Suppression of Treachery by Amazon

March 31, 2018


Amazon’s Desktop for TREACHERY: Murder, Cocaine, and the Lucifer Directive now shows my book as ‘suppressed’.  The email received today from Amazon provides no reason for the suppression.  Please provide your justification for this action.  I find this action troublesome since the material addressed in TREACHERY supports with physical and forensic evidence the murder of hundreds of American military personnel.

Bryan Burnett and Dr. Robert MacLachlan are contributors to the book. The work of these two men was published in the UK Journal of Forensic Research. Their forensic evidence supports the murder of Marine Colonel James E. Sabow and coverup by federal agents and the Department of Defense.

The crash of Arrow Air 1285 in Gander on December 12, 1985 was not an icing accident as reported by Canadian authorities but a deliberate act of sabotage.  Dr. Cyril Wecht’s work in Tales from the Morgue provides forensic evidence of fire on the airborne aircraft, which was totally disregarded by Canadian authorities.  The Gander crash cost the lives of at least 256 American airborne troops, returning from a peacekeeping mission in the Sinai.

There is no statute of limitations on murder.

I can be reached at 856-701-4112 [H] or [C] 609-774-7551.

Robert O’Dowd

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