Nov 18 2015


In looking at other false flags, I have to say there was somewhat of a festive attitude because I and everyone else knew they were fake. Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, the Virginia reporter shooting – knowing they were fake and debunking how fake they were was actually fun. But this? This in France? It makes my BLOOD BOIL: yep, Charlie Hebdo proved the French can’t do a good job of faking it, so now they actually kill people. Guillotines, anyone? I am not surprised France so quickly took this step, straight onto 9-11 turf. 

The Jewish community is going for broke, and getting Muslims planted in all regions for the SOLE PURPOSE of having scapegoats everywhere to blame their false flag terror attacks on. JEWISH TERROR ATTACKS THAT HAVE ONE PURPOSE: TO PROVIDE A PLAUSIBLE REASON FOR TAKING AWAY EVERYONE’S LAST FREEDOMS AND TO INSTALL A TOTALITARIAN/COMMUNIST SYSTEM IN EVERY COUNTRY.

This is it, folks: I am confident we are watching the final hour come to a close. And we CANNOT permit the Jews to get away with it. The Jews fear exposure badly, but what they fear worst of all is the possibility of being confronted face to face for their crimes against us. And we CAN do something about it.

If we fail to do anything at this time, we will be slammed into the darkness and never escape. This may well be mankind’s final hour, and if we fail in this hour, we will face a technologically based tyranny unlike anything in world history. THERE IS ONLY ONE THING THAT WILL STOP THEM NOW, AND THAT IS THE DIRECT THREAT OF BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE ON A PERSONAL LEVEL BY INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY DO TO ACCOMPLISH THIS.

They must be stopped.

The only thing I can think of that will work is for a personal message to be delivered to every synagogue, taped to the door, shoved under the door, put under windshield wiper blades, taped to telephone poles in the area around synagogues, to let them clearly know they are not doing all of this in secret, and that a lot of people know who is behind it all.

IMPORTANT: If you get caught by a Jew putting these out anywhere, they will immediately call the police and say you attacked them, and you won’t be able to run away: you will get nailed even if completely innocent. Make sure you have a video recorder going at all times while putting these up to prove you were never violent, and if you live in a “hate crime” area, you really just have to drop a few and get out of Dodge.

The Bataclan photo in its best resolution was horrible, so you are just going to have to print this as is. GET BUSY, SEND A MESSAGE – and by the way, black-and-white will work just fine and will be cheap, and would work great for spicing subway cars and other public transit with … it would not hurt to put these EVERYWHERE.

I HAVE A SOLID DIRE WARNING: The FBI has proven there is no ISIS in America, other than what the Jews have perpetrated, so all terror threats from “ISIS” are in reality direct terror threats from the Jewish community. They have a reason for doing these attacks: to gain final power and control over all of us. IF WE SCREW THIS UP BY LETTING THEM SLIDE LIKE FILTHY SNAKES UNDER THE DOOR, WE WILL BE DOOMED; the only thing that will stop them is fear of retribution. This is no sort of joke: GET BUSY AND LET THEM KNOW THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS.


Nov 17 2015
Jim Stone

Heads up, they are going for broke!

If you do not have the basics taken care of, such as AT LEAST a 50-pound bag of flour somewhere in the house, DO IT NOW. The Jewish community is responding to public awareness of their hostile acts RIGHT NOW with increased violence “in the name of ISIS”. The fact that Russia formed an alliance with France to uproot ISIS proves that Russia is nothing but a Jewish zombie state as well; Russia cannot possibly be stupid enough to miss the fact that France did it all, and therefore this alliance SAYS IT ALL.

The fact that the Jew.N. is trying to ramrod refugees into American states that do not want them also speaks volumes. Any legitimate refugees would arrive peaceful and thankful (to all nations), but it is a flat guarantee that the “refugees” will be used as scapegoats for hostile Israeli/Jewish actions against the people of America and Europe, and therefore the Jew.N. will do all it can to get their patsies planted everywhere. They need to have a plausible base planted in the minds of the people of the world to commit their false flags from – false flags that will justify a totally Jewish communist smackdown of the world’s people – and ISIS and Syrian refugees will be that base.

