The Christchurch Hoax Part 1

Source: Miles Mathis

by Uncle Owen • March 22, 2019

[Miles: To start with, that isn’t a white supremacist sign, it is an Illuminati/Eye of Horus sign. He might as well have his hand in his vest, except he has no vest. My comments below will be in green]

Using the analytical approach pioneered by Miles W. Mathis, can the Christchurch Shooting “event” be deconstructed and explained properly? Following from this, is it possible to establish that the shooting as alleged did not take place and that in fact it was a hoax of some sort?

Answers below.


Just as the shooting was first being reported, a user on the internet image posting forum 8chan,part of the general “4chan” image board family, posted an announcement that he wanted immediate action taken. He was a quick worker, like everyone here. He didn’t just want a thread monitored, he wanted a domain suspension. This already indicates a project being run from the top.

4chan and its associated boards are always described in the most violent, sinister and at times outright criminal terms, as though 4chan and the other boards are part of the dark web. This is absurd, as membership is available for purchase using conventional credit cards, hardly a sign of dark web membership. It is also widely known and frequently confirmed that 4chan and 8chanare infested with government agents. They are not even honeypots at this stage, but more of a fake front for intelligence agency events and a means to create a detailed false narrative. Because the lapdog media does its best to scare normies away from 4chan at every turn, a lot of media consumers will never visit the sites. However, by constantly pimping 4chan as this racy exciting forbidden place the media also maintains the mystique and allure of the website, meaning there is always a fresh crop of mainstream rubes who will visit, act as witnesses to the latest intelligence agency scam, then become part of the fuel for the psyop. This is exactly what has happened with the Christchurch Shooting hoax.



A 28-year-old Australian man entered a mosque in central Christchurch on Friday afternoon and opened fire on people gathered inside the building – killing 50 people and leaving dozens more injured.

This is how the incident unfolded in local New Zealand Time.

1.40pm: First reports of a shooting at a mosque in central Christchurch.
2.11pm: Police confirmed they were attending an ‘evolving situation’ in Christchurch.
Gunshots are heard in the area outside Masid Al Noor Mosque on Deans Avenue.
Witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots, with one saying she attempted to give CPR to an injured person but they died.
2.17pm: Multiple schools went into lock down in Christchurch. People who were in the mosque began to leave covered in blood and with gunshot wounds.
2.47pm: First reports of six people dead, three in a critical condition and three with serious injuries.

Miles: Tracy Withers at Bloomberg posted an article on this massacre on March 14 at 7:33pmMDT. You will say she posted before the event, but MDT means mountain daylight time, which is in Denver. That is 19 hours before New Zealand daylight time, so she posted at 2:33 local time. We still have a problem, though, because the shooting didn’t end until after 2:00, and Tarrant was not arrested until 2:02. So how did Tracy, writing from Denver or Albuquerque or somewhere, manage to get a story written and published just 31 minutes later? That isn’t even enough time for the Christchurch authorities to gather information and give it to the press, much less to wire it all over the world and have local writers compose pieces. The local press would have had to run in as soon as Tarrant ran out, count the bodies themselves, then follow the right police car and watch the actual arrest. Then they would have to write up the story themselves on their phones and immediately press send to the worldwide wire services, without checking anything with the authorities. Do you think that is what happened?

And that timeline shows up a further problem. The first emergency call came in at 1:41, about one minute after the first shots were fired. But Tarrant left that mosque about 6 minutes later,driving 3 miles to a second mosque. So we are supposed to believe he killed 42 people and injured about another 40 in less than six minutes? He spent even less time at the second mosque, leaving less than five minutes after he arrived and driving off. But less than two minutes later, the police had already rammed his car and arrested him, with no shots fired. He left the second mosque at 2:00 and was in custody by 2:02. Now that’s what I call some impressive police work! They would have to have a tracking device on his car to find him that fast. Or. . . it was a set-up.

