Steve Bannon DESTROYS The Media At Roy Moore’s Rally in Alabama – Day of Reckoning for Republicans


Also, connected to this resentment of the NFL here comes the backlash to the swamp dwellers in Washington DC and the global elite just in case anyone missed this news. Sorry folks, it has to be grass roots. That means getting up off the sofa, turning off the NFL on television and getting active. Not tomorrow but right now:

Bannon celebrates Roy Moore’s victory over Trump pick: ‘Revolution’ for GOP

Judge Roy Moore wins Alabama Senate primary, dealing a huge blow to Mitch McConnell


Mitch McConnell waking up to his nightmare. It has just started. This is where it’s at, Mitch:

Moore Victory Shows Populist Movement Bigger Than Trump

Mitch McConnell Wakes Up to His Political Nightmare

Bannon: McConnell Is ‘Corrupt,’ ‘Incompetent,’ ‘Permanent Political Class’

Angry Steve Bannon Blasts NFL And Mitch McConnell; Predicts “Day Of Reckoning” For Republicans


Venezuela isn’t taking any chances with the corrupt United States and held a large military parade yesterday. The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has urged the national armed forces “to be at ready to defend the country’s sovereignty and people amid threats by US.”

‘Tanks & missiles must be at ready’ amid threats by US ‘criminal empire’ – Maduro


A little background on Andrew Breitbart (Breitbart News). Contrary to what people think they know about Andrew Breitbart is that he was not Jewish. He was adopted by Jewish parents.

 Andrew Breitbart REVEALS The Exact Incident That RED PILLED Him


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