Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” – Book 11 Chapter 17

UK and FR Ready to Fight Until the Last American Soldier Dies
 Bilderbergs Mull Petraeus; Biden Fingers Soetoro; Chips Engages Franco-Brits

Deception of the Masses during 4th Reich

MAN OF STEEL’s VIEW TO A KILL; Chips 1, Soetoro 0

UK and French Cry Babies Put World at Risk ( September Mourn )

God Trumps Willis; Chips Zaps Trump

Operation COCKED PISTOL, Hollywood South, 4 July 2013

Abel Danger, Gareth Williams, Chips, Annapolis Goat Barn, Rams Head Roadhouse

Bilderbergs Agree: ROYAL FLUSH NLT August 2nd

Proud PeaCOCK, PUSSYwillow Spawn Operation HONEYRIDER?

NSA-GCHQ Kill Gareth Williams and USN Seal

Abel Danger MSIRP Looks Thru ANY WINDOW

Obama Seeks Larry Sinclair; Considers the KARKOC Solution

Barry Soetoro and Reggie Love, Operation PILEDRIVER, 11 September, 2012?

Suggest FBI Needs to review Exodus 20:13 And Honor Uncle Jack

Franco-Brit-Austrian Evil Trio Fear ODEAD Fix

Welsh Girl, Welch Medical Error, Global Problem 

First, to honor our fallen and to commit ourselves to expose evil per Ephesians 5:11



In our last ‘faction’ of Chapter 16, Chips and Bean Spiller had gently awoken Agent 80W and gathered their IOCs, Smoked Oysters and Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extendo Peters before transferring from the Falcon 7x to the Cowboy Cadillac like the one that was near Chris Kyle. Considering how God had Called them to service they were firmly aware that neither a Cheese Driveler nor a Pastel Pirate was guiding the operation, in this case Operation PROUD PEACOCK/PUSSY WILLOW. In Room 406 of the Austin Marriott, Agent Hamish had fallen asleep watching DEATH OF A WELSH SPY for the 4th time, spilling his mineral water with signature lime slice. As a COWBOY CADILLAC slithered up to the Falcon, in the front of the Austin Marriott a 1936 Studebaker was in position to support. While no driver was seen, PLUM analysis performed via remote JASPAR indicated the person who last sat in the driver’s seat was wearing an IOC in Pastel Lemon Chiffon; which confused the SYSTEMS OPERATOR Agent Sluggo in the OSC orbiting overhead Austin at Angels 19.


Mike’s HARD Lemonade C&C Tactical Unit Behind Corrosion Control, Austin 

Agents Tillman, Barry M. Hall and Chips approached from three different azimuths and joined 80W, Bean Spiller and an UNKNOWN RIDER in the rear of the COWBOY CADILLAC. As Chips sat opposite the unknown rider, he was regaled with a view to a killer IOC in Pastel Lemon Chiffon. He harked back to Agent Susie Q but knew she was on secondment to Bletchley Park. His mind was abuzz with who might be spoofing him.

As the stretch Hummer pulled away from the Corrosion Control facility at the old Bergstrom AFB, Agent Barry M. Hall quietly advised Chips that he sensed the presence of a fourth player, and he pointed straight up causing Chips to recall who had joined Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the King’s furnace. As Chips recalled the Bible Story, a second ‘vision’ led him to believe the UNKNOWN RIDER was sportin’ a Shag Rack wishing a Me-Shack and A-Bed-We-Go. Turning away from the Lemon Chiffon battle standard, he was brought back into the here and now as the sound of two sirens pierced the silence and Agent Tillman handed him a LONG GUN.

Chapter 17 Begins Now asking “Geriatric Goosestepper to Put A Fork In Glamourboy, Thunder Thighs or BS?” According to Meatloaf: 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Scripture of the Day: John 6:29 “The Work of God”

29 Jesus answered and said to them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

Gospel Song of the Day: “There’s Just Something About That Name”

Secular Song of the Day:


Father’s Day Special:


Chapter 17

In the back of the COWBOY CADILLAC Chips was trying to avoid looking at the PPUC of the UNKNOWN RIDER opposite him when the sound of two sirens caused him to look outside the stretched hummer. He saw two Harley Davidson police bikes with blue lights flashing as he got another flash of LEMON CHIFFON. Though he was not overly concerned he was calmed somewhat when the Unknown Rider spoke in a seductive voice reminiscent of Julie London.

