The Jewish Supremacist Community in America Is Freaking Out – The Vaccine Scam Is Far Worse Than Anyone Realizes

by Jim Stone • January 17-18 2019

Observation: The Jews are scared sh*tless

They have been busted rigging elections, destroying our media, poisoning our foods, destroying our children, assaulting our families, intentionally staging the immigrant crisis – EVERYONE KNOWS IT IS THEM yet no one can say it. I will.

Here is the future: The genie is out of the bottle, and the massive unquenchable support for Trump (who is fighting all of the above whether he knows it or not) proves the people know what is happening and want it stopped. And no matter how much the Jews use their rigged media, they can’t kill the support for Trump because too many people know what is going on and that Trump is the only chance against it.

They are screwed. They are going to lose this war. There are so many more of us than them that when it all hits the fan, they are TOAST.

So we are now seeing freak stupid headlines: Trump rigged the polls. White man bad. Simply referring to family caused an enormous pile of Google employees to freak out. I’d bet a majority of those are Jewish and have strong families but that’s not supposed to “be” for the rest of us … so FREAKOUT.

They are stepping up the pace of this freakout well beyond safe limits because they HAVE TO, and it is exposing just where they want to take us too rapidly: we can clearly see their intent to extinct us, and the frog is about to jump the pot and explode.


The American Jewish community is beginning to make Communist China look like heaven

After all, at least that government knows it needs its subjects in good condition to remain powerful and is NOT erasing them with tainted vaccines, GMOs, and anti-family BULLSHIT. On a moral and common sense basis, Communist China BLOWS American Jewry away.

The Jews themselves had better watch out about how they sell America out to China for the sole purpose of destroying America. America and Europe are their protection, and you can damn well bet Chairman Xi knows all about what the Jews are doing to their own support – and when they pull that crap in China, Israel is gonna be TOAST. If they are able to take all of this to that point, we’ll be so diminished we won’t be able to save them, no matter how good their brainwashing is.

Here’s the skinny: The Jews want Communism installed with everyone below them having a destroyed intellect so they can rule as gods with “1,000 goy slaves each”. PROBLEM: Communist China is not gonna go for it. The Jews at present are using China as a tool of destruction FROM AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN SHORES. But once that job is complete, the Jewish quest for supremacy won’t stop there: they will definitely go after China on China’s own mainland and that’s gonna backfire BIGLY.

This will obviously happen AFTER the American gulags have run their course. Why let it go that far?

by Jim Stone • January 17, 2019

I woke up at 2 AM and could not go back to sleep because the following topic was eating me alive. Post this anywhere, in full.

The vaccine scam is far worse than anyone realizes

When the claims are that most kids are going to be autistic in a little over 10 years, it is pretty obvious there is something seriously wrong. Worse yet, the most affected are white males – the exact group under attack as adults now – by a stunning stark majority. That parallel is obvious, and should not be overlooked. [Ed. note: Jim Stone means white males who are not part of the Judeo-criminal cult based on Talmudic supremacist ideology; many Jews are Caucasian or “white”. The issue is destructive political ideology, not ethnicity.]

It is annoying to have trolls claim anti-vaxxers are anti-science when people who realize something is amiss speak up. Obviously the goal is to make people feel stupid for SCIENTIFICALLY observing the obvious: too many kids start to sink mentally or get damaged after “vaccination” and many go autistic.

Trolls call anyone who notices a problem after the shots “anti-science” but that’s really a weak statement when anyone with any observational ability can see it clearly now: the scam is wide open. “Science” is nothing more than experimenting, documenting, hypothesizing, theorizing – gathering evidence to prove a reality.

We have ALL the evidence we need to prove the reality behind what is happening to our kids.

Don’t forget: the Italian government ousted its entire vaccine board, and the new people appointed to that board did lab testing of a 6 in 1 childhood vaccine over Christmas 2018 and discovered it had NONE of the antigens for the diseases it was supposed to prevent, and NONE of the listed ingredients to boot. That proves there’s no curative science behind what they are claiming is a vaccine, which begs the question: What the hell are those shots? CLEARLY, if they don’t have any of the listed antigens needed to trigger an immune response against a particular disease, and don’t even have the listed ingredients, they are not vaccines at all.

So what are the shots really for? It’s called Eugenics. A weapons program launched by an elite few who want to seek permanent dominance by destroying everyone else, especially their greatest competition: the white male.

It is not a matter of questioning what is “in those shots” anymore, it is instead a question of “what the hell the shots really are”.

It has become awful damn obvious our children are NOT being vaccinated anymore; they are instead receiving injections that determine what they will be when they grow up, decided just after birth by truly despicable heathens. The white race is destroyed by eugenics injections disguised as vaccines a lot worse than any other race. The white race is being trashed and maligned EVERYWHERE more than any other race. The white race is being asked to bend and compromise, and give up everything it is more than any other race, and if anyone resists, they are called a bigot. A racist. A supremacist.


The writing is on the wall. We are at war. We are already so destroyed it may be too late to fight back.

The mind control aspect of this war is too entrenched for many to even hope to recover from, and that recovery is the first step to saying NO to phony shots that will definitely destroy us if we fail to find a way to prevent them en masse. The white race has been tricked into despising itself. How do you go from despising your race to saying no to its destruction, especially when the dagger of destruction is in a shot pushed by people who hide under a cloak of goodness and claim authority and credibility? Many people won’t make it. The losses are going to be extreme.

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Source: Waking Times

CDC’s Own Expert Vaccine Court Witness Confirmed Vaccines Can Cause Autism, So They Fired Him Immediately

January 16, 2019 • Catherine J. Frompovich, Contributor

Sharyl Attkisson, an intrepid and forthright journalist, formerly with CBS TV News, has been persistent in her media exposures regarding vaccine-caused health problems, especially the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ever since she did an in-depth report for CBS, which the media bosses refused to broadcast. That led to Sharyl’s independent journalism programs, a blessing in disguise. Recently, Sharyl exposed that CDC’s expert vaccine witness, who previously debunked vaccine autism claims during Vaccinees Injury Masters hearings, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, a pediatric neurologist, told CDC “long ago” that vaccines could cause Autism, but they refused to accept Zimmerman’s information. Instead, Department of Justice [DOJ] lawyers immediately fired him.

According to Sharyl,

Dr. Zimmerman declined our interview request and referred us to his sworn affidavit. It says: On June 15, 2007, he took aside the Department of Justice—or DOJ lawyers he worked for defending vaccines in vaccine court. He told them that he’d discovered “exceptions in which vaccinations could cause autism.” “I explained that in a subset of children, vaccine induced fever and immune stimulation did cause regressive brain disease with features of autism spectrum disorder.”

“I explained that in a subset of children, vaccine induced fever and immune stimulation did cause regressive brain disease with features of autism spectrum disorder.” [CJF emphasis]

Attorney Rolf Hazelhurst, a criminal prosecutor, has a vaccine-damaged and autistic son, Yates, born February 11, 2000. As a result of what the Hazelhurst family has gone through, Attorney Hazelhurst has become an avid vaccine-safety rights legal counsel. Furthermore, he had Dr. Zimmerman evaluate Yates.

As a result of intensive treatment for autism, Yates is doing much better.

Below is a ten minute+ video report, dated January 6, 2019, Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson wherein legal actions regarding the “alleged fraud and obstruction of justice” at the vaccine court are discussed.

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