Technology Transfers Stolen Out of the US Provided to China – And China Says This Is a “Declaration of War?”

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Huawei CFO Arrest is a ‘Declaration of War’ Says Editor of Global Times

By John Carney • December 6, 2018

The arrest of a top Chinese technology executive by Canadian authorities acting at the behest of the United States is threatening to upend the Trump administration’s efforts to sustain a trade truce with China.

The arrest of Sabrina Meng, the chief financial officer of China’s largest mobile phone marker, has been condemned by Chinese officials, who are calling for her immediate release. The U.S. has reportedly requested Meng be extradited to New York, where she would reportedly face federal charges of violating Iran sanctions.

Hu Xijin, the editor in chief of the Global Times, described the arrest as a “declaration of war” against China, according to the New York Times. The Global Times is a state-run newspaper whose views are thought to reflect the ruling communist party in China. Hu’s comments were made on Weibo, a Twitter-like service, the New York Times reported.

“Without any solid evidence, the Canadian and US governments trampled on international law by basically ‘kidnapping’ Chinese citizen Meng,” an official with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in a Global Times op-ed. “The China-US trade row could become a protracted war.”

The Global Times also reported, in a news story, that Chinese experts view the arrest as an intentional effort to “heat up the ongoing trade war.”

Although Meng and Huawei are not well-known in the U.S., the executive and her company are extremely high profile in China. Precise analogies are hard to come by but U.S. observers are making comparisons to well-known American executives.

“This is like China arresting Steve Jobs’ son,” Art Cashin said on CNBC.

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Source: Reuters

Former Canadian diplomat detained in China: sources

by John Ruwitch and Michael Martina • Decemeber 11, 2018

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) – A former Canadian diplomat has been detained in China, two sources said on Tuesday, and his current employer, the International Crisis Group, said it was seeking his prompt and safe release.

Michael Kovrig’s detention comes after police in Canada arrested the chief financial officer of China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] on Dec. 1 at the request of U.S. authorities, a move that has infuriated Beijing.

It was not immediately clear if the cases were related, but the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver has stoked fears of reprisals against the foreign business community in China.

“International Crisis Group is aware of reports that its North East Asia Senior Adviser, Michael Kovrig, has been detained in China,” the think-tank said in a statement.

“We are doing everything possible to secure additional information on Michael’s whereabouts as well as his prompt and safe release,” it added.

China’s Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Public Security did not respond immediately to questions faxed about Kovrig’s detention.

The exact reason for the detention, which was made sometime early this week, according to the sources, was not immediately clear.

The Canadian embassy declined to comment, referring queries to Ottawa.

Calls to Kovrig’s phones were not answered.

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Ren Zhengfei

Apple, Huawei Both Claim First 7-⁠nm Smartphone Chips

HiSilicon purchases licenses for CPU designs from ARM Holdings:

Arm Holdings


Source: technode

Are the good times over for Chinese tech investment in Israel?


Chinese investment in Israel rose tenfold in 2016, with tech a key sector, according to data from Thomson Reuters. We spoke to someone on the ground in Tel Aviv to get the full picture and heard how cultural similarities, governmental ambitions, and legal changes are all at play – and how the good times may already be over.

Chinese VCs and tech firms have long been investing in the US and increasingly in southeast Asia, and just last week Xiaomi announced it was pushing its brand in India opening its first store there this month with a 100 to follow. Investment in Israel has also been growing fast. From 2011 to 2016, Chinese investment in Israeli tech has seen 50% year-on-year growth.

According to a new report by Reuters, Chinese investment in Israel, in general, was up tenfold in 2016 to $16.5 billion, with money being poured into internet, cyber-security and medical startups. The report cites increased protectionism in the US in late 2016 as one of the factors for the switch in target countries, as the data shows a surge in investment in Israel just when the US regulations kicked in. In 2016 Chinese investors dropped $26.3 billion of previously-announced deals in the US.

So why Israel? One of the key points is that Israel is great at innovation but less good at developing and monetizing, creating opportunities for cash-rich Chinese firms and VCs.

“There’s real innovation happening due to Israeli-specific factors… There’s a lot of people here being trained in the military to be very technical, very innovative and independent with how they apply that,” says Sean Coyle, a British-Israeli now working for an Israeli cybersecurity startup after a decade in management consulting in China for tech clients.