“Don’t Worry Baby, everything will turn out alright” punctuated with another serving of Lemon Chiffon. Chips remembered the Romans 8:28 promise as well as the Phillipians 1:6 supporting promise.

28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

Agent Chips was encouraged by the words of the Unknown Rider as well as his recall of the Romans and Phillipians quote, however, he had no time to relax as an Immediate Jaspar came into his Clipper Squirt Gun from a ‘listener’ in the tunnel between the Naval Academy Dairy and Fort Meade.

Pussy Willow Agent Fanny Galore IMMEDIATE JASPAR to PLAYERS in Proud Peacock, Pussy Willow: I just MSIRPed a brief message from Penta to Meade and it sounds like the UK-France lobby is pushing the SQUATTER to impose the will of the global wankers, pardon me, bankers upon TEAM ASSAD before SEPTEMBER MOURN, the Abel Danger effort deploying NLT 0029/31 August, 2013 [ glonass time ]. 

Vlad and the CHINX have put the Squatter on notice that ‘turnabout is fair play’ and that the PLAYERS deployed by NSA’s Emperor to take focus off Benghazi will not succeed. This squares with what TUGBOAT TWINS gleaned from recent Bilderberg-Petraeus Summit which set the mechanism to replace the squatter just days before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia returned to Saudi Arabia from his palace at Casa Blanca, Morocco after receiving a call from his intelligence chief, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. Bander reportedly had a representative at the White House during the meetings with President Obama’s team. King Abdullah was reportedly advised by KETCHUP KING to be prepared for a rapid expansion of the growing regional conflict. Heard nothing of Iran’s 4000 IRGC pawns but while listening from the TUNNEL also hearing ‘chatter’ regarding Myra Handley’s EMPTY BOX and the Geriatric Goosesteppers upcoming removal of the KNIGHTS in favor of Petraeus and Justin T is Abel Danger is not capable of exposing the EMPEROR as a serial lawbreaker not to be confused with Agent Chips who is a SERIAL MONOGAMIST, capeche? Fanny Galore, below Dairy Goat Barn

Chips read the Clipper twice as the Hummmmmmmmer drove from the Austin airport to the Marriott not far from the campus of UT where in September, 2010, gunshots were heard in the days just prior to Agent Chips speaking at Brave New Books regarding the death of Gareth Williams at the hands of the TWISTED SISTERS of the CITY OF LONDON as chronicled in the (redacted) Chapter of this (redacted) book which also had Agent Chips meeting Gareth Williams at the Rams Head Roadhouse at 1773 Old General’s Highway just a beer or two from both the Goat Barn at the Naval Academy Dairy and Ft. Meade where the Emperors HAS NO CLOSE. As Chips considered the Global War OF, not on, but OF Terror deployed by the Vatican’s whores of Malta, he wondered if the hapless humps he opposed knew how Bill 32 was related to Human Mascot 71 or the history of the Royal Welch Fusiliers which brings us back to Fanny Galore, Agent Chips and Gareth Williams, not to conjure up thoughts of RAF Brawdy and the Electronic Warfare US Navy jets that may have ‘popped in’ on occasion, capeche?

The Humvee slowed and parked by the fire station adjacent to the Marriott Hotel just as a 1936 Studebaker parked at the front of the hotel and a Convair 580 was arriving at Austin from the Tyler, Texas airport where it had been since just prior to Memorial Day where a speech about “Taking an oath, keeping an oath, and ANSWERING THE CALL” let loyal Texas Christian Patriot realize there may be a new sheriff in town.

The Humvee was being unloaded as Agent Chips and Unknown Rider were the only two left in the Limo when Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun flashed in red three times indicating an incoming Immediate FESTUS had been received. Unknown Rider once again displayed her PPUC causing mild angst in Chips as he simply could not believe that the Unknown Rider was actually Agent Suzie Q who last participated in Abel Danger research some 24 months, or so, prior. He sampled the air for an olfactory hint as selected the Immediate FESTUS from his cascade queue.