In fact, they were sure to cover this problem in their response. Some people (allegedly)complained that the police were slow in responding, pointing to the 21 minute gap between first call and arrest. But district commander John Price replied: “That is an incredibly fast response time. You had a mobile offender across a large metropolitan city.” That is misdirection, since the response time wasn’t just incredibly fast, it was suspiciously fast. And we aren’t talking about response time with the 21 minutes, we are talking arrest time. Response time is just time from emergency call to first officer on the first scene. All we know is that that response time was more than six minutes. But an arrest time of 21 minutes from first shot to arrest is unbelievable. He had driven off from the second site, so the police would have had to just run into him by accident. And I mean that literally. They would have had to look down to grab a donut off the floorboard and have accidentally rammed the suspect’s car.

2.54pm: Police Commissioner Mike Bush said the situation is ‘serious and evolving’ and told people to remain indoors and stay off the streets. The Canterbury District Health Board activated its mass casualty plan.
3.12pm: New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern cancelled her afternoon arrangements.
3.21pm: Christchurch City Council locked down many of their central city buildings.
3.33pm: First reports of a bomb in a beige Subaru that crashed on Strickland Street, three kilometres from the shootings.
3.40pm: Police confirmed there were multiple simultaneous attacks on mosques in Christchurch. Later the attacks were not simultaneous, and were allegedly done by one person.
3.45pm: Reports of multiple shots fired at the shootings, which are ongoing.
3.59pm: 300 people were reported to be inside the mosque.
4.00pm: One person is confirmed to be in custody but there are warnings there may be others out there.  Police commissioner Mike Bush urges Muslims across New Zealand to stay away from their local mosque.
4.10pm: Jacinda Ardern calls Friday ‘one of New Zealand’s darkest days’.
5.27pm: First reports of a second shooting. A witness said a Muslim local chased the shooters at the mosque in Linwood, firing in ‘self defence’.
5.31pm: Four people are confirmed to be in custody. including one woman. Multiple fatalities were reported.
7.07pm: It was confirmed an AR15 rifle was used in the attack.
7.20pm: Dunedin Street was cordoned off. Reports the attackers planned to also target the Al Huda Mosque.
7.26pm: At least 40 people were confirmed dead, Jacinda Ardern confirmed.
7.34pm: Confirmed that 48 people were being treated in hospital.
7.46pm: Britomart train station in central Auckland was evacuated after bags were found unattended. The bags were deemed not suspicious.
8.35pm: New Zealand’s Government confirmed this is the first time ever the terror level has been lifted from low to high.
9.03pm: Police Commissioner Mike Bush confirms that the death toll has risen to 49. Brenton Tarrant was later charged with murder, and the death toll has since risen to 50.”The alleged shooter apparently posted a video feed to Facebook showing his arrival in a car, his equipping himself with various weapons, his walk towards an apparent mosque and his opening fire from a considerable distance before opening fire once more as he approached a doorway.

Leaving aside the impossibility of making successful shots at the distances and in the manner the shooter initially used, at a later point he is in close proximity to alleged victims. At that range using metal jacketed ammunition, deaths would result from rifle fire. However the firing and the impacts don’t match.

Some particularly absurd features of the shooting:

Some people run into different rooms of the alleged mosque. There doesn’t seem to be a rear exit, meaning that the entire building as shown, if real, would be an illegal structure under the local fire code.

Two victims stand facing a wall and another reads a magazine whilst deafening gunshots echo around them and everyone else cowers on the ground. Even when shot at, one of the people facing the wall continues to do so. Some “Muslim commentators” have said that the men facing the wall are completing their prayers and that this is so intense and holy and reverent an experience that nothing will stop it, even the chaos and cacophony around them. If you believe that then there is no hope for you.

The shooter did not attack during Friday prayers, when the mosque would have been full to overflowing, including obnoxious blocking of the local road as is typical of these mosques in real life. Instead he attacked at an hour when there was a convenient number of people available sent in by local casting.

The victims with only four exceptions all formed neat piles of bodies (although they were stillalive) in the corners of the large room and along its walls. Despite outnumbering the shooter 50-to-1 none of them ran for it or led a charge against him.

