The Big Lie – United Nations – Subjecting the U.S. to Superior Authority – One World System of International Law – Foreign Corporations Have Standing – Purpose: Level Playing Field for Corporations

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Since the middle of the 19th Century when the first International Peace Congress was held in London to this very day, the nation‐states of the world have been moving forward to develop a system of international law and the international institutions to enforce it. In 1945, the United Nations Organization was established to be the main international “governance” institution – the repository for treaties, the forum to develop international policies in all areas of governing and the enforcer of international law. Based upon voluminous documentation, it appears that the target date for the United Nations to become the world governing body was set to be the 21st Century – a New World Order for the New Millennium. On September 8, 2000, President William J. Clinton signed the Millennium Declaration, which was a recommitment to the UN Charter and a commitment to collective global action on economic and social development, the environment and security.

Cross‐referencing United Nations conferences, reports and action plans with United States international agreements, G7 Summits held under the Bretton Woods Agreement and United States policy, congressional and executive branch activities reveal an unmistakable pattern. The United States has been funding and implementing most United Nations policies all along without acknowledgement of the fact to the citizens of the United States. United Nations policies and action plans are designed to bring about an international system of governance, which by definition means subjugating the United States to the superior authority of the United Nations Soviet System.
The area in which the United Nations system is most apparent is in “civil rights.” The U.S. Constitution restricts the jurisdiction of government and leaves all other rights and powers to the states and the citizens respectively without enumerating them (except for the Bill of Rights). The United Nations grants explicit rights to people (as does civil rights legislation) meaning that if a right is not enumerated, you don’t have it. Since rights come by imperial decree under the UN System, they can be taken away by imperial decree. Under the U.S. Constitution, the “all other” cannot be taken away because it is the government that is given the enumerated rights – not the people. The result in the U.S. is that a body of law has been built based on an opposite theory of government than the Founding documents. The U.S. Senate ratified the United Nations Charter on July 28, 1945 and as a result, participation in the United Nations Soviet System is a matter of law in the United States giving the Supreme Court a basis for decisions outside the bounds of our Constitution even when not explicitly mentioned and worse, it gives standing to a competing and foreign governing structure.

Since it’s founding, the United Nations has included environment and the protection of nature under its charter. When one speaks of the environment and nature, one might was well say “the world”  because we are all inhabitants of the environment and we are creatures of nature. Beginning in the late 1960’s, the United Nations Soviets began giving rights to non‐human elements of nature and removing the inherent rights from the human elements of nature. We call this environmentalism. It should be noted, that the United Nations gives special recognition with benefits and priviledges to “indigenous peoples” as if they are part of the animal kingdom separate from the rest of the human populations.

The objective of the United Nations Soviet System is to build a one world system of international law and governing policy so that theoretically all of the world’s human population can receive the same benefits and priviledges (except for the special priviledges granted and special restrictions imposed) and that the rest of the environment can be managed according to the edicts of the UN Soviets. By definition, that meant that foreign ideas and thinking had to be introduced into each country. To accomplish that goal, the United States signed “co‐operation” agreements with the Soviet Union. These agreements included seeding U.S. educational institutions and News media with Communist educators and journalists for the purpose of changing our institutions and the thinking of children and people to accept the ultimate merger of systems under a single world system.

Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress was given the authority to negotiate trade with foreign countries. Prior to 1974, that authority was used only to negotiate tariffs and quotas. In 1974, under an agreement between Congress and the Executive Branch called Fast Track, Congress
delegated their authority to the Executive Branch. Since then, every time the Fast Track authorization has been used, the Executive Branch (through the U.S. Trade Representative) has used the authority to negotiate agreements that created the international commercial system and and furthered the goals of the United Nations of a one world system. Those goals include redistribution of national wealth (and by definition, your wealth) of economic production to “developing countries” and reducing production in developed countries to lower the standard of living and consumption patterns while building capacity in the developing countries and allegedly raising the standard of living for them. To provide a “market” for the production of the developing countries, Fast Track was used to eliminate barriers to foreign imports in developed countries while protecting barriers to imports to “developing countries” effectively reversing the direction of income from developed countries to developing countries – net gain for them, net loss for us.

One of the barriers to foreign imports in developing countries included the right of a foreign corporation to operate in those countries. Because of that, and the goal of creating an international system of commerce, under international agreements, foreign corporations were given standing in international courts to break down domestic laws of countries where the laws prevented business from operating if they were operating legally in another country. Those agreements work both ways. They gave corporations from developing countries the right under under law to break down the laws in developed countries as well. The ostensible idea behind it was a level playing field for corporations globally. The reality of it is that it gave the corporations who were already big enough and wealthy enough to operate globally, the power of law to enforce their “rights” under international law to grow even larger and wealthier through their power to control large operations and assets through the use of computer systems.

With every trade agreement, Congress has attempted to mitigate the damage to the U.S. economy with government spending. This spending has served only to exacerbate and accelerate the decline. Government spending programs are like trying to inflate a balloon that has holes in it. The balloon is not going to inflate – ever. Current economic thinking in the Congress is that the solution to economic woes is to eliminate social programs (stop feeding those hungry people and stop giving medical care to the elderly) and continue funding jobs building infrastructure (that creates more debt), spending through the universities to develop gadgets to play with and technology for systems for the control of people and so that they can be taxed for every human activity including breathing and “best of all”, is the idea that “reforming” the immigration system will increase the economic well‐being of the country by increasing demand in the domestic economy which really serves the interests of the people exporting economies because they can unload their poor populations on the U.S. while benefiting from the multinational production capacity with open import markets in developed countries and finally from the monetary transfers back to the home country to support the families of the ex‐pats. All of these ideas are the exact opposite of prescriptives that would rebuild the American economy for the American people and they are all the result of BIG LIE that is the United Nations.

The U.S. Congress has made the U.S. Government a puppet government of the United Nations and as Texas Rep. Ted Poe likes to say, “that’s just the way it is.”

Vicky Davis

June 19, 2013

P.S. I just found out there is a bill in Congress to terminate U.S. membership in the United Nations. It’s posted on govtrack:

H.R. 75 – American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2013

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