The Cartel of Hate

Source: Charles Hugh Smith

Shadow Banning Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg: We’re All Digital Ghosts Now

Friday, October 26, 2018

Just about the only bulwark against being silenced by the modern-day tech-corporate-NKVD-Stasi is Patreon.

If you do a search of shadow banning, you’ll find sites that claim to help you identify whether Twitter or Instagram has shadow banned your account. The basic idea of shadow banning is to spoof the shadow-banned user into believing their public posts are visible to all while in reality the posts are visible only to the user or in some cases to the users’ followers.

Wikipedia‘s definition of shadow banning is:

Shadow banning (also called stealth banning, ghost banning or comment ghosting) is the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.”

Here is’s description: “Shadow banning is controversial because it allows an administrator or moderator to effectively become a censor and prevent specific users from interacting with other members of an online community on an equal basis.”

Shadow banning and outright banning are only the tip of the iceberg: everyone who posts content on the web or social media is subject to much more subtle and completely opaque controls on how much of your digital presence has been ghosted–not just in social media communities but in searches and how links to your site/content and re-posts of your content are handled by the tech cartel that controls what’s visible and “found” on the web and social media.

This cartel is dominated by Google and Facebook. Google controls over 90% of all search: what search results are displayed, the weight given to links (the page-rank assigned to websites) and a variety of other factors that can be depreciated, removed, omitted or blocked by algorithms and/or human censors (a.k.a. administrators) without recourse and without the site or user being informed.

While this chart displays the dominance of Facebook and Google in digital ad revenues, it is a rough proxy for their dominance in mindshare, user data collected and control over what is displayed and not displayed in search results and social media.

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Source: Patriot Rising

Murder in Pittsburgh and the Targeting of Alternative Social Media

By PatriotRising – October 28, 2018

Robert Bowers, the suspected shooter at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, is being used to denounce social media not on the corporate reservation.

Bowers had an account on Gab, the free speech social media alternative to Twitter and Facebook, where he posted antisemitic content, and this is now being used to portray the site as a haven for antisemites.

Gab posted the following on Twitter:

I don’t believe this will work. Gab, often described as a refuge for alt-righters bounced from corporate-government social media, is targeted for destruction.

Soon after Gab launched in 2016, the corporate media piled on, describing the site as an echo chamber for alt-righters who are, according to the propaganda media, white supremacists and Nazis down to the man and woman.

“Gab’s appeal for that crowd is obvious,” writes Wired, a Condé Nast publication. “The only posting guidelines are no illegal porn, no threats of violence, no terrorism, and no doxing. Oh, and a fifth commandment that literally says ‘try to be nice.’ Everything else is fair game. Notably absent? Any explicit stipulations against hate speech.”

The “hate speech” pejorative is being used to tag anybody to the right of Hillary Clinton as extremist, the sort of people who stroll into synagogues and commit mass murder. The corporate media has done an exemplary job of demonizing the alt-right as nothing more than a fringe gaggle of racists and misogynists, which is of course absurd on its face.

The effort to shut down Gab depends on the Nazi stereotype. If you’re on Gab, as I am, it’s assumed you’re a fascist, a white supremacist, an angry white male acting violently to preserve his privilege.

Please go to Patriot Rising to read the entire article.


Source: Public Intelligence Blog

Robert Steele: Synagogue False Flag — BULLSHIT — FEMA Legalized Lies UPDATE 8: CNN is “Owned” by ADL

October 28, 2018

07 Other Atrocities, 08 Wild Cards, IO Deeds of War

UPDATE 8: No surprise, but CNN is so obviously owned by the ADL and Zionist Israel that is should be required to register as an agent of a foreign power.

UPDATE 7 is particularly comprehensive with multiple sources coming in.

The hospital says no bodies — we now know beyond any significant doubt that this is a false flag event and FEMA is authorizing lies to the public as part of a fear campaign. Shame on Kirstjen Nielson for not acting on my letter (unless it was kept from her). She is resigning soon, I suspect she has no stomach for what FEMA is doing.

