Stephen Harper and His Two Faces – Duffygate: The Scandal That Keeps on Giving – What Was Ray Novak’s Role in the Payoff? – Benjamin Perrin Throws Harper Under the Bus – Harper Plays Dumb

CTV News: Ray Novak on $90K cheque 
Ex-PMO Lawyer’s Testimony Damaging to Harper 
Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty reacts to Harper 
Charlie Angus on Role of Benjamin Perrin in Senate Cover-Up 
10 Days of Harper Non-Answers on the Duffy Affair 
Stephen Harper – A Time for Risky Schemes? 

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Stephen “Errand Boy” Harper and the Zionist Regime in Ottawa’s Bill C-51 – CSIS Working Covertly With ISIS™ – Al-Qaeda™ Franchises Supported With NATO and Israeli Airstrikes – The Gambit Has Collapsed, Their Hand Is Exposed: Western “Intelligence” Agencies (Rackets) Can’t Maintain the Bogus Narrative – Using False Flags to Hoodwink the Public Into Supporting Ludicrous, Lunatic Foreign Policies

Ray Novak, Stephen Harper’s gay lover

Mike Duffy visits Nigel in the backroom

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  • Ironic, isn't it, Steve (of all people) playing the "law and order" card. Demagogue Harper is a security risk to Canada's survival as a nation – he must be turfed out on his fat lying ass on October 19th (election day). So spread the word!

  • I totally agree with you anonymous, except that the other two idiots waiting in the wings have their pockets filled with jew money as well. I'm trying to figure out which one is Curly, Larry or Moe. This election is clearly rigged .Canadians now, more than ever, need to dump the British Parliamentry system and move to a National Assembly with mandatory Referendums,or this country is screwed .