Proud Peacock Agent Chatterbox IMMEDIATE FESTUS to Agent Chips, Unknown Rider, Hammers MacCheese and Otto Pilot, copy Barry M. Hall and Tillman and the Dangerettes du Jour in Proud Peacock/Pussy Willow: Hamish agrees with Marquis d’Cartier in the Gordon Kahl issue. His treatment by the IRS/FBI/enforcers was nothing short of Inquisitional. (Similar to the gratuitous sadism of certain Pharisees/Sadducees, or whoever the hell they were/are… see the four Gospels for more info, although I believe that some of the real story was rewritten/mistranslated at some point.) A KNOWN ENTITY with initials P A M refers to the IRS as a “criminal extortion agency” and agrees with Chips and Los Tres Cubanos that the Queen needs a douche. The Queen’s proxies in FBI who were deployed from KADW to KLRF to kill Gordon Kahl while filming the removal of his hands and feet but not the bullet to the head which preceded the gasoline torched arson which failed to remove all the evidence of the unknown victim who was identified only after his dental records where delivered to LRAFB by an F4 Phantom from Fargo’s 178th Fighter Squadron where Agent Chips had flown fighters in period 1977-1993 after his stint at LRAFB in November, 1973 to January, 1974. If the ‘choppers’ deployed from Washington got good film of Gordon’s dismemberment it would make excellent motivational footage from use by the private corporation known as the IRS, perhaps for use in intimidating other would-be “tax protesters” who would encourage others not to pay a sweat-equity tribute to Caesar – “Caesar” these days being represented by the holder of the Imperial Office of Rome on the Potomac also known as the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia. D.C. is incorporated very much like the City of London Corporation and has been since no later than 1871 when the Blatchford ‘ignition device’ ignited the Chicago Fire which benefited the Blatchford-Geddes-McCormick cabal as well as their sponsors, the Rockefellers. Agent 80W has the BOSTON WHALER sitting off the shore behind 3604 Mount Bunnell and suggests to Chips “I’ve got the bait if you’d like to wet a line”. Chatterbox, aboard the Convair 

Chips had just finished readinge Chatterbox communiqué when he felt the touch of a little hand and realized that UNKNOWN RIDER had repositioned herself from opposite him to along side him and she had used the electric switch to lock all the Hummer doors, providing security against all except NSA, MI6, GRU and Abel Danger.


Stephen Harper and Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 to be put on SHORTLEASH by QE2?


 In the Queen’s Colony below the 49th parallel the Military is trusted by 76% of the citizens, the highest of all categories. Near the bottom print and radio/TV are at 23% and the Congress is rock bottom at 10%. Doing the math you can see why the Bilderbergs have sought a mechanism to have Petraeus replace Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79. However, GCHQ and NSA have a FLECK problem so they currently are hobbled and it is expected that they will be so hobbled ALL SUMMER LONG not to hark back to 1964 and the Beach Boys. If, in fact, the Bilderbergs signed off on REGIME CHANGE and the Pinewood Studio Film Event of 4 July, 2013, a timely google search may be either, or both, of these:

Regime Change [ petraeus + paula broadwell + fleck + benghazi + agent chips ]

Pinewood = [ peach tree + Lindbergh + Atlanta + pelindaba + agent chips ] 

Agent Chips was enjoying the digital treatment of his kickstand so to keep his mind active he mentally googled two seemingly unrelated pairs of random words take from a Philadelphia phone book by Bruce McConnell of Clinton Rubin and Serco infamy, see also treason. He was somewhat surprised by the results and also the tap-tap-tap on the window of the Hummer Stretch.

[ Christoper Shale + Robin Cook + Dr. David Kelly + Blair + Pelindaba ] 

[ brandon raub + rutherford + charlottesville + field mcconnell + (RMC) ]

The UNKNOWN RIDER removed her hand from the tiller and Chips rolled the window down to address the ABEL DANGER knocker, party of two.

“Chips 80W smells a rat. She is sitting off 3602 Mt Bonnell and reports increased activity including DHS, FBI and those pesky white SUV often marked Federal Police and FIELD Operations. “The British and the French are obviously very devoted to the Sykes-Picot concept – that they get to decide who rules in Syria, who gets to rule the Levant, the eastern Mediterranean, the old Ottoman Empire territories. The British and the French – that’s Cameron and Hague on the British side, Fabius foreign minister and Hollande on the French side – they’re demanding that the United States attack Syria. This is the big strategic fact. The British and the French are ready to fight to the last American!” – Webster Tarpley (June 11, 2013 broadcast)

She has Umbrellaman’s attention and we have the Convair 580 ready and the hospital Medevac Chopper is on call for next 45 minutes. Hold your position as Rooster Cogburn and MacCheese sort out the issue with Peacock, Frances and Mercedes on Mt Bonnell. James Crosby and Brumhilde are overhead now until FADEOUT.”

