Suicide Bombings are Really Remote Detonations

Source: Henry Makow

March 28, 2016


Salman An-Noor Hossain, who was wanted by Interpol in 2010, writes that Muslims are being unfairly blamed as “suicide bombers.” 
“Innocent Muslims were accused of being “suicide bombers” yet CCTV footage and honest eye-witness accounts exposed the explosions as detonations via a remote control or through timers. Virtually all the terrorist attacks outside of conflict zones are staged by elements of the security services (especially Zionist/Jewish/Israeli and their assets in organized crime and intelligence agents throughout the Western world targeting the West and to a certain extent in Turkey and the Gulf Arab States targeting Muslim countries).   Islam clearly forbids the killing of innocent civilians – especially in kamikaze operations. Most Muslims, including the most militant ones don’t even believe in the validity or necessity of kamikaze operations as a military tactic.”
By Salman An-Noor Hossain
For the past few decades, we’ve all been hearing about “Islamic suicide bombings” from the International Jewish/Zionist owned press. But how many of them were really Kamikazes?
The International press keeps harping about “suicide bombings” in Paris, Brussels, and Turkey but CCTV footage shows remote controlled bombings or timed detonations. The same thing happened in the Madrid bombings as well. Here are some case scenarios where the international press (including the cesspool of confusion calling itself “Veteran’s Today”) claims “suicide attackers” struck but these end up being remote controlled or timed explosions.
First Case scenario: The March 13th 2016 Bus Bombing in Ankara. Kamikaze “car bombers” were blamed on the PKK but the CCTV footage shows the bus as being rigged with explosives. The car driving by was incidental to the blast and not the direct source of the detonation that was triggered – either via remote control or timers. The explosives ripped right through the bus and not from an external point of impact. My suspicion points towards Israeli military intelligence linked to elements of the Turkish underworld (tied to the deposed factions in the military) opposed to Erdogan’s government has having carried out the operation. 37 casualties reported.


Second Case scenario: The March 19 bomb blast in Istanbul.  This is a really good one. A dual citizen Israeli-American named Yonathan Suher (left) who was supposedly touring Istanbul with other Israelis, carries explosives which he planned on casing and detonating in a public location somewhere in Turkey. Fortunately, the explosives inside him detonate prematurely. Thankfully, only him and two other Israelis, and an unlucky Iranian passerby died in the blast.
The CCTV footage shows the 40 year-old Suher (with jet black hair) strolling the sidewalk waiting for a pal (presumably Avraham Goldman) to catch up with him. Then he starts crossing the street as he approaches and all of a sudden explosions rip through his body. I highly doubt he was a Jewish suicide-terrorist but rather an individual carrying explosives for far more sinister plans. Plans that are covert, subversive, and terrorist in nature.
This is too good to miss since 9-11 perpetrator Bibi Netanyahu jumps the gun and immediately blames “Islamic State” elements without an official investigation being conducted. Four Casualties were reported.
The Times of Israel claims that half a dozen bombings have struck Turkey since July 2015 – either the so-called “I.S.” or Kurdish Militants in the PKK. Both Jewish and Shabbos Goyim Terrorists tied to Israeli military intelligence are behind these bomb blasts – the most devastating of which was the attack on Kurdish protestors on October 10th 2016 in Ankara (footage here).
It seems that the Mossad along with former elements of the Ultra-Nationalist Ergenekon/Military Intelligence organization want to seize power in Turkey again since the country has become a major economic powerhouse in Europe – competing with France, Germany, and the United Kingdom since 2002 when it was just only slightly better than a third world sewage nation like Bangladesh.
Turkey has reached First World Status (with its GDP jumping from 200 Billion USD to almost 1 Trillion Dollars Currently) just like the rest of Europe and has paid off a good chunk of its public debt to the International Jewish Bankers – and these Financial terrorists don’t like seeing prosperity and success amongst the goyim – and nonetheless a European Muslim country at that. (Descendants of the Ottomans as the AKP leaders call themselves)
Third Case Scenario: The Paris attacks on November 13th 2015 show French-Israeli Special Forces type gunmen executing individuals in cold blood. These men were described by eye-witnesses as being of European (And presumably Israeli/Zionist) in features. The skin tone was described as being pale white and body type was muscular. The official scapegoat(s), Saleh Abdel-Salam, and other Moroccans are brown/olive skinned and their body types are generally lanky and slim (not the Special Forces Variety). The CCTV Footage is too good to be true.
Fourth Case: The Brussels Airport and Subway bombings show remote controlled and/or timed explosions. International Consultants for Targeted Security (ICTS) had access to the Belgian airport as well as the subway where the bombs were rigged into the electric grid and cased within the buildings. Clearly there are no “suicide bombers” and whichever brown-face they accuse is clearly innocent regardless of what the trailer park white trash at the Daily Stormer, Infowars, or Stormfront claim or think otherwise. Clearly there are no “suicide bombers” in this case (VT – are you reading this?). Here is the CCTV footage from the Brussels 2016 airport bombings and another one from the metro bombings (at a separate location) the same day.


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