HexaTier interface. The Israeli database security company was reportedly bought by China’s Huawei in December 2016 for $42 million (Image credit: HexaTier)

“They’re very good at developing technology here, not so good at scaling up. You see a lot of early exits in Israel as a result. IPOs like Check Point or Mobileye getting bought by Intel aren’t the norm. But they tend to exit early. Israelis are very good at developing innovative technology with limited resources, but they don’t have as strong a track record at creating polished products and scaling the business so tend to want to sell out early, which is why you get a lot of companies that essentially are being acquired for their technology and are then incorporated into other companies,” Coyle tells us.

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Source: Voltaire Network

Behind the US attack on Chinese Smartphones

by Manlio Dinucci • December 5, 2018

Donald Trump’s attempt to re-balance the commercial flow between China and the USA does not correspond only to his aim of bringing de-localised jobs back to the United States. Indeed, the deployment of new transport and communications infrastructures is swiftly becoming a threat to the US position as leader of the world. The struggle centred around Huawei illustrates the way in which economic and military preoccupations inter-connect. Already, many States have observed that Washington is so far unable to decode this technology. Thus, as they did in Syria, they have entirely re-equipped their Intelligence services with Huawei material, and forbid their civil servants to use any others.

After having imposed heavy taxes on Chinese merchandise – 250 billion dollars – President Trump, at the G-20, accepted a “truce” by postponing further measures, mainly because the US economy has been struck by the Chinese retaliation.

But apart from these commercial considerations, there are also some strategic reasons. Under pressure from the Pentagon and the Intelligence agencies, the USA forbade the use of Smartphones and telecommunications infrastructures from the Chinese company Huawei, warning that they may potentially be used for espionage, and pressured their allies to do the same.

The warning concerning the danger of Chinese espionage, especially addressed to Italy, Germany and Japan, countries which house the most important US military bases, came from the same US Intelligence agencies which have been spying on the telephone communications of their allies for years, in particular in Germany and Japan. The US company Apple, at one time the undisputed leader in the sector, saw its sales doubled by Huawei (a company owned by its workers as share-holders), which moved up to world second place behind the South Korean company Samsung. This is emblematic of a general tendency.

The United States – whose economic supremacy is based artificially on the dollar, until now the main currency for monetary reserves and world commerce – has increasingly been overtaken by China, both in capacity and production quality. The New York Times wrote that “The West was certain that the Chinese approach was not going to work. All it had to do was wait. It’s still waiting. China is planning a vast global network of commerce, investments and infrastructures, which will remodel financial and geopolitical relations”.

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An “intelligent machine”? Intelligent for who?


Huawei P10 הפורטרט המושלם עם הסמארטפון המושל


December 2-5, 2018


This is a very big smokin deal folks

Huawei is a highly prized sparkling gem of China, and is the world’s #1 phone maker. It is an amazing company. Today, because Huawei violated the sanctions Trump put on Iran, Wanzhou Meng – CFO of Huawei, was jailed in Canada and may be extradited to the U.S. This is the stuff wars are made of, everyone in China knows who she is and she is considered a national hero. It was a VERY BAD MOVE TO ARREST HER.

Let’s hope to GOD someone gains 1/8th ounce of sense and releases her IMMEDIATELY, this one is not a game folks, the Chinese are not going to take this sitting on their hands.

This arrest was STUPID. Why did anyone need to make trouble with something as petty as what cell phone Iranians can have? Is that worth risking a world war over? Already markets have plunged with this news, DISGUSTING.

NOT GOOD: China has stated the arrest of the CFO of Huawei was a “kidnapping” and equal to a declaration of war. PROBLEM: THEY ARE RIGHT.

It is as bad as I said it was. China has demanded her immediate release. Trump refuses to acknowledge it (perhaps he’s being kept in the dark about this) and warnings have been given to the CEO’s of Google, Facebook and others to not travel to China because China could retaliate by jailing them.

China would be more within it’s rights to jail them than the West was when it took Huwaei’s CFO. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!

And not a buzz about it in America’s MSM, HARDLY A PEEP. RIDICULOUS!!!

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