As Tillman withdrew and proceeded to the Humpty Dumpty Comm Van, Chips turned towards UNKNOWN RIDER as he rolled the window up and noticed an IOC in Pastel Lemon Chiffon was draped from the volume knob of the Limo’s aft CD Player as he thought he heard a giant clap of thunder. He noticed F4 and C 0+15 was displayed on his Clipper Squirt Gun and he knew he had not selected it. He waxed poetic wondering if she’d waxed. As the music started, a FLASH FESTUS came into him from Barry M. Hall in the Humpty Dumpty Chips van. As Unknown Rider postured to receive, Agent Chips sped read the FLASH FESTUS.


Proud Peacock Agent Barry M. Hall FLASH FESTUS to Umbrellaman, Hammer Rooster Cogburn, Hamish, Tillman’s Raiders, Dangerettes in Pussywillow, copy Tugboat Twins and Agent Grapevine: As the French and British vow to fight to the last drop of American blood so that they can then surrender their HOMELANDS to the Muslim Hordes, not to be confused with Muslim whores like Soetoro Punahou ’79, our military history branch tandem in JA-AZ remind us all that in the Art of War, Chinese strategist Sun Tsu tells the story of how one ancient warlord toppled his most dangerous rival by offering a condemned prisoner a reprieve if he successfully delivered a secret message to the rival’s most capable and loyal general, in 2013 that may have taken place at Bilderberg. The prisoner, an accomplished SWALLOW AGENT, swallowed a wax ball containing the message and was sent into the enemy’s territory, in 2013 this would be the Grove Hotel, near Watford, in Hertfordshire not to suggest that Kate told THE DESIGNER she was delighted with her SATIN MATERNITY KNICKERS. When the Wax-balled prisoner was caught, he told the enemy warlord of the message for his general. The wax ball contained the promise of payment to the general for his proposed betrayal of his warlord. Believing his general was plotting against him, the enemy warlord had him killed. The ruse effectively destroyed the trust between the enemy warlord and those who protected him, leaving him alone and vulnerable to whoever wished to attack him much like the situation today with GCHQ and CIA thanks to the Gorelick-Marcy, party of two. The scandal over the National Security Agency and the PRISM program disclosed by “whistle blower” Edward Snowden is similar. Whoever is responsible for Snowden’s ball of wax being passed to the American people, has timed it perfectly. This story has broken at a time when Americans of all political views are already most distrustful of our government and has cemented in the minds of millions that our most capable spy agency is the enemy of our freedoms. Our enemies may have just achieved a fait accompli in the destruction of our intelligence communities set in motion no later than the Eric Holder-Kristine Marcy DoJ Asset Forfeiture façade of 1984. This ploy would not have been possible without the actions of President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who have undermined our trust. However, Abel Danger has the FLECK plank inserted so the stew will simmer ALL SUMMER LONG before the events of SEPTEMBER MOURN following the Peachtree Act on 4 July, 2013. Sidebar to Chips, notice you were not in address bar, you were FLECKed, capeche? Standby for PRIMARY from Rooster Cogburn regarding Mt. Bonnell and ancillary operation crunch ‘n munch, Barry M. Hall, AD regional, CDC Delta McPherson

The UNKNOWN RIDER was sudsing like a Maytag which narrowedhe FIELD of view as Agent Chips had total recall of power sudsers and the viscous PL they spewed. He now had the UNKNOWN RIDER narrowed down to three possible Dangerettes, two not heard from in a COON’S AGE which is difficult to nail down lacking a birth certificate according to the Attorney General of Vermont, Mr. Dick Head no relation to Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79; see also shrunken Dick Heads very common in the Odinga Kill Zone according to our insider Sheikh Yur Buti not to be confused with the Outsiders of Cleveland, Ohio who had a killer hit with Time Won’t Let Me with lead singer Sonny Geraci, well known in (redacted) circles.


Chips also couldn’t help noticing the lady in question was emitting copious hints of clover, Agent Chips recalled that a timely google search might be [ kate + designer + satin + maternity knickers + AD ]. However, time wouldn’t let him as he realized it was CRUNCH TIME, so he positioned for the opening move to honor the bewhiskered gambit presented in clear view. Knowing he might very well be setting in motion the CRUNCH AND MUNCH HEARD ROUND THE WORLD he hoped that no claims against Jerusalem would be announced before the EGYPTIAN PLOY of 20 July, 2013 which would supplant the plans for 4 July 2013 between Peachtree Battle and Lindbergh, if you wish to whip out your MAPQUEST apps look about 2/3 of the way from PB to L, capeche?


