The Internet of Things – The Military-Industrial Patent Complex

The Internet of Things: a game for morons and control freaks

by Jon Rappoport
March 26, 2018

—A vast cotton candy dream comes to life. O hail the glorious future! Your home will be automatic. It will run by itself. Push a button. Nothing else is required—

Planet-wide, all-encompassing, interconnected, automated, regulated, the Internet of Things is the system of systems being brought online by the emerging 5G wireless transmission apparatus.

In a previous article, I covered the health dangers of 5G. Here I analyze the technocratic wet dream come to life.

On the scale of the individual and the family, your home would be filled with devices connected to the Internet. Washers, dryers, heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, toasters, stoves, television sets, security systems, cars, etc. At the first level, the devices would all record (spy on) your interactions with them and observe your energy use.

You, king in your castle, would be able to tap a control key that sets all the devices in motion. Rather quickly, as upgrades are entered automatically, you would discover that you can’t turn off your home grid. It’s there, and it will stay there.

At the second level, through a collaboration of corporations and governments, Technocrats and their algorithms will determine how much energy you can use. That means quotas. At first, and for a time, if you want to exceed your quota, you’ll be able to pay for more energy. At some point in the future, this won’t be allowed. Your energy will be remotely regulated; your ongoing use of devices will be “browned out,” as necessary, to comport with your quota. Some of these brown-outs will be quite severe.

The political basis for this arrangement? “The dangerous humans” must lower energy use, to combat (pseudoscientific) climate change and save the planet from frying.

And “in the interests of social justice, we must provide more energy to those who live in poverty all over the world.” Except it will turn out that those downtrodden people aren’t getting much more energy. That was a con.

5G, the Internet of Things, smart meters, the Smart Grid, and Sustainability are all a way of exercising CONTROL, top-down, through energy allotments.

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Source: AIM

Anonymous Patriots Thomas Paine and Betsy Ross with American Intelligence Media disclose that the Deep State rogue C.I.A. has filed for a monstrous set of patents that enable “The Internet of Things” whereby the military-industrial complex has set up a global surveillance grid that violates every civil liberties law and moral principle in civilized society.[939] [935]

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