The Art of Trolling with Dr. James Sears [Interview]

Source: Free Bird Media Canada

Dr. James Sears is the Editor-in-Chief of the world’s largest anti-Marxist periodical, Your Ward News He trolls femi-Marxists by LARPing as masculinity & seduction guru “Dimitri the Lover”. A University of Toronto Medical School graduate who describes himself as a Christian Libertarian National Socialist, he is also the Leader of the New Constitution Party of Canada


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  • I began wondering if Dr. James Sears was the Truth Factory kitty. @TruthFactoryCat but I don’t think kitty has a strong religious conviction. I’m Christian but know some Christians I would like to tell to go to hell, to be honest with you. I don’t think only Christians go to heaven and left a church recently because of their emphasis on that. I enjoyed listening to,Dr. Sears. He has a genuine love for humanity and curiosity on what makes us tick. May God bless and reward his efforts, especially with the New Constitution Party. I have ancestors who lived in Canada, and some from England. I love to write to Queen Elizabeth II. I believe the Satanic Underground has greatly attacked the Monarchy, beginning with King George’s untimely death. I love the products they sell on CPO – and enjoyed the book, The Servant Queen, a tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s longevity.