Chips’ TI was now at a lovely 116% so he was about ready to penetrate sufficiently to complete the act according to UCMJ however and ill timed IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Agent Pale Rider from high atop a bridge, but neither a bridge too far nor the Gatineau Ottawa Bridge where she and Chips had shared a ‘split’ came into his Clipper Squirt Gun.

Proud Peacock Hammer Rooster Cogburn IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Hammers aField and aBroad in both Proud Peacock and Pussywillow, copy all players on our side, and the two cooperating players from CRISIS ACTORS and REDTREE PRODUCTIONS from the DARK SIDE: The bare minimum precisely outlining the flow of money from creation to the final dissolving of corporations such as Mormon Mitt’s STERICYCLE or the EMC machine targeted for next month. Every picture tells a story according to Rod Stewart so let us build into the images a mechanism that will demonstrate the creative potential that could be unleashed in people until now controlled by corporations such as IRS and CDC. We should join Agent Chips in an effort to establish common ground so we can all be working together. The energy from that is extremely beneficial I think. Our version of “common purpose” the cancer of UK or its American cousin COMMON CORE. If you begin making images for next Monday’s guest on the AD Livestream it may be useful for us to review each sentence Dick has written out and work around that for an image/s? That’s what I am picking up here from the Helmsman position of Agent 80W’s motor launch the Boston Whaler named WET AND WILD. Regarding Eric Snowden’s cover of Benghazi watch for news regarding the Vatican reclaiming Jerusalem and or Germany reviving the Jewish Boycott. The Global Ops Director speaks correctly in suggesting the lame Brits and lamer Frogs are so very obviously devoted to the Sykes-Picot concept – that they get to decide who rules in Syria, who gets to rule the Levant, the eastern Mediterranean, the old Ottoman Empire territories. The British and the French – that’s Cameron and Hague on the British side, Fabius foreign minister and Hollande on the French side – they’re demanding that the United States attack Syria. None of the 23 STAR FRAGGERS would dispute that except perhaps Gina Farrisse who makes Miss Alabama look like a rocket scientist. The British and French are ready to arrange wars until the last drop of heterosexual male American blood is drained on some horseshit land unsuitable for camels, regardless one hump or two, see also Dromedary. Rooster 

Agent Chips was reviewing his backdooring of the French Promis which Israel deployed to both UK and US in hopes of exposing NSA due to PRISM and Verizon issues, see also Grove Hotel, Waterford, 6-9 June, 2013. While CIA was complicit in the Verizon/PRISM deal, they wet dream of complete control of data and its flow was obstructed by FLECK, not unlike the fleck in someone’s eye that you focus on not seeing the giant redwood tree in your own. Aware that cornered rats are dangerous, Agent Chips decided to work his OODA magic in a three circle fight. Chips caught a glimpse of the target area as the UNKNOWN RIDER was well aware the most effective things to place behind her ears is not perfume nor cologne but rather her ankles. Having a view to a kill, he was distracted from his primary thrust as a FLASH FESTUS from Hamish came in as his bulbous corona made contact with the target area. To cover for the reading of the income FLASH he selected F4 and C 0+30 and listened to some Cherokee history while he simultaneously sampled the MI and IT of UR and read the ill timed message from Hamish.


Pussywillow Agent Bean Spiller FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, copy Hammers Cogburn and MacCheese and Defense players Tillman and Dwarf: I had invited Hamish over to ‘manipulate me’ but after I gave him 4 mineral waters with signature lime twist he ‘faded’ and now I am sleeping single in a double bed at the Marriott in Austin. Seeking an Abel body to engage in “language manipulation” or labia manipulation, gentleman’s choice. As I wait I will try and learn to interpret everything someone like Marx wrote. Here is an example of excerpts from the Communist Manifesto (with certain names updated): The spectrum of Communism haunts the world. All the powers of the bank have entered into an evil alliance to exercise this spectrum: Pope and Queen, Kissinger and Brzezinski, MI6 and CIA. Everything Marx said was the opposite of what he meant. It has been all about creating controlled opposition. As a result, Communism has conquered the planet and the sheeple of the world have the wrong view of communishm, more of a nursery tail than the tyranny in all countries of the spectrum not to be confused with Barak Obama’s TARGET AREA, Reggie Love’s Rectum, capeche?

