testing public acceptance – docu-drama where kids are killed to reduce their carbon footprint – psychic driving – Franny Armstrong, founder of 10:10

“Macbeth ..
Threescore and ten I can remember well:
Within the volume of which time I have seen
Hours dreadful and things strange; but this sore night
Hath trifled former knowings.”

“Lady Macbeth’s Amenorrhea.” La Belle states that Lady Macbeth does not wish for just a move away from femininity, she is asking the spirits to eliminate the basic biological characteristics of femininity. The main biological characteristic that La Belle focuses on is menstruation. La Belle argues that by asking to be unsexed and crying out “make thick [her] blood / Stop up th’ access and passage to remorse” Lady Macbeth asks for her menstrual cycle to stop. By having her menstrual cycle stop Lady Macbeth hopes to stop any feelings of sensitivity and caring that is associated with females. She hopes to become like a man to stop any sense of remorse for the regicide. La Belle furthers her argument by connecting the stopping of the menstrual cycle with the infanticide present in the play. La Belle gives examples of “the strangled babe” whose finger is thrown into the witches’ cauldron (4.1.30); Macduff’s babes who are “savagely slaughter’d” (4.3.205); and the suckling babe with boneless gums whose brains Lady Macbeth would dash out (1.7.57-58) to prove that Lady Macbeth as the ultimate anti-mother who not only would smash in a baby’s brains but goes even further to wanting to stop her means of procreation”

The 10:10 campaign was founded by Franny Armstrong, director of the climate change blockbuster The Age of Stupid. The idea came to Franny while walking through Regent’s Park in London on her way to a debate with UK Climate & Energy Secretary Ed Miliband.

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  • This is sickening. These people behind this need to be held accountable and shot. Al Gore needs to be arrested and Obama needs to be arrested. And Congress needs to be arrested for pushing an Kenyan into the Office of President.

  • This is the kind of "humour" made by the sorts of sick puppies involved in the snuff film industry. Franny Armstrong and her circle ought to undergo a police investigation into their activities… no pressure.