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July 8, 2010

Dear Lord Pearson:

Crown Sisters crony spy swap hides BP cat bond fraud

Hawks CAFE asks UKIP to have the Worshipful Company of Insurers investigate Crown Agents’ Sisters in re news of plans for a crony spy swap which, we allege, is intended to hide sexual-entrapment and murder for hire networks operated by City Livery Companies and a cat-bond fraud linked to the sabotage of a BP-chartered drilling rig as it prepared to move off a cased and cemented well on April 20th 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our KSM agents have evidence that the Crown Sisters listed below have been infiltrating Livery companies with sexual-entrapment experts, saboteurs and spies to extort members into silence re the City’s witting or unwitting role in climate-change and cat-bond insurance frauds, the spoliation of evidence at FC-KU* crime scenes and the 9/11 production of ‘the first live-broadcast mass snuff film in history’.

FC-KU* – A crime scene controlled by Femme Comp Inc with KU-band C4 technologies

“Anna Chapman, [an alleged principal in Crown Agents’ sexual entrapment network] at the centre of a transatlantic probe into spy allegations, previously worked in the UK, her former employer confirms. Chapman was one of 11 people arrested in the US by the FBI, accused of serving as secret agents of Russia’s intelligence service. According to reports, Chapman lived in the UK for four years from 2003. Private plane hire firm NetJets Europe said: “Ms Chapman was employed by NetJets Europe from May to July 2004, as an executive assistant in the sales department.” According to her profile on the networking website LinkedIn, Chapman worked in London from September 2003. In addition to working at NetJets Europe, her profile says she worked in the investment banking division at Barclays Bank and also at Navigator hedge fund [whose investors are alleged sponsors of the BP cat-bond fraud]”

“Moscow ‘offers former Russian colonel and nuclear expert to U.S. in Cold War-style spy swap to bring Anna Chapman home’ By Mail Foreign Service Last updated at 9:11 AM on 8th July 2010 Kremlin ‘keen to sidestep potential embarrassment of court testimony’

Ten alleged spies set for first court appearance together Accused could plead guilty to lowest charges before being deported Anna Chapman [an alleged principal in Crown Agents’ sexual entrapment network] also known as Anya Kushchenko, the 28-year-old was arrested in Manhattan, where she ran a $2 million real estate business “A Cold War-style spy swap for the alleged Russian agents is being hammered out. All ten Russians held by the U.S. – including ‘femme fatale’ Anna Chapman – will reportedly be exchanged for ten prisoners being held in Russian jails who have spied for the West. The swap could begin as early as today, with Britain playing a pivotal role. It is reportedly being hurried through to minimise the diplomatic fall-out between Washington and Moscow – and it means the U.S. will avoid sensitive intelligence techniques being made public in court. The Kremlin will also be keen to sidestep the embarrassment of Chapman and others giving testimony on their espionage. Its willingness to negotiate suggests that grave damage could have been done to the reputation of the Russian spy service if a trial had gone ahead.”

We list below 12 Crown Agents’ Sisters and some of the Livery Companies they allegedly use to procure services of sexual entrapment, murder-for-hire, rendition, water-boarding, pedophile sex, drug-trafficking, money laundering and sleeper-cell activation.

1. Eliza Manningham-Buller 2. Jamie Gorelick 3. Samantha Cameron 4. Hillary Clinton 5. Cherie Blair 6. Michelle Obama 7. Miriam Clegg 8. Bernardine Dohrn 9. Mary Harron 10. Charlotte Bryan 11. Lucy Adams 12. Kristine Marcy … The Worshipful Company of Insurers .. The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals .. The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators .. The Honourable Company of Master Mariners .. The Worshipful Company of International Bankers .. The Worshipful Company of World Traders …. The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers .. The City of London Solicitors’ Company … The Worshipful Company of Weavers [Strangler Scarf].”