xxxxxxxIn all countries except Cuba, North Korea and Iran the Public Cash is rented out by the Elite Power Brokers. Fake Jews need to be excised from Israel and (redacted) along with the flagship product EMC Symmetrix developed by Mosche Yanai for EMC Corporation during his 14 year tenure before favoring AD. EMC’s flagship product EMC Symmetrix was initially popular with the airline industry until the Strangler’s Suite was exposed in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC); consider also TED, Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake currently FLECKed by AD and Agent Chips. Now the good news; we have to power to fuel our own United States economy by taking their hands of the FLOW SWITCH so we can be rollin’ in the flow instead of European Bankers Wallowing in our dough, capeche? Oh oh, Hamish is awakening and he just noticed my IOC in Pastel Sienna draped from the lampshade so must go quietly undercover. Bean Spiller

Chips was fully engaged with the Unknown Rider when her Pastel Lemon Chiffon IOC was jarred loose from it’s hangup and draped itself across Chips’ face and proboscis. In the back of the IOC he saw the name Jenny Shimizu so he realized this was her Abel Danger doppelganger, and he tripled his stroke to manipulate her bore. He looked at the countdown timer and saw there was only about 2 minutes left to seal the deal so he closed his eyes and pictured his favored Dangerette, Agent (redacted), as her posturing indicated an imminent gambit and attendant multiple war hoop. His closed eyes detected 4 red flashes so he opened his right eye, dominant eye, and saw an incoming FLASH FESTUS from Hammer MacCheese.

Proud Peacock Hammer MacCheese FLASH FESTUS to all players in Proud Peacock and Pussywillow: Stand by for blurb from Hamish regarding Bike Dikes and Role Play but be aware that an Assistant Attorney General in the Green Mountain State has not only found Barry Soetoro’s real birth certificate, but has mastered playing him in parody as a stand up comedian. On a serious note, Umbrellaman is set to terminate both Proud Peacock and Pussywillow if progress isn’t made in Washington by 20 June, 2013 regarding Operation Richard Head. Agent 80W is directed to beach the Boston Whaler asap to avoid be swamped by………..” 

Chips was forced to stop reading as all at once UNKNOWN RIDER launched a batch of clover as the stretch hummer was being pummeled by what sounded like small caliber automatic weapons fire. As he launched a voluminous return volley, a routine Clipper came in from Agent Hamish which would have shed some light on the Jenny Shimizu and Loose Rebecca of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee of which Jon Voight must be suitably disgusted. As the impassioned cemaw qualified consenting heterosexuals lay in a happy heap of humanity, they heard storm sirens going off just moments after they had done also.

“Chips, that was a good opening act, but if you want the truth of Kate’s lifestyle, I demand a KNIGHT IN WHITE SATIN, capeche?”


Chips felt the touch of a little hand and notice a FLASH FESTUS from Atomic Betty had displaced Hamish in queue. As the insatiable Dangerette let her fingers do the dialing, Chips read a message in English although it was original in Arabic and Promis-ed in French by NSA/GCHQ.