The shooter took shots here there and everywhere then left. He went back to his car then returnedto the same mosque, shooting into the piles of bodies. In the intervening four minutes when hewas gone from the building, NO ONE MOVED. They all remained piled up on top of each otherin neat clusters. This despite the fact many of them were uninjured. Two of these uninjured havesince boasted in interviews that they cleverly hid under corpses. Unfortunately for their story themedia version includes the fact that the shooter used metal jacketed ammunition. At the range atwhich the shooter fired, this ammunition would go clean through all the bodies and into the floor,injuring or killing everyone and splattering blood and gore everywhere.

And yet there is a noticeable lack of gore. Despite the rivers of blood reported, what we see is noblood splatter on the white walls. Curious.

At the end of the available “first mosque” video, before the shooter gets back in his car for some more running commentary, we hear what seems to be a woman’s voice saying “help me” over and over again. Notice that it seems to be an added soundtrack. The shooter walks up to a prone figure lying in the gutter. The figure is dressed in black and is apparently on her belly, with one arm stretching out into the street in a very cinematic effect – framed perfectly as a wounded person stretching out one arm imploring for mercy or aid. Unfortunately, the person is stretching out this arm into the middle of an empty street, pointed at no one, rather than facing “her” apparent attacker.

The shooter then apparently shoots this person twice. The first apparent shot hits the out stretched arm. There is a spray of red liquid and the sleeve of the person’s costume flips, revealing in the process a rectangular red bag filled with the same sort of liquid that has just squirted out. In other words, a blood pack. A second squib detonates at the back of the person’s head but no liquid comes out. Instead, the liquid begins to seep out under the person. An excuse for why this looks exactly like blood packs and squibs rather than real rifle wounds is that the resolution used to film the video is so low that essential details are lost. This is an explanation being wafted around internet forums right now by “experts”. Interestingly, it is also being wafted around by some long term and well known users on these forums, indicating once again that these forums have been well and truly infiltrated long ago, with “sleepers” in place ready to be activated as needed. Unfortunately for the “low res” alibi, there are very high quality versions of the shooting footage. Of interest is that the higher quality versions are also 45 seconds longer than the “normal” one. I didn’t realize adding resolution added time. In the higher quality versions the rectangular blood pack on the person’s arm is very obvious. For one thing, it flips and lands on the arm and for another it doesn’t lose its shape or spread out like real blood and gore. It just flips and lands and stays there.

This single inconsistency is enough to be fatal to the version of the event pushed by the media. However it does not stand in isolation.

There is also Kool Aid Man, a large black man covered with pale red stains. Behind him is another man holding a nearly empty bottle of red energy drink. . .or moulage. 2+2 = 4. Also the red stains in no way resemble blood. Miles: I find it interesting that Kool Aid Man, though apparently wounded all over his upper body, has managed to avoid dripping blood on his shoes. So we can also call him Anti-Gravity Man. His blood doesn’t run down, it just lightly stains his white clothes and then stanches itself.

Please go to Miles Mathis to read the entire report.

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Source: The Unz Review

‘Lone Wolf’ Myth Covers Up Possible Mossad Role in New Zealand Terrorist Attack

by Max Parry • March 27, 2019 • 26 Comments

Ever since the news broke on March 15 of two consecutive mass shootings at the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, corporate media has been determined to establish that suspect Brenton Tarrant acted alone in the terrorist attacks that took the lives of 50 innocent Muslim worshipers and wounded 50 others. While mainstream media has been predictably eager to parade the tragedy as another chapter in the wave of rising Islamophobia and right-wing extremism globally, they have put equal effort into conscientiously avoiding any evidence that contradicts the ‘lone wolf’ theory they decided on in the initial hours following the first mass shooting in New Zealand since 1997.

