Target: Venezuela’s Oil, Gold, Uranium and Coltan Resources

Ed. note: Now that the covert war against Venezuela has failed, an overt war now seems more real with every passing day. Venezuela under President Maduro just announced the expansion of its civilian militia by 1 million. If this is in fact true, the US is going to have huge problem on its hands because the Venezuelan people fully support an idea that President Maduro only represents: Venezuela and its resources are first for the Venezuelan people. This is what the US corporate structure will not tolerate. The bottom line is US corporations dictating to and running the US “government” (mostly privatized by now) through their corporate state mouthpieces like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, want easy access to Venezuela’s strategic resources including oil, gold, uranium and coltan (conflict minerals).

US Military Attack on Venezuela Mulled by Top Trump Advisors and Latin American Officials at Private DC Meeting

Maria Zakharova discusses US policies towards Venezuela (MUST READ!)

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Pompeo: China, Russia “Spread Disorder” in Latin America. Lavrov: We Team up to Defend International Law

Going back to the Obama administration when Obama declared Venezuela being an “unusual and extraordinary threat to US security“, we see clearly that it is because the US risks losing access to these highly valued strategic resources. China has invested $10 billion in Venezuela’s gold mining sector and won’t stop buying up mining assets any time soon. In order for these resources to not fall into the hands of Russia and China as Venezuela contracts with these two countries in “strategic partnerships,” the US is going to be forced to send the military in to first destroy the country of Venezuela, then privatize the industrial sector involved in oil, gold, uranium and coltan extraction and mining. The US economy is based on war and debt, there are no other options remaining except military intervention for US economic and military planners all finding their nexus on Wall Street.

“Look, this isn’t about ‘democracy and human rights,’ we want the oil, gold, uranium and coltan. Stevie here will put the screws to Venezuela through economic warfare until Maduro buckles.”

Mnuchin: US is seeking $10B trade finance fund for Venezuela, regime change string attached

Following detention, journalist publishes controversial story about Venezuela’s Mining Arc

With the US ranting and raving about “democracy and human rights” being restored to Venezuela through its corporate media, the Venezuelans see this as an attack on their resources. What most people don’t realize is that in 2001, Venezuela became the first Hispanic country to enter into a “strategic development partnership” with China, a relationship that was elevated to “comprehensive strategic partnership” in 2014, and which now totals at least 790 investment projects in Venezuelan territory.

Watch | The Top Five Special Interests Pushing Regime Change in Venezuela

Ever since Chavez took over Venezuela, the US has been trying in every way they possibly can to prevent Venezuela from breaking out of US control with Venezuela contracting with America’s enemies like Iran. So, while Russia and China seek a “strategic partnership” with Venezuela, the US sees Venezuela as a “strategic threat”. Listen carefully to the US version of how to go about “stealing resources” from Venezuela under the standard claim of “democracy and human rights” empty rhetoric with Bolton describing Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela as the “troika of tyranny.” The last place we would recommend for obtaining news on Venezuela and US policy would be Fox News (senior editors work for the intelligence agencies).

Venezuela’s Troubling Nuclear Ties

For the US a “regime change” in Venezuela would be very big business opportunity as Bolton enunciates in his diplomatic/political talk that US corporate structure including big oil want control over Venezuela’s assets. Why not do a “strategic partnership”, John, rather then a “strategic threat” to deal with Venezuela? That wouldn’t be because US defense-related corporations would come out on top of any military intervention would it? And finally, John, can you reveal how much money you took from HSBC, Deutsche Bank and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation (Jewish operation)? You do know of course, John, that President Trump is against corruption, correct?

John Bolton Took Money From Banks Tied To Cartels, Terrorists, Iran

Victor Pinchuk


Source: Venezuela Analysis

Maduro: Venezuela Sitting on 2nd Biggest Gold Reserve on Earth

President Nicolas Maduro described the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela as “crazy” and “criminal.”

President Nicolas Maduro and his economic team during the speech addressing new measures to improve the economy. November 2, 2018. (@PresidencialVen / Twitter)

President Nicolas Maduro announced a new set of measures in the Venezuelan gold industry to combat the U.S. imposed sanctions, which he described as “crazy” and “criminal,” accusing the North American country of blocking, and raising the price of food and medicine imports into the country.

The U.S. government announced a new set of sanctions against the Latin American country last week, potentially limiting their gold exports, as announced by the national security senior advisor John Bolton. The sanctions already prohibited institutions, business and anyone from giving any kind of financial support to the Bolivarian Revolution.

Maduro answered Bolton’s comments during a televised speech, saying Venezuela is currently certifying 32 gold fields. “Everything suggests that Venezuela will be the second biggest gold reserve on planet Earth,” said the President, adding that the country will do what’s necessary to get around the restrictions that are preventing medicine and food to enter the country.

“If we go out to purchase the required food… we end up paying 50, 60 or 80 percent more,” said Maduro. “These are crazy, schizophrenic, criminal sanctions… but we will never bow down. Venezuela will never surrender to North American imperialism.”

Maduro, along with his economic team, announced that Venezuela is installing 54 gold processing plants with new technology to reportedly avoid the polluting use of mercury. According to their predictions, the plants will bring in about US $ 5 billion in 2019.


Source: Orinoco Tribune

* INTERVIEW: “Venezuela could have the Largest Gold Reserve on the Planet”

December 16, 2018 | by Orinoco

A recurring idea within the media trends that seek to persuade Venezuelans to emigrate, is that the country “has no future.” Exhausted by the intense psychological war that perpetuates the notion of a country destined for disaster, many have quit to changing the “gold” literally for mirrors.

In a week where mining activity has gained special relevance, due to the conflict generated in a protected territory in southern Venezuela, Sputnik spoke exclusively with Víctor Cano, Minister of Ecological Mining Development, to discuss this and other aspects related to such a sensitive economic activity.

According to Cano, if the estimates are certified, Venezuela could have the largest gold reserve in the world. Something not despicable if you take into account that the country already has the first oil reserve on the planet.

Is it understood now why the United States and its allies are so “concerned” about “democracy and human rights” in this territory?

– Let’s start with the most recent tour that President Maduro made to Russia. How are the bilateral agreements advancing?

  • With Russia there are five issues : energy, military, commercial, mining and agri-food. The most recent visit was a preparatory meeting for the High Level Intergovernmental Commission (CIAN) to be held in March 2019 in Moscow. A memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Russia, which is our counterpart, has just been signed. It is a fairly comprehensive document that includes everything related to research, training of personnel, certification of our mining reserves and the possibility of working together on the exploitation of minerals.

-How many countries are actively participating in the development of the Orinoco Mining Arc?

Please go to Orinoco Tribune to read the entire article.



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