Pussywillow Agent Atomic Betty FLASH FESTUS to Umbrellaman, copy Hammers, Hamish, Chips, Tillman and Dangerettes ju Jour: Our gal in Halifax Trinity sends: More on the intentional geo-political strategy to ignite a sectarian war in the region of the Levant. Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi himself is an agent of the Anglo-Americans (Muslim Brotherhood; Egypt implicated in Benghazi because some of the terrorists who attacked Christopher Stevens were speaking in the Egyptian dialect of the Arabian language) this week, called for a holy war on Islam’s Shi’ia sect, which makes up nearly 40% of the Muslim population of the Middle East. Iran is about 90 percent Shi’ia. Mohamed Morsi referred to Shi’ia Muslims as “unclean” and called for the extermination of what would constitute the majority of the population of Iraq, Iran, large portions of Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Nigeria, Ghana, Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and a dozen other nations all but three having been visited by Chips while posing as an Airbus Captain with Air Astana for 18 months. He really like Azerbaijan. In one of the videos shot with a cell phone of a group of attackers on the CIA compound in Benghazi, Libya the Arabian was translated to: “Mahadesh, mahadesh yermi, Dr. Morsi ba ‘atna.” Translated into English it means: “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, Dr. Morsi sent us.” Libyans speaking Arabic would use the word “Matermey” for “don’t shoot.” It’s in the details that most people are not catching onto. “Don’t shoot” in Arabic: لا تبادل لإطلاق النار. “Dr. Morsi sent us” in Arabic: الدكتور مرسى أرسلت إلينا. “Islamic truce” in Arabic: الهدنة الإسلامية. That is an act of war. The Muslim Brotherhood was hijacked by the British and has been used as a geo-political tool of leverage in the region. The Muslim Brotherhood is a “secret fraternity”; nobody knows what goes on inside their meetings and networks or how they are organized. Nothing is published and it certainly isn’t being reported in the western media. The Muslim Brotherhood is publicly elevated because they want reforms in Egypt: clean streets; garbage collection; clean water; resolve traffic problems. I was reading this morning that within the Muslim Brotherhood and Sunni doctrine, it is only permissible for Islamist leaders to maintain a ten-year duration of what they call “hodna”, which means “Islamic truce” with an “infidel nation.” Was that hodna truce broken on September 11, 2012? Did the Muslim Brotherhood in order to gain the support of thousands of potential Jihadis across the region done intentionally to provoke violence by exercising Jihad? One thing is for sure: the U.S. intelligence agencies, who themselves admit, are abysmally ignorant of the Arabian language. Robert “death squad” Ford claims to be fluent in Arabic. That is not true. The Muslim Brotherhood will use Arabic to explain something or make a comment for example about American leaders, then use English which means something altogether different. This is what Mohamed Morsi is doing. U.S. foreign policy must be shut down. They are suicidal. This is a classic new chess move, MitM, Muslim in the Middle. Agent Chips was correct in fingering Hillary’s Huma who Muslim Brotherhood brothers are in DEEP KIMCHEE now that Agent Chips and Agent Sable are back on the job both from BOILING FROGS and Taldykorgan. Agent Atomic Betty, FSD/MR atop a bridge not too far. 

Chips found that the manual, dare I say digital, manipulation of his weiner much to his delight so to impute a delay similar to the 41 minute delay imputed to Jason Dahl’s United 93, he mentally google [agent sable + chips + pastel + ioc] and found a nice cache of previous writings however when he added the search word Eygpt, he was regaled with reminders of why Canada was getting backdoored F35s while Egypt was getting REAL DEAL F16s like those Chips had flown prior to retiring from VISIBLE flying to flying under the radar to get a VIEW TO A KILL in Egypt which will be front page news globally before 20 July, 2013 and perhaps as early as 20 June, 2013 as the words June and July are similar in Egypt’s Arabic, capeche?


Somewhere west of Plum City, Pastor Clyde stirred in his sleep.

Abel Danger in Arabic: خطر هابيل

#1570: Marine links Angelina Bike Dyke Hacker role-play script to Gorelick’s JABS and JonBenet

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked
Angelina Jolie’s “Bike Dyke Hacker” role-playing-game script apparently procured by former AOL and MGM director, the late General Alexander Haig, to Jamie Gorelick’s alleged use of Nortel’s Joint Automated Booking System (‘JABS’) to hack and disrupt the 9-1-1 response to a call by Patsy Ramsey announcing the discovery of a ransom note and the kidnapping of her daughter, JonBenet Ramsey on the morning of December 26, 1996 in Boulder Colorado.

See #14:
Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks (Revised)

#1568: Marine Links General Haig to SOS Jolie’s Pedo-Fem Hacker With SES Bin Laden Group Script

Boulder Detective on the Ramsey Case says she knows who killed JonBenet

“Jenny Shimizu

Born: 16-Jun1967
Birthplace: San Jose, CA
Gender: Female
Race or Ethnicity: Asian
Sexual orientation: Lesbian
Occupation: Model
Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Lezbopunk bike-dyke
Girlfriend: Angelina Jolie (actress, according to published reports)
Girlfriend: Ione Skye (actress)
Girlfriend: Madonna (singer, according to published reports)
Wife: Rebecca Loos (TV personality, m. 2005)
    Itty Bitty Titty Committee (9-Feb-2007) · Laurel
    Foxfire (23-Aug-1996)
Happy Googling

PresidentialField Mandate

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Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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