The Art of Perversion

Source: Technocratic Tyranny

By Vicky Davis • February 26, 2018

Just as an exercise, do a search on the term communism. You’ll find that it is defined as an economic system and/or a political system. Most people have probably read the Communist Manifesto in which Karl Marx outlined ten key points that are the goals of communism. The question in this writer’s mind is ‘Why is communism defined as a legitimate political and economic system’ when it clearly is a system built on criminality?

For the government to own all the means of production, they must confiscate (steal) the property from the owners of that property. They must indoctrinate the children and propagandize the adults and murder or imprison the dissenters.

Communists use logical positivism to “sell” the ideas in public discourse. If you research logical positivism as a philosophy, it gets quite complicated. The simplified summation of it in modern parlance is that a positive spin is put on a negative idea. The negative idea would be rejected immediately so logic is used in such a way as to turn the negative into a positive.

It seems to this writer that the definition of communism and the legitimization of it as a political or economic system is a case study in logical positivism. When the system of communism is dissected, this writer’s definition is as follows:

Communism is a criminal enterprise that uses perversity as a strategy for chaos and chaos as a tool for takeover.

When a criminal enterprise infiltrates the state, it uses the power of government as a weapon to further the objectives of the criminal enterprise. Defining communism which is a criminal enterprise as a legitimate political/economic system is to legitimize crime – putting a positive spin on a negative.

Understanding that communism is a criminal enterprise that has infiltrated government is a prerequisite to understanding what was going on in Broward County that caused the failure of the system to deal with the problems that Nicolas Cruz was having. The Sheriff, Scott Israel implemented Community Policing in Broward County. The following is from the Sheriff’s Office webpage. I just noticed something – the Sheriff’s website is a .org and not a .gov That’s significant.

Broward Sheriff’s Office

Community Policing:

BSO is much more than just a law enforcement agency — we’re part of the community.

Thanks to Sheriff Israel, BSO is diligently working to bring transparency and build community trust by embracing a community policing model where law enforcement and members of Broward’s diverse communities work hand in hand to improve public safety services and make their own neighborhoods safer.

Through community policing, citizens from all walks of life are playing a critical role in keeping our communities safe by providing vital input, innovative ideas and key support. By building bridges and opening up new channels of dialogue between law enforcement and Broward’s communities, we are working together to find local solutions to local issues, achieve public safety goals and forge a safer, stronger and more united Broward County.

Juvenile Civil Citations:

As a father, mentor, and coach, Sheriff Israel has made the children of Broward his number one priority. Through the expanded juvenile civil citation program and our outstanding partnership with the Broward School Board in the Promise Program, BSO has produced remarkable results in cutting the school house to jail house pipeline. These programs help keep kids’ records clean, teach them responsibility and give them a second chance for a better life. Thousands of children have benefitted because of them.

Community Policing perverts law enforcement – turning them into social workers. As you can hear in this video, the Sheriff and the Broward County Sheriff’s Department considers that it’s their job to keep criminals – juvenile or not, out of jail. The fact that you’re hearing this in a Mosque is not the point. The point is what the Deputy and the Sheriff are saying keeping in mind that the police were called 39 times on Nicolas Cruz.

Broward County Sheriff ┇ Scott Israel┇ Alhikmat

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FL Gov Orders Investigation of Terror-Tied CAIR Sheriff Scott Israel, Who Weapons Trained Jihad Mosque But Whose Deputies Did Nothing During School Shootout

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  • Timothy Holmseth’s arrest was recently mentioned by Field, here is a video I was guided to…

    This video contains detail cover up and death threats, with link to Sheriff Isreal, Debbie Wasserman, and even Obama is mentioned.

    The video contains information of child trafficing, and shocking paedophile detail.

  • U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson ~ WHISTLEBLOWER

  • “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” interview with Dr James Fetzer on YouTube.

    Based on Nuclear Education 65 article at VeteransToday, bibliography >

    “Breaking 9/11, Filling in the Map, Tracing the Nukes”….Oct 2017

  • Florida and California are both Communists states, just slightly different versions of Communism. Minnesota is also an obviously Marxist state. The Mayo Clinic is so steeped in criminal activities and unethical practices that it’s mind blowing, and people are scared to death of the government.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is when an obvious crime is occurring, no one dares to say anything, but I need to qualify that a little. I had to get a new debit card, and the bank ordered it 3 times, but the card never came. The change of “password” part came, but not the card. They finally ordered it to come to the bank, and it came with no problem. When I asked them, if that might mean there was a thief in the post office, she said “Probably,” but quickly changed that to “I wouldn’t say that. There could be any number of reasons.” I’ve had other things disappear through our post office, too.

    Speaking of my debit card, I’ve had to get a new one 3 times in two yrs., because of fraudulent charges. Those fraudulent charges are always made at Macy’s, never anywhere else.

    I’m also aware of quasi government organizations, who are paid well by the government to provide certain services for those who qualify financially, but they also charge the client the same amount for that same service. Other government offices say that shouldn’t be, but absolutely no one is willing to report it to any authority.

    Everyone who works in a government office around here is scared to death. They know what’s going on, but will absolutely not say a word. If you suggest they say something about it to the appropriate authorities, they get angry, and almost yelling, say, “I won’t do that, so don’t even ask me.”

    I’ve never seen so much fear among so many people in one community.

  • Interesting. Monograph had a lot of problems with him. There are YouTube channel owners, who are actually stalking truthers channels. Denise Matthau and Jason Goodman, that I can think of off the top of my head.