in EUROPE…NO.

    This past couple of years THE BALKANS are now EUROPEAN….reason: WE WANT THE LANDS FOR OIL AND GAS PIPE LINES.