The Council of 500 (Unelected and Unaccountable Attorneys) – Waffen SS Reconstituted Inside the DoJ (The “DoJ SS 500”)

Source: AIM

The American SS Exposed
SES Governing Council 500 Exposed 

Kristine Marcy Surrenders to Field McConnel – What’s Next for SES? 


Day 152.3 Drilling Down On SES Is the Only Way To Win 

Source: Americans For Innovation

Waffen S(E)S Hidden In Plain Sight 

“Thanks, Jimmy, well done. You ingratiated the Waffen SS right inside American institutions. Is this what you called “reinventing government?”

It seems that the Nazi practice perfected under the “Third Reich” has been perfected inside the American Republic. 

The new “Waffen SS” is none-other than the “Senior Executive Service’. Their enterprises consist of highjacked patents in the technology world, specifically associated with controlling the “Internet of Things.” 

The “Neo-Waffen SS” leverages stolen technology, in particular Leader Technologies into trillions of dollars of leveraged assets, using metadata collection for advertising, bribery, and blackmail. 

The advertising is performed with “warrantless” search engine metadata capture to create monetized links to every person on the planet. 

This information is sold at tremendous profit to companies who then leverage revenue income through targeted sales. The same “metadata” capture is used to create “dark profiles” on every citizen globally to be “un-masked” when convenient. 

When it is “convenient,” such as being “elected” to a public position of authority, this “authority'” can then be turned by blackmail. Those that choose to buck the system, are humiliated and sent back to the matrix. 

Those who play along, become “useful” tools. They sell themselves like prostitutes to the highest bidder, and are then disposed of when finished. Generally, they have heart attacks, poisonings, suicides or remotely triggered car crashes—all using the same “wet-ware” technology. 

The “Senior Executive Services” or “SES” was created to emulate the control structures developed under the “Third Reich.” Within the federal bureaucracy, they are over 8,000+ strong, with an annual overhead exceeding $800K/year. They move in and out of private companies and the government at will with no vetting or challenges from the House or Senate. 

In most cases, they are “invisible” to any control mechanisms, oversight, or challenges, and by default, become the “controllers” within the embedded bureaucratic structures themselves. 

They are the “Third Reich Waffen SS.” It appears that Robert Mueller is the “neo-Himmler,” hidden in plane sight. 

Suggested reading: 

Senior Executive Service (SES) is ~10,000 Deep State shadow government employees who are sabotaging the American Republic for the globalist agenda (Americans For Innovation) 

Senior Executive Institute (SEI), 777 North Capitol Street, NE Suite 500 Washington, DC 20002-4201 

Federal Executive Institute, Charlottesville, VA

“After ten years, the Abel Danger virtual network of forensic economists led by Field McConnell (Captain Sherlock) and David Hawkins (Hawks Cafe) have been vindicated.”
An entire country, its people and institutions philosophically subverted.

Don’t get carried carried away with the euphoria in exposing and making known the institution of the Senior Executive Service (SES), the British corporation Serco operating inside American institutions, and the council of 500 attorneys operating like the Waffen SS inside the Department of Justice (DoJ). President Trump is assembling a “war cabinet.” This is ominous:

‘Trump lining up war cabinet’? Bolton’s elevation to NSC adviser fuels alarm

Why Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo is probably bad news for Iran

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