The Greatest Conspiracy Ever Told (Part 6) – Special Guest David Hawkins (Hawks Cafe)

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Secret Societies President John F. Kennedy might have been referring to in his Waldorf Astoria Hotel speech in New York on April 26, 1961:

Phi Betta Kappa

Kappa Beta Phi (Wilbur Ross)


The United States of Lockheed Martin:

Lockheed Martin UK

Rocket-boosted guided hard target penetrator


The alleged assassin of Senator Robert F. Kennedy in June, 1968 was Thane Eugene Cesar who was a plumber at Lockheed Aircraft who was suddenly placed as a “security guard” in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel Robert Kennedy was taken through instead of his planned exit from the hotel.

Thane Eugene Cesar: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Did L.A. police and prosecutors bungle the Bobby Kennedy assassination probe?


Fascinating discussion on Britain’s Privy Council Sir Geoffrey Pattie with a mention of Lockheed Martin (Serco connection to Lockheed Martin) and narratives on the BBC:

Failed Overthrow of America by Geoffrey Pattie


Cambridge Analytica director ‘met Assange to discuss US election’

Strategic Communication Laboratories Ltd (“mind bending for political purposes”)

International Espionage, Spygate and All The Queen’s Men


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