I know I can put a stop to any terror attacks in the U.S. by telling people en masse to take out all revenge for terror attacks on Jewish targets. It is THEM doing it: don’t go to your local mosque like idiot Joe and vent your frustrations there, go to the local synagogue instead. Anyone who is aware enough to hit this type of website ought to know that it is all rooted there, and if you want NOTHING AT ALL to happen, keep the threat of retribution looming above the real perpetrators. They are cowards, complete and total cowards, and even the smallest chance of retribution will stop them dead cold – they won’t do a thing if they believe as much as a Jewish fingernail will be split.


I am not just blowing smoke by saying it is the Jews that need to be stopped and that they are ISIS; the FBI nailed this big time already and published it – and if you never heard about this, thank censorship and a Jewish media for keeping you ignorant. Russian intelligence is more than good enough to get past MSM censorship, and the fact that Russia is playing the ISIS game, even after the FBI busted it and published it, speaks volumes. The fact that the FBI even busted ISIS at all, and stated it was run by a Jew in the U.S., proves that not all American agencies are on board with the game: the FBI actually wants to, AND WILL stop it if possible.

The fact that Jews were warned about the attacks in France when no one else was, just like Odigo warned Jews in New York that the Towers were going to be hit, should pull it all into view more clearly than a $50,000 pair of binoculars. And I would also like to repeat ahead of time (there is a report about this below): if Putin aligned with France after these recent “terror attacks”, he is a Jew puppet doing Jewish will on a Jewish script. HE IS WORTHLESS AND NOT ONE OF US: DO NOT EXPECT RUSSIA TO BE THE WORLD’S SAVIOR ANY MORE THAN THE U.S. WILL BE. They are all a sham, and Putin just proved it.


Let’s hope the terror attacks backfired on the Jewish plot to destroy Europe 

Were the Paris attacks really an indicator that the Jews are losing the war on public opinion?

Europe got a badly-needed shot of adrenaline from these “terror attacks” no matter who did them – a shot of adrenaline that will give all populations in Europe a solid reason to turn away the refugees and say HELL NO to the SOROS-funded invasion. And since David Duke and many others have made it perfectly clear that the Jews want as many third-world foreigners in Europe as possible to “blanda upp” the populations and destroy European heritage – a fact even admitted by many Jews themselves – it seems to me that to do attacks this serious so early on in this huge immigrant crisis would be an act of desperation by the Jewish community, which a Mexican family has all but confirmed did this, and subsequent photo evidence proves true.

QUESTION: Why would the Jewish controlled zombie government of France lock down a theater, drag people into it, and set up a grisly murder scene to be blamed on Muslims, when the Jewish community badly needs the invasion to proceed before they can realize their ultimate goal of culturally destroying Europe? ANSWER: Because they are losing it – losing their grip, being called to account, and they are, in my opinion, taking any last shots they have before they lose control of a public that is rapidly waking up to their games.

From a strategic standpoint, the “Islamic terror” incident in France was a huge blunder that could have set the plot to destroy Europe back by decades. And I hope it does backfire – will do all I can to make it backfire by exposing just how blatantly it was the French government that did this, and then HOPE the Jewish community does not get so desperate that “ISIS” will suddenly receive nukes from the vast ether of nothingness. We all know ISIS unofficially has 500 or more nukes, compliments of Dimona; let’s just hope someone in the Knesset has the brains and balls to keep it “unofficial”.


Putin finally got a green light to say the plane was brought down by a bomb

Problem: The bomb was made with TNT, which is what American missile warheads use, and the amount of material matches a missile strike. So “Putin” (TM) has now jumped on the anti-Islam bandwagon by claiming a homemade bomb, just like his puppet masters want. Folks, if the verdict is 1KG of TNT, it is virtually assured to have been a missile that did this. But Putin is playing the game, and is in Syria to play the game … want to know why I think that?

