The Beginning of the End of Google’s Monopoly


It’s obvious that Google hates anyone who challenges official narratives or “long standing truths” like Bin Laden pulled off 9/11, Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and NASA can’t send astronauts back to the moon because it “destroyed the technology” and “lost the telemetry data”. Google is behind a modern day book burning to silence free thinkers and limit the truth media’s access to advertising. Standing in opposition to Google’s big brother authoritarianism is the Commodity Ad Network (CDX), the pre-sale for which has been extended through Saturday, September 9th. Visit to join the pre-sale and help keep TRUTH alive.


Our Business Model

What Is the Commodity Ad Network

The Commodity Ad Network is a network of creative minds — bloggers, website owners, content creators. Minds that go against the powers that be, who speak out against the corruption of governments and corporate structures. The Commodity Ad Network is here to serve these people who, if given the chance, are capable of changing the thought processes of millions of other minds all over the world. Interestingly, creative minds like these are extremely underpaid. It almost seems as if the very system they keep exposing as fraudulent, corrupt, and outright evil, doesn’t want them to be able to make a good living out of their blogging.

The goal of the Commodity Ad Network is to pair up the correct content creators with the correct advertisers in an ad network that charges advertisers less and pays out to content creators more than any other large ad network. We do this because we believe that only the correct mix of content creators and advertisers is a profitable mix.

The Network token (ticker symbol CDX) is an Ethereum based ERC20 token and it is the life-blood of the Commodity Ad Network. All pay ins from advertisers and pay outs to content creators are always settled in CDX. Since the CDX is a set of smart contracts embedded into the Ethereum blockchain, all payments in CDX are fully transparent. We like this transparency because we declare that we will always share at least 50% of our total ad revenue with our content creators. The blockchain makes our financial dealings open to the public.

Stages of the Commodity Ad Network

In the initial stage, we will set up our own adserver platform which will enable us to serve ads on the websites on participating content creators. These ads will take the form of graphic banners as we all know them, except we won’t allow the annoying kind in our network. This stage will be rolled out in January 2018.

In the next stage, we will focus on creating our own video platform. Content creators will be able to set up their own channels and publish videos without us restricting them in their right to free speech. We will use our adserver platform to serve ads on the video platform as well.

In the following stages, we plan to set up a social media platform as well as our own search engine. All of them will be integrated through our adserver platform. And all of them will follow the same philosophy of 100% privacy and zero censorship.

Business Model

Our business model packages ad views available on all content creator websites and sells them to advertisers at flat fees. Thanks to the appreciation of value inherent to the CDX token, advertisers are able to purchase ad space at lower prices, while the appreciation of CDX already in the token pool benefits the content creators at pay out times.

Unlike other crypto startups that launch ICOs, we are more of a for profit business idea with the blockchain technology added on top of our business model, than the other way around. We believe that technology is not a panacea and without a viable business behind the technology, a startup will fail regardless of the technology involved.

We acknowledge that the technological complexity involved in crypto currencies is currently prohibitive to the average user. We aim to overcome this obstacle by creating a web portal with an online dashboard for our network participants which will simplify and greatly streamline the everyday use of CDX. Our goal is to make the whole process as easy as sending an email.

Since at this point we fully depend on the amount of funds we will receive in the pre-sale and the ICO, we have planned both for a very constrained startup process and for a very resource intensive startup process. We are prepared to deal with both outcomes equally well.

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