The Green Marshall Plan

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By: Vicky Davis • March 06, 2019

On June 10, 1993, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell gave the commencement speech at Harvard University.   It was the first time since 1947 that an active duty military officer had given the commencement speech at Harvard.  In 1947, it was General George Marshall who gave the Address and his purpose was to announce the Marshall Plan.

The Marshall Plan was a mobilization of U.S. resources to rebuild Europe to save them from the ravages of communism with the sub rosa agenda of constructing the United States of Europe.   Powell’s purpose was the same.  He announced the “Powell Plan” to rebuild Russia and the soviet states to help them recover from the ravages of communism and as it turned out, the tables were turned on us through the Green Agenda to communize the United States.

Both Generals – Marshall and Powell spoke there to elicit the support of Harvard faculty and graduates in a rebuilding effort for Russia and the implementation of economic communism in the United States.  Harvard does excel at whatever projects they take on.  Just look at their endowment fund.

On June 29, 1993, Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12852 establishing the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD).

On October 18, the first public meeting of the PCSD was organized and sponsored by Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce.  The meeting was broadcast on C-Span.  Ron Brown gave the opening remarks:

In four minutes, Ron Brown laid out the strategy for what was a coup d’etat on the American government and the establishment of a system to facilitate the development of a global commercial crime syndicate comprised of a partnership between the government and private sector.  Here are the main points from Ron Brown’s four minutes of truth:

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Ed. note: Harvard University sends their graduates to Wall Street where they act like investment apprentices developing increasingly more sophisticated financial instruments and investments that Harvard University benefits from giving Harvard the ability to increase its endowment yearly which now stands at $39.2 billion, whereas a few years ago the endowment was hovering around $32 billion.

Harvard University – $39.2 Billion

Harvard Management Company

Harvard paid ex-head of real estate $23.8 million in 2016

Head of Harvard’s endowment N.P. “Narv” Narvekar wants more. The “Ivy league” university is not interested in producing higher levels of and well educated graduates, its major concern is more profits.

Harvard Grows Revenues, Net Assets, But HMC Chief ‘Not Pleased’ With Endowment Returns

Harvard endowment paid new leader $971,731 in first month

In 1999, Harvard was involved in the Preventative Defense Project.  One part of this project run at Harvard involved William Perry (also Ashton Carter) leading the project.  The other part of the project was run at Stanford University.  Harvard and Stanford divided up the technology on the project.  It’s likely that Stanford took the lead on the hardware and software part of it – and Harvard took on the redesign of government systems and the marketing part of it.  They made a lot of money because they knew what business segments to invest in and which ones to bet against on the stock market. 

Preventive Defense: A New Security Strategy for America

Why are there so many Indian-Americans like N.P. “Narv” Narvekar sitting at the top of these endowments like at Harvard?

Indian-Americans In Top U.S. Foundations

Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America

Even though the first linked article below was from 2010, there is no way Harvard will divest from Israel despite the BDS movement. There would probably be considerable Harvard investments in Israeli tech firms.

Harvard not divesting from Israel

Harvard students tout Israel’s global impact at high-profile summit

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