The destruction of Gab was in my view planned by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) from January 2018 (the patsy joined Gab with anti-Jew comments in the same month that DHS held its first walk-through at the Synagogue). They are now waging war on America, where any comment critical of Democrats or Israel is called anti-semitic, and they have achieved treasonous undue influence over US social media infrastructure — entire sites are being shut down because they dare to challenge the official narratives — legalized lies in gross violation of all Constitutional protocols.

Please go to Public Intelligence Blog to read the entire article.


Pittsburgh Shooting Hoax

by Miles Mathis

First published October 27, 2018

My readers are already intuiting this was a fake, and of course they are correct. It couldn’t be much more obvious, though I am sure it will get even more obvious as more information is released.

We have seen that some in Government and the Jewish communities love nothing better than pretending to attack themselves. It has proved to be a fantastic way to generate sympathy. . . or it was in the past. I think a lot of people are starting to see through it, which is why the governors and families have had to turn up the volume. Average people yawn and change the channel, so they have to televise fakes on every channel, sometimes at a rate of two or three a week. Pretty soon they will have to hire people to come directly to your house and lecture you on these topics, to make you are properly propagandized. You will have to pass a test at the end.

Some will say, “Why would you just assume this one is fake, without even studying it in full?” A better question for them is “why wouldn’t I?” I have proven that every previous similar story was a fake, so the chances this one is real are vanishing. I have never studied a promoted tragedy like this and found it to be genuine. NEVER.

I have shown they are run by the same people for pretty much the same reasons, and always have been. So when a new one comes along, it isn’t hard to spot. And here again, we have the bald numerology, with aces and eights all over the place. Eleven people were killed, and it was done during brit milah, which is circumcision done on 8-day-old boys. They make sure to tell you that in the reports, in case you don’t know it. We are even told the seating capacity of the synagogue’s main sanctuary, although I don’t know what that has to do with anything. Is that crucial information here? We are told the number because it is 1250, which adds to. . . eight. The synagogue was built in 1946, and the suspect is 46.1946 is year one of the old CIA. The suspect Bowers is sure to talk a lot about his Glock 33. Bowers posted a webpage 17 days before the event. . . 1+7=8. Although he has been posting threatening comments about Jews for weeks—including pictures of his guns—supposedly law enforcement including FBI had never heard of him. This despite the fact that online chats are known to be monitored for just this purpose. Many of them were created just for that.

At USA Today, I see they are already having a candlelight vigil. Didn’t this just happen a few hours ago? How can you organize a candlelight vigil so fast? I happen to be older than 10, so I remember that candlelight vigils used to take several days to organize. They were scheduled to coincide with burials. But now they schedule them on the same day? Why? Just for TV, of course. Besides, there will be no real burials, since they have no real bodies. So they might as well run the candlelight vigil on the same day. It is just lucky they didn’t mix up their dates and run the candlelight vigil yesterday.

Although we see footage of hundreds of SWAT team members who look like they are outfitted for war, somehow no one managed to shoot this guy? Was he wearing Ironman armor, or what? We are told Bowers was taken into custody within 20 minutes of the 911 call. That is blisteringly fast, especially since we are told he barricaded himself inside. Well, if he was taken into custody so fast, why were the streets of Pittsburgh brimming with SWAT teams and paramilitary? It couldn’t have been to create massive fear, could it? Why were schools shut down and people told to stay indoors? Because of one guy who was taken into custody within 20 minutes? It couldn’t have been to create massive fear, could it. I am just surprised they didn’t lock down the entire country.

Please go to Miles Mathis to read the entire essay.


Cherev Gideon- Pennsylvania’s ‘Israeli Tactical Training Academy.’

October 29, 2018 • by Gilad Atzmon

Last Saturday we heard the disturbing news of a gun attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that left eleven people dead. Today I was surprised to find out that some in Pennsylvania had seen it coming. The following 2017 Israeli TV video tells the story of Cherev Gideon, an IDF like Jewish militia operating in Pennsylvania that trains American Jews to “shoot the Israeli Style.”