Whenever terrorism is committed by Arabs or Muslims, the fourth estate is usually anxious to speculate whether or not the suspect is connected to a larger radical syndicate. However, the same scrutiny is seldom applied to white nationalists like Tarrant. In fact, they are even hesitant to label it ‘terrorism’ at all, with everyone from The Daily Telegraph to the fanatical Zionist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News settling for the choice words ‘mass shooting.’ While Tarrant denies being part of any group in his public declaration, he does hint that he is part of a broader extremist network:

I am not a direct member of any organization or group, though I have donated to many nationalist groups and have interacted with many more. No group ordered my attack, I make the decision myself. Though I did contact the reborn Knights Templar for a blessing in support of the attack, which was given.”

As many have noted, the “Knights Templar” is the name of an anti-Muslim militant group that another infamous right-wing terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, claimed to belong to. During the 2011 Norway attacks, Breivik targeted a government building in the city of Oslo and a youth camp of the ruling Labour party on the island of Utøya in a sequential car bombing and mass shooting that killed a total of 77 people. However, the media and prosecutors in Breivik’s trial were insistent that the group was fictional and the only possibility was that he was an ‘army of one’ while suffering from a psychiatric disorder, another trait that is apparently only applicable to white-skinned terrorists. There was no serious inquiry into whether he was part of a larger nexus, even though he had direct contact with groups like the English Defense League (EDL), the British far right Islamophobic group led by neo-fascist agitator Tommy Robinson. Breivik was portrayed as a fundamentalist Christian but was curiously a member of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons, an organization with a history of ties to the espionage world and susceptible to infiltration because of its inherent secrecy. The original Knights Templar, or “Templars,” were a Christian army founded in the 10th century who initially shielded pilgrims voyaging to the Holy Land and later fought against Muslims during the Crusades while the name is drawn from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

What has been downplayed by the yellow press is the specific brand of Islamophobic extremism that was the basis of Tarrant’s attacks. His ideology is revealed in a 73-page manifesto, entitled “The Great Replacement” in reference to the ‘white genocide’ theory held by white nationalist identitarians, which he dispatched less than ten minutes prior to the ambush in emails to several media outlets and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s office. While the corporate press is correct that Tarrant and Breivik clearly follow the practices of the anti-Islam xenophobic movement on the rise in Europe, North America and now Oceania, the key element they have deliberately avoided mentioning is a strong collective affinity for the state of Israel. The coverage of Christchurch has repeated the same pattern displayed following the 2011 Norway attacks where the distinguishing characteristic of the extremism both culprits adhere to is of a staunchly pro-Zionist variety which has been decidedly overlooked. In the eight years between the two attacks, the pro-Israel European right has only augmented in size. In his manifesto, Brenton Tarrant even boasted the unverified claim to have had “brief contact with Knight Justiciar Breivik” while taking “inspiration” from him. His Norwegian idol had his own 1,500 page manifesto where Israel was approvingly name-dropped nearly 400 times while he declared:

So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.”

The combination of far right nationalism and support for Israel may seem like an unlikely combination, but it is an ideology shared by most of the Islamophobic and anti-immigrant political parties throughout Europe that have performed impressively well in European Parliament elections. These include Hungary’s Fidesz, the Italian League and Five Star Movement, the Flemish Flaams Belang, Poland’s Law and Justice, Belgian People’s Party, the Progress Party of Norway (of which Breivik was a member), True Finns Party, France’s National Rally, Alternative for Deutschland, and many others. It is likely that Tarrant, like Breivik, is not anti-semitic and actually views Jews as ‘allies’ in a civilizational crusade against Islam. Just as Israel has helped orchestrate the US wars in the Middle East against its enemies that has contributed to the mass influx of refugees seeking asylum in the West, it has fostered the Islamophobic backlash to it by supporting the growing far right movement that is ascendant.

Please go to The Unz Review to read the entire article.


British media sources are always the consummate story tellers, even the image of Jacinda Ardern used in this UK news article is almost theatrical.

An image of hope: how a Christchurch photographer captured the famous Ardern picture

Readers are welcome to put the context of the material presented above into their view of all the recent news on the events that took place in Christchurch.

New Zealand Terrorist Attack: The Israel Connection

On My Visit to New Zealand: Can Christchurch Heal Our Collective Wounds?

New Zealand mosque chairman blaming Christchurch massacre on Mossad

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