Because Putin is still calling the attacks in Paris “Islamic terror” rather than saying it like it is – which means Russia has been told to play along. Putin is now saying the plane downing is “Islamic terror” – when he got the last bit of evidence he needed, that the plane was downed with TNT, to prove an American-made missile downed the plane; all the while, the plane went down right by war games that could have easily brought it down.

Putin is a puppet because he is still calling 9-11 “Islamic terror” – when anyone with Dish Network, VeTv, or whatever country has whatever crap pointed upward at the MSM can get video of Building 7 falling all by itself, watch public television and see Larry Silverstein say “pull it” and get endless firefighter testimony that destroys the official story. Anyone with any sense at all would know in a day that Urban Moving Systems was caught with five dancing Israelis and explosive residue in the van. And if average everyday people can do this with a $20 connection to public crap web, Russia, which has a huge real intelligence apparatus, would know all of this post-haste – and you can bet they DO KNOW. The fact that “Putin” (TM) did not come out and blast 9-11 truth into the open on day one proves he is just a puppet playing to orders.

And so I am genuinely worried that Russia is only in Syria to play the game and get world war 3 going. I’d like to hope for more than that, but when you see what is actually playing out and how, let’s be frank here, Russia is not that stupid: they know France did the attacks and that ISIS is as phony as a 3 dollar bill – and the fact they are not calling anyone’s bluff with this in any substantive way means 1 of 2 things: 1. Russia has no balls, or 2. Russia is just a scripted string puppet. Take your pick, and don’t expect any miracles that will help everyday people.


Saturday, 18 August 2012


By Matthias Chang
August 15, 2012

The purpose of this short article is to expose the Zionist war criminal Netanyahu’s war cry – that he will order an attack on Iran – as the biggest propaganda bluff.

I challenge any neocons to a debate that they don’t have the balls to declare publicly a definite timetable to attack Iran, that they will ensure America’s involvement in such an attack, and that they will be at the front lines facing the Iranians. That come the expiry of the timeline, they will fly to Israel to do their duty as combatants, and will not be hiding behind the skirts of their wives or mistresses.

I have noticed that western correspondents never cease to hype this Zionist war cry when there are impending financial crises, to divert the public’s attention and to lull them from focusing on more important issues.

American presidents (past and future), as well as candidates vying for this “puppet” political post, unashamedly prostrate themselves before the Zionist lobby in America, as well as the ruling elites in Israel, for their approbation.

Yet, Americans and their elites continue to tell the world how great is their democracy – that they are an exceptional people with upright morals and principles, and cherish their independence.

But we know better. The entire American establishment – specifically Congress, the entire executive arm, and the judiciary – are all spineless Zionist lackeys! The financial establishment is corrupt, and is nothing but a criminal enterprise.

Presidents of the USA should be called “Prostidents” – for they are all political prostitutes!

And this is the reason why Netanyahu – and before him, Ariel Sharon and his predecessors – always use the presidential elections as the most appropriate time to extract political tributes from the spineless American politicians.

Netanyahu is essentially a political poker player. He is “all thunder, but no rain” – and all his grand postures are to intimidate those corrupt and moribund Arab regimes, such as the Saudi and Qatari regimes, to toe the line.

Just look at the Arab main street, and Muslims in general – they get screwed time after time by the neocon Yankees and their Zionist masters, yet they still look up to the US as an honest broker!

Enough is enough.

I am, therefore, declaring here and now in this article that I am calling this arrogant poker player’s bluff.

Netanyahu, you don’t have the balls to attack Iran, and you know it. Shut up and stop behaving like a naughty kid whining for attention.

It’s time that this whinging, whining coward be exposed!

The global anti-war alliance should, with one voice, condemn Netanyahu’s warmongering, and show that they are not intimidated by his war propaganda.

I have now taken the view that any political analyst who hypes Netanyahu’s bluff is in fact supporting this insidious Zionist agenda!

Posted by Noor al Haqiqa

Further information:

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  • Makes me physically ill listening to American media and news pundits with their arrogant narcissistic and know-it-all attitudes describe these obviously staged events in Paris. Utterly disgusting listening to their vapid condescending drivel about the managed attack on Muslims (counter intelligence) in France. Why is it there are roughly 40 million Muslims living peacefully and at least somewhat dignified lives in Russia? While in Europe the EU countries are being driven to a type of philosophical/epistemological self-destruction by Jews especially in France.

