The Brain Disease of Liberalism Is Getting People Killed

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Jim Hoft • July 17th, 2017 • 394 Comments

Somali American police officer Mohamed Noor shot Aussie Justine Damond dead this past weekend.

Mohamed Noor reached over his partner and shot Damond dead while she was speaking to his partner. Damond called the police to report a possible assault down the alley behind her home. Mohamed was the first Somali officer in his precinct.

Damond was shot and killed while wearing her pajamas and speaking to another police officer after calling 911 to report a possible assault in an alley behind her home on July 15, reports The Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Noor’s partner was described as “stunned” by the shooting.

CBS Minneapolis reported that Damond “made the 911 call and was speaking to police officers Saturday night. They were near the alley when the officer in the passenger seat reached across and shot her. A cell phone was found near Damond’s body.”

MPD Officer Who Shot Woman ID’d As Mohamed Noor


Corporate security executing subject/citizens:

543 people have been shot and killed by police in 2017


Two of the more recent examples of liberalism being a mental disease:

Tapson: The Left’s Next Step – Redefining ‘Hate Speech’ as Violence

Catholic Bishops, Lutherans lament: not enough refugees coming in to pay our bills


Updated July 19, 2017 after recent material has been released on this police shooting:

Australian woman shot and killed by police in Minneapolis

Here’s the side of the story you did not hear

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist
July 18, 2017


I could swear I have seen the woman the Somali police officer shot in photos of paid protesters, where they are getting violent. People need to look into this. The picture I remember was from around three years ago, and if it is her she was getting violent to frame conservatives as being violent. I don’t think she was a nice lady AT ALL.

I am requesting people to comb through past images to find this woman at violent protests. The photo I remember vividly had her attacking police and it was shot from her left hand side. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Australian woman shot and killed by police in Minneapolis. Here’s the side of the story you did not hear

Apparently she was hated by people in here (sic) immediate area, especially younger people who were sick of the Feminist agenda. There are people trying to post what a monster she was, but it is all getting expunged, with CNN calling her an angel.

EXPUNGED: She recently organized a major women’s march, complete with all the man hating lesbian garbage one could ever see concentrated in one place. All we can get now is how she loved animals and was for peace. She was a major anti gun proponent, in other words, she was the lowest order of flaming liberal, and to be frank, she was probably shot by a Somali Muslim for stirring up problems in the Islamic community. I never found that link, but with her being a flaming feminist it certainly would make sense and that is the part of the story no one is ever going to hear through the MSM, and I’d bet it is BANG ON.

No one just shoots at someone for no reason at all. The Somali cop probably identified her and killed her on the spot for what he saw was a good reason.

It is absolutely certain that she was no angel. And she should not have come to America from Australia just to parade in the streets and screw with the American people. Hate to say it, but we have to start drawing lines if we are going to save America, and we quite frankly did not need her type running around the American landscape. If America had a functioning nervous system that actually operated in a way that rationally worked to preserve the nation, she’d have been deported a week after she arrived. Unfortunately, America is such a zombie state at this point that it took a foreigner and Somali street justice to put things right.

I held off on posting this “until I could find a better way to say it”. Unfortunately, the more I dig, the more I think the Somali cop did everyone a favor.



Listen very carefully:


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