Terrorist Attack Against Florida Homosexual Nightclub Is a Total Fake – Complete Fabrication

Terrorist Attack Against Florida Homosexual Nightclub Is a Total Fake – Complete Fabrication

Nodisinfo.com | 12 June 2016

Could it get more inane than this? What an arch-Zionist, sophomoric, terminally corrupt hoax it is.

It’s the same, standard fake, make no mistake about it. This is tied, though, to a real shooting in Tel Aviv, where a professor, Dr. Feige, who had written two books exposing the settler movement as a failure, was assassinated. This would be the last person a dedicated Palestinian resistance fighter would kill in cold blood.

Feige’s conclusion in his books is, essentially, that the Jewish fundamentalist “Greater Israel” project is doomed to fail. This would not sit well with rabid extremist Zionists. Like Rabin, he was taken out.

The two events are tied together – one real and the other absolutely fake.

In the above photo, the two men appear to be holding up a poorly dressed dummy. There are pants there, but no legs!

That does appear to be a pair of pants with no human inside.

It’s merely a staged hoax. There is nothing to see here.

The blood is fake, too, as is made clearly evident by the following image:

There is no doubt about it: this is mere tempera paint. There are no injuries that could account for the red matter. Moreover, there is no way a person with gunshot woulds would be standing about upright, and there would be a pattern to such wounds: entrance and exit lesions. There are no such lesions on this paid-for fake blood actress. She has no worries, though. It’s water-soluble and washes right off – even those “stains” that were dabbed onto her dress.

The witnesses are arch-phonies, too, which is clearly evident from even the most rudimentary assessment.

No one can find this man’s words plausible. He squints and then flashes his eyes to the right or left to the extreme, then makes all manner of faces, when concocting his tall tales. Moreover, it is no coincidence that he is wearing clothing adorned with an image of the US flag.

It is no surprise that as a last hurrah, Obama would leverage his compliant homosexual community. It is one last, supercilious attempt at “gun control.”

Eyewitness account of Orlando Nightclub Pulse Shooting

The damage to the “nightclub” is also fake – fully staged – which is clearly evident from the following image:

It is an obvious fabrication; anyone can see that this is staged, Hollywood-style fabricated damage.

Hoax index: countless trillions to one; in fact, there is no means to assess it, as it is so evidently fake.

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Criminal Zionist Cabal Behind Gun Grubbing Orlando Shooting Hoax

Nodisinfo.com | 13 June 2016

It is the arch-criminal Zionist cabal that is responsible for the fake Orlando “gay bar” shooting hoax. The so-called shooter, Omar Mateen – in fact, much of his entire family, are government operatives:

The fact is he still works for G4S, but now in a different capacity: as an undercover mole. Regardless, Mateen, who sold his soul long ago, is merely yet another well-paid stooge of the DHS – which, like the US government, is a Zionist subsidiary. No one knows how much he was paid or where he is holing up, in disguise.

G4S is an arch-Zionist-controlled globalist security entity; in fact, owned and operated by the so-called Rothschild Group.

Both G4S and the ArmorGroup are fully owned and operated subsidiaries of the Zionists:

It is, no doubt, the Zionist-controlled international banking mafia which has established this security entity, all as a means of protecting its criminal regime – through intimidation, force, and deceit.

Rothschild is not happy that his puppet, Obama, has not prevailed in the Zionist-orchestrated gun confiscation plot. It worked in England and in Australia, but thus far has failed – in fact, miserably so – here.

G4S is pro-Israeli, and pro-apartheid, because it is an Israeli or, rather, Rothschild entity:

They are clearly apologists for racist ideology and warmongering entities such as the criminal regime of the Zionist strip.

So then, why not pull off the stunt in a region associated with G4S–Rothschild infrastructure? In fact, G4S’ main US facility is close by in Jupiter, Florida – a mere two hours from Orlando:

The shooter himself is a fake Islamist. Even so, what is an Islamist? This, too, is an invention of hostile, corrupt, hedonistic Zionist-controlled governments. It is obvious from the photo that he his putting on an act. Where is he now? In the Caribbean? Perhaps in Africa? Or was he adopted directly by the Tel Aviv regime? Then, too, the ISIS canard also acts as hard proof of Israeli involvement. The Zionists wish to strip Americans to the bone, leaving them with nothing: not a dime to their name and, surely, no means of self-defense, while they load themselves up with the most sophisticated weaponry known, all at Americans’ expense. What terminally corrupt, arch-cowards they are.

Even so, the lies abound, and more false hate has been created against Islamic people:

* The gunman has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, an American citizen who was born in New York.

* Dozens of victims remain hospitalized, many in critical condition.
* Mateen was killed by law enforcement after he took hostages during an hours-long siege.
* He used a legally purchased assault rifle and handgun, which he had bought in the last 12 days. He also had another “device” but it’s not clear what that was.
* Mateen lived in the area of Fort Pierce, Fla., about 120 miles south of Orlando, and worked as a private security officer.

* Investigators are operating under the theory that the attack was inspired by Islamic State.


The father, a US government operative, puts on quite a show: a fake, just like his son. Sure it was, right, the Muslims did it, but they are now sorry, apologetic. Sure, absolutely: one Muslim superman kills and wounds over 100 people, and all the SWAT teams in the world, the local cops, and the local population can do nothing about it.

Shooter’s Dad Says Son Committed Act of Terror

This is, no doubt, a Zionist plot, fully hatched and coordinated by the criminally-minded agents of the Tel Aviv regime. Obama’s compliant cohorts in the homosexual community were fully leveraged to enact it. No one knows how much money was exchanged for the cooperation of the fake 50 dead and the phony wounded, but it surely was considerable.



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