State of American Leadership: Marco Rubio Thinks the Guri Dam in Venezuela is the “German Dam”

Ed. note: We have pointed out repeatedly Marco Rubio works for Israel and is the attack dog for wealthy Venezuelans living in Florida. Marco Rubio is a paid liar and it shows with every twitter comment he releases. Marco Rubio needs to be removed from the senate. He is an unregistered agent of a foreign government and is fabricating false evidence. Marco Rubio has gone full rogue in the senate.

Rubio’s “Full Gangster” Comments Hinder US-Saudi Relations

Source: RT News

Marco Rubio blames Venezuelan power outages on explosion at imaginary ‘German Dam’

March 11, 2019

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) © Reuters / Carlo Allegri

Sen. Marco Rubio was besieged by social media mockery after declaring that power outages in Caracas were caused by an explosion at a ‘German Dam’ – the name of journalist who reported on the blackouts.

The Florida lawmaker and devout Juan Guaido supporter took to his Twitter podium on Saturday to once again proselytize about the evils of Nicolas Maduro’s government. Commenting on the recent waves of blackouts in Venezuela, which Caracas has blamed on US-backed sabotage, Rubio shared some insightful Senate intelligence.

“Today another transformer explosion at the German Dam in Bolivar State caused another massive blackout. The result? Critically ill patients have died, the #Caracas metro remains out of service & few if any flights have arrived at or departed from Caracas in over 20 hours,” he tweeted.

Today another transformer explosion at the German Dam in Bolivar State caused another massive blackout.

The result? Critically ill patients have died, the #Caracas metro remains out of service & few if any flights have arrived at or departed from Caracas in over 20 hours.

2/3— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) March 9, 2019

There’s only one problem with Rubio’s otherwise watertight dam theory: There is no “German Dam” in Bolivar State or any other part of Venezuela. It seems that the senator confused the name of a journalist covering the power outages, German Dam, with an imaginary (but combustible) inanimate object.

Responding to Rubio’s tweet, Mr Dam informed the senator that he was a human and not a barrier constructed to hold back water that mysteriously blew up.

Please go to RT News to read the entire article.


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Update March 12, 2019: Marco Rubio, look who the Venezuelan authorities apprehended. Wait until they are interrogated and the “intellectual authors” of this sabotage are exposed. So Marco, make a call over to the US State Department will you, it now appears they were two Americans busted in Venezuela.

Maduro says 2 perpetrators of power grid ‘sabotage’ captured


March 12-13, 2019


Not directly of course, but to date Maduro has arrested TWO (2) people he suspected were Americans planting viruses at Guri. Low and behold, the U.S. department of state subsequently issued a warning that Maduro is “arbitrarily arresting Americans”. BUSTED. Yep, the people Maduro caught sabotaging Guri were indeed Americans, as now confirmed by a strategic FOOL in the state department. Whoever did something that stupid probably bunks up with Ocasio Cortez.


So he’ll get it all up and running after expunging American saboteurs (very quickly in fact) only to have the U.S. go in on Thursday and blow it all up with hard weaponry. U.S. oil companies are already hiring new people to go into Venezuela!!! The reason for ALL OF IT could not possibly be more crystal clear.

I just double checked and it is true: Yesterday the power was almost 100 percent out when Maduro arrested American Stuxnet planters. On the same day these people got arrested, the U.S. announced a pull out from the embassy, in preparation for a hot war. The day after the Stuxnet planters got busted, Venezuela’s power is 71 percent restored. THAT IS DAMN FAST SUPER COMPETENT UNBELIEVABLY SKILLED SPEED AT GETTING A GRID BACK UP, that proves, without question, everything spewed by American media is CRAP.

But it won’t matter, because on Thursday the day for cruise missiles taking out the electrical grid due to “Maduro’s incompetence and corruption” will arrive. Yep, if the U.S. was audacious enough to discredit Maduro over an American launched virus attack, which Maduro actually shut down quite quickly and recovered from at a stunning pace, there’s no question at all the next step will be the U.S. simply blowing it all up with missiles. Venezuelans will have power for a couple days at least, and then American soldiers will save them from the aftermath of whatever the U.S. causes by blowing it all up for real.

The audacity and evil the “war for oil cabal” in the U.S. exhibits is breathtakingly satanic. That’s why America wanted Trump, but after that omnibus “spending bill” gutted the presidency, we lost Trump, who was pulling out of Syria and proved he, like us, did not want this crap. We are ALL going to get it now, like it or not, and Dems and traitors made it happen. Maybe Ilhan Omar could read up a little and spew with more intelligence in her “correctness” which hit the nail on the head, while only having 10 percent knowledge of just how deep this crap goes.

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