THE FEDERATION: Fighting for the Power of God

Ed.’s note: It looks as though Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, along with Mitt Romney (Mormon mafia inside the CIA) who sits on the board of the offshore company Burisma Holdings, involved in the political and criminal events in Ukraine, are part of the democrat and republican federation (criminal syndicates) “seeking to retain the power of God.” Explains why Capo Biden can so arrogantly claim money was held from Ukraine unless prosecutor Viktor Shokin was fired and then flippantly say: “Well, son of a bitch, he got fired.” That’s capo talk and the US is acting like a mafia state through organizations like the Atlantic Council think tank. What these Capos like Biden and Romney are doing is fueling “cold anger” and it is intensifying. As this “cold anger” ramps up, watch as there will be increasing news about “white supremacism” on the rise even though “white supremacism” doesn’t exist in the way the Department of Homeland Security and the ADL want Americans to think it exists. It’s not “white supremacism”, rather, it is highly agitated and pissed off Americans.

Mitt Romney adviser sits on Burisma board of directors

MUST READ: Ukraine Burisma Story is Massive – Involves BILLIONS of IMF and US Funds Looted and Lost by Bank Connected to Burisma Holdings!

See how it works: Scream China is unfair but then behind the scenes work with China setting up lucrative deals for themselves. There is no difference between these people and how the mafia is run. So Mitt Romney can spew out of his mouth all he wants about how he wants to “preserve American and the world’s freedom from China” because it is meaningless drivel.

ANALYSIS: Hunter Biden tied to China firm with questionable dealings

Hunter Biden Formed Private Equity Fund in China During Father’s Official Trip – Reports

Ha ha ha…

News update for October 6, 2019:

Trump Calls for Mitt Romney’s Impeachment

Then we have the Jewish Capo Adam Schiff involved in all this. Schiff’s staffer was flown to Ukraine at the expense of Burisma Holdings through the Atlantic Council. Schiff sits on the Select Committee for Intelligence. Adam, have you heard of the expression “necessity is the mother of invention?” You’re not helping us, Adam, you’re making “anti-semitism a necessity.”

Capo Joseph Biden’s son, with the money the U.S. gave to Ukraine was for “security”   –  counterterrorism supposedly but what it really is – is the Trojan Triangle  transportation hub, network center of “security systems”  – that are surveillance and control systems for the regular population – not for the real criminals who are the people who install these extremely expensive and profitable surveillance systems.  This is like coming full circle. Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts.  The Massachusetts health care system connects into the fusion centers – which are counterterrorism systems.  All this security and surveillance infrastructure planned around the false premise there where hijackers who flew hijacked aircraft into three buildings on September 11, 2001. What this tells us is that they are deposing government officials (2014 Ukraine revolution Euromaidan) who are not connected with their netcentric mob.  This is why Capo Joe Biden wanted the Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired.  The prosecutor wasn’t on board with this syndicate’s plans in Ukraine. 

Here is the explanation given by Viktor Shokin himself who was fired in March, 2016 after pressure from then Capo Joe Biden who was selected to be vice president. Biden did this in an an alleged effort by Biden to derail an investigation of his son’s connections to the offshore oil and gas company Burisma Holdings. Read Shokin’s own words as to what happened here: Sworn statement of former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

Who is Mitt Romney attempting to kid in this video clip when China is building infrastructure all over the world including in Ukraine for China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)? Mitt claims China is “threatening America’s freedom and the freedom of the world,” while at the same time Romney sits on the board of Burisma Holdings, an offshore company with the majority of its shares held by the Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi (also known as Igor Kolomoisky). Ukraine is fully onboard China’s B&RI. Mitt Romney is part of the democratic/republican federation “fighting for the power of God.” These guys like Romney and Biden are capos for the democratic and republican criminal syndicates.

China Funds BRI Links in Ukraine

Beijing: Ukraine Supports B&RI


Source: Technocratic Tyranny

October 2, 2019 | By Vicky Davis

At one of the most critical junctures in American history, a democrat was elected to the highest office – President of the United States.  1992 was the year and Bill Clinton was the President.

At the 1990 Houston, Texas meeting of the G7 leaders, the decision was made to globalize our economy and with that globalization, the globalization of government.  Then President of the United States, George H.W. Bush kicked off the NAFTA negotiations to begin the process for ultimate elimination of the borders between Canada and Mexico.  Bush kicked off a new transportation system for the U.S. centered around the concept of intermodalism utilizing technology with partnerships between the private sector and the government for smart (technologically enabled) highways, smart borders, systems of surveillance for high traffic areas, etc.  The universities were brought into it to do the developmental research and applied research for technology for the transportation system.

In 2013, China called the concept design One Belt, One Road but the project – same design was in progress long before that, and I would argue that China was in from the beginning when the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation organization was formed but certainly by the early 1990’s when a Chinese company, Hutchison-Whampoa (Hutchison Port Holdings) made a deal with Mexico to rebuild and operate two ports in southern Mexico but certainly by 1995 when Vincente Fox announced the transportation system plan as his plan for economic development.

Government systems take decades to design and implement because they are so big and there are so many people involved plus technology based systems are very, very expensive.  The initial studies for the “smart transportation system” were done while George H.W. Bush, a republican was in office.  By 1992, the reins of power were turned over to the democrat in the White House.    Organization of a government project that is federal, state and local requires that the right people are brought into the planning, design and implementation.  With a democrat in office, their natural choice would be to work with fellow democrats.  The same would be true with a republican in office.

For transportation projects, the private sector “stakeholders” as well as local, state and federal officials all have parts to play in the implementation of the systems and there is a lot of money to be made on those information and surveillance systems – not to mention the building of infrastructure to accommodate and exploit the technological capabilities.

Election systems result in the turnover of power from one political party to another.  The political party in power hires the administrative officials that work with federal officials on federal programs.  It would be unnatural for syndicates – federations of power not to form given the nature of the transportation projects and all of the interfacing systems plus the money involved and most importantly – the power that was enabled by building the open air panopticon of surveillance and control – Total Information and Total Domain Awareness.   What’s at stake is the power of God to see everything – to know everything about everybody and to control everything.

The partisan battle that is going on and the attempted coup against Donald Trump is because of the democrat federation is seeking to retain the power of God while the republicans wish to take control of the power of God.  They are fighting the war on foreign soil because the open air panopticon systems centered around transportation hubs is a global system with local hubs.

People are fond of remembering the Reagan Administration because his strategy of an arms race with the Soviets that supposedly brought down the Soviet Union.  It ruined their economy and broke up the Union.  Today, looking at the condition of our country, if the Soviet Union had made an equivalent plan for a technology race, they couldn’t possibly have been more successful at bankrupting and tearing apart the American union of states – the United States.



Russiagate to UkraineGate – More Dirt

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