  • The world is waking up to their BS yarns; too many "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" styled scenarios is their downfall.

  • stone is usually spot on it just feels to me he is venting on "jews". they might be jewish but i just dont buy a "jewish' conspiracy. these are sick f******* to say the least. and what really is at stake for them is what the mystery truly is. i think also he is way off base with putin. we havent seen even closely what that guy has up his sleeves.

  • Wake up..Who do You think is running the Wold?? The gentiles???funny IM smiling at You..I also was naive some what regarding zionist jews..They are evil and wish YOU were dead..Not all jews just 80% 85% or give them Your ORGANS or your money$$$$

  • Nothing will scare these evil, demon possessed, zionist, mass murder monsters..The more we know the more horrific, heinous, unreal it becomes..What 2 do?? Thanks to Field, Jim Stone, Cynthia Rouse, many others Matthais Chang..What I wish I could do I cant print or publish..Pray maybe..The evil is overwhelming..As a Pretty Lady, Cynthia R told me, "Lock and Load" or is it the other way around..I need to do some MAJOR shopping 4 Major protection LOTS..Peace 2 the Peaceful..

  • Honey, that is an Under Statement..IM amazed at the number of People who are Asleep on the couch..My goodness People where is your head??? Football and shopping aint the answer…We are in a very serious WAR evey day and it is beyond DEEP TROUBLE -Mr Magoo..Study, read..The TRUTH is a MONSTER 2day..zionists running OUR World with $$$$$ and Power..Believe nothing You see or hear unless its from the DECENT People like this website..OK

  • Watching the real time reactions of the survivors; there is no doubt in my mind these people were genuinely traumatized by what they witnessed. I watched an interview with a beautiful French couple and several others, a young kid, his parents; their descriptions of "feeling the love of the victims as they died" this is an universal description of folks who have lived through mass trauma, like 9 11. One cannot fake that. Body language experts, voice stress analysis would prove they witnessed actual murders. Now. They probably knew this would happen. This is why I think they always have drills at the same time, near the time of the attacks. They wish to have plausible deniability and ready first responders. You may have the drill people mixed in with actual victims. Staging it in a theater is a nod to their macabre philosophy.

    IW had a guest on today that said the West, in the aggregate, is being blackmailed, by rogue and non rogue State actors over so many war, financial and political crimes that many of these actions are being forced on them. I have said this before. The US is in trouble. Expect this here, and soon.

    One other point. The Mirror, I think has eyewitness accounts of multiple people saying the outdoor cafe murders were the result of (paraphrased)

    " A black Mercedes sedan pulled up and four men, clean shaven, clean cut, white, looked like mercenaries or soldiers got out, dressed all in black, with a red scarf; and just started blowing people away"

    A Hebdo survivor, a lovely young woman (paraphrased) " I was in a corridor behind the atrium trying to get away, trying to escape, I heard the shooting, the screaming, I could smell the blood, when I turned the corner, I came face to face with a young, tall, blond man with very blue eyes who looked at me for a full second or two before he turned and left"

    Talk about dodging a drone. There you go. People. The above the line nameplate psychopaths are desperate. They are so desperate they do shit like this in front of 7B witnesses. Be prepared, or perish. It really is that simple.

    When I read the news today, I need my pepto,

    God help the EU and the US. And peace. You can have peace in your own house until these lunatics decide that is an affront to them.

  • Word is he took them to the drill in Parisand has brought some into the USA for an attack , keep an eye on him .-Brig. Gen. Ron Lewis

  • There are roughly 4 million moslems in France and 600,000 jews, but. There's in France the Crif, a counterpart of your Aipac. And they also here make the rain and the sunshine. Israel is in charge of the US and France's policies. Almost all medias, like in the US, are driven and owned by the jewish community. Let alone the banks and the insurance companies. In short, we're in deep caca.