Supplement Drink for Health – Stay Away from Cancer, Diseases & Doctors

Below is a Health Supplement Guide we created to help you understanding what supplements you should consider taking and why.

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  • Couple leafs of raw swiss chard, tablespoon raw broccoli crowns, leaf of collard leaf or two kales, little apple, raw beets, beet greens, brussel sprouts, carrots, blue berries, flax seed, 10 walnuts or so, toss in blender with good water, grind to baby food like consistency and can add supplements like vit c. Too much at once of some stuff kinda tastes like this or that, make it how you like. Drink it right down couple times a day, eat fish too, there are more seeds and vegies, other foods. Avoid processed wheat, grains, sugar foods that turn to fat an clog you up. Bluberries also clean out arteries. Works wonders, seriously there are a lot of the stuff needed in the plants. Dr Gundry diet evolution 10 bucks explains the research and lists the raw stuff to eat, Raw is better most stuff due to enzymes and things killed by heat missing in cooked or sugar in carrots for instance if cooked but OK raw.

  • Thank you for sharing excellent advice. Blueberries are also exceptional in cleaning out the lymph system. And enzymes are definitely needed by most in today’s environment. Without enzymes our food doesn’t get broken down for proper absorption of nutrients.