“The Second Amendment provides us with the right to bear arms.” Cherev Gidon‘s site says, “however it does not provide us with the knowledge of how to safely and professionally respond to a threat.” According to Israeli TV, Cherev Gideon’s goal is for “every synagogue to have an armed Jew ready to defend it.”

“We specialise in Israeli tactical shooting techniques, developed over the course of several decades of counter-terrorism warfare, and uniquely designed to address the threats we face today. All of our firearms instructors are highly qualified veterans of Israel Defense Force combat units. Many have served in Special Forces units and all have hands-on experience fighting terror.”

Cherev Gideon | Every Jew needs to carry a weapon, know how to use it and be ready to defend himself

Youtube: “In north-east Honesdale, Pennsylvania, there are Jews training with firearms in the Israeli Tactical Training Academy. Their goals is for every synagogue to have an armed Jew ready to defend it. The founder of Cherev Gideon, the tactical training academy, is Yonatan Stern. Yonatan was raised in the settlement of Kiryat Arbah and Served in Israeli Defence Forces in the Netzah Yehuda Battalion, an infantry, counter-terrorism battalion specifically created for religious men. He has since been living in the United States for over a decade where he has built his firearms training academy. He and other highly qualified veterans of Israel Defense Force combat units train responsible citizens and law enforcement to defend themselves and those around them using Israeli warfare tactics. Every Jew, especially Jews who live abroad, need to own a weapon, know how to use it and be ready to defend himself.


Why is it that we constantly find CNN at the center of controversy? This time Brian Stelter who is Jewish of CNN attempting to blame Fox News for the alleged synagogue shooting.

Stelter Blames Synagogue Shooting on Fox News Coverage of Caravan


This one is going to prove to be a huge money-maker:

In the wake of tragedy, more than $1 million in donations pours in

Tree of Life Synagogue Victims


The purpose of the mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and other news sources is to keep hate in the minds of Americans. These media sources actually point out to Americans who to hate and what to hate keeping Americans in a perpetual state of induced hatred. Can we see the dead bodies please? Can we get video and images from inside the emergency rooms at local hospitals? Can we get recorded 9/11 call transcripts  too for that matter? Has anyone checked the eleven alleged dead to see when they actually died and under what circumstances? And if anyone happens to be in the area on the day of eleven funerals and cemetery interments, can we get images and video coverage please?

CNN, MSNBC, and the Liberal Media’s Climate of Hate


Rabbis telling President Trump he is not welcome in Pittsburgh unless he renounces “white nationalism”? What are Jews afraid of while Rabbis in Israel want Israel exclusively for Jews?

Rabbis Tell Trump He’s ‘Not Welcome’ In Pittsburgh Until He ‘Denounces White Nationalism’


Isn’t it obvious by now what the purpose of the mainstream media is?

The Mainstream Media: A Tool to Destroy the U.S.


Unfortunately related:

Bro Nathaniel – Judaism has Consequences

Attack Of The Algorithm

From Comments:

Just wanted to mention that a great deal of the film footage from Pittsburgh Synagogue could have been from DHS Active Shooter Drill done their in March or Jan of this year – no confirmation other than the MSM, DHS and TribLive from Allegheny, PA. Some say it was so cold that morning that one should have seen the members and FBI’s breath, but all weather channels say above 44 degrees.

Also, in many of the interviews show duping delight obviously, but that does not have a great weight.

They shut down GAB.COM, one of the social media forums that the alleged patsy spilled out blatant anti-Semitic rant, but let other bigger Social Media Forums like Fakebook proudly display – proving that Fakebook never censors (sarcasm). He did not vote for Trumpstein apparently. But it all seems mighty peculiar. Hopefully, more relevant facts will come to light.


DHS on Active Shooter Drill in March on CNN:


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