“Transocean admits India BOP ‘issues’ .. BP sends letter asking BOP condition

Transocean is looking into problems experienced with another blowout preventer (BOP) involving its drillship Discoverer Seven Seas off India earlier this year as part of an urgent investigation into the reliability of its equipment and the performance of its global deep-water rig fleet in the wake of the Macondo well blowout. Anthony Guegel 07 May 2010 01:05 GMT .. BP letter Newman also confirmed that Transocean had received a letter from BP asking questions about the condition of their blowout-preventer stacks.

Newman said: “I can confirm that we have received the letter from BP and we are currently going through the exercise of responding to the questions that are addressed in that letter.” The Macondo well blowout however remains a rare event in the industry, according to Newman. He recalled a couple of “well control events” which “stand out in my mind” where hydrocarbons were allowed to get to the surface, but “none obviously of this magnitude”. “At this point we do not know the cause of the fire and explosion.”

“We are working to support BP in containing the well and we are conducting an investigation to determine the cause of this tragic accident.” “We are determined to find out what caused this incident, which resulted in the loss of 11 lives, but believe that it is inappropriate to speculate on what may have caused the catastrophic failure of a cased and cemented well in advance of that investigation.” “We will continue to co-operate fully with BP and the government agencies to stem the flow of hydrocarbons from the well.” Revenue loss Newman said the loss of revenue from the Deepwater Horizon will affect the company’s earnings from the beginning in the second quarter.” Newman said Transocean carries comprehensive insurance that covers the rig in excess of book value and that it has already paid a “significant portion” of insurance reimbursement to the contractor .. The rig contractor expects $560 million in insurance proceeds – of which $481 million has already been paid to Transocean – and $270 million “accounting gain” related to the total loss of the rig. Transocean’s insurance also provides up to $1 billion in liability coverage, subject to deductibles, for personal injury claims and possible claims related to wreck removal. Perplexed Newman sounded just as perplexed as many in the industry as to why, as he said, a “cased and cemented hole would have failed so catastrophically [allegedly due to sabotage by Crown Agents’ Sisters and City Livery Companies]”.”

“AREAS OF FINANCIAL EXPERTISE One objective of the [City’s] Financial Services Group is to provide a source of education in financial affairs and issues for potential Lord Mayors and Sheriffs. The following are the principal areas of expertise in such matters and potential candidates for such office are invited to contact the nominated Livery Company Representative for the relevant area of expertise. Although only one contact name may be given, other Representatives may be involved. The nominated contact will involve the other Representatives, as required … 7. Insurance v The UK’s leading role in insurance and reinsurance. v Risk Management (see also Actuarial) v Climate change and the impact on natural catastrophe insurance [a euphemism for the City’s cat-bond insurance frauds in re BP and Hurricane Katrina]; and UK flood and insurance availability. v Terrorism insurance. v Convergence of capital markets and reinsurance/insurance markets. v EU developments in insurance. v Pensions provision and longevity. Contact: Clive Haslock, The Worshipful Company of Insurers. haslockcg@haslocks.co.uk”

“THE MASTER [Worshipful Company of Insurers] Graeme King is a Scottish Chartered Accountant who is currently the Chair of the Audit Committee of the Rank Foundation and Chairman of the Hydro Hotel Eastbourne. Working within the industry for most of his full time career, Graeme was Managing Director of Beaufort and Proteus, P&O’s insurance companies, and spent ten years at Lloyd’s including being General Manager Regulation and a spell debt collecting from Lloyd’s Names .. They have two adult ‘children’, Emily, a paediatric nurse at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada and Andrew, a junior doctor at Trafford General Hospital in Manchester. Sue, Graeme, Emily and Andrew have dual citizenship, British and Canadian, as 1974 to 1984 saw them in Toronto where the children were born. They return there regularly to a cottage on the Muskoka Lakes .. THE SENIOR WARDEN Clive Haslock FCA, FCILA, is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Loss Adjuster who is Chairman of Haslocks Limited, a firm of forensic accountants and claims consultants he founded in 1991 in the City of London. He trained as an accountant with Touche Ross & Co in London and Chicago. His interest in forensic accounting was kindled in Chicago where he was fortunate to work on Business Interruption cases instructed by a major US carrier. Luck followed him and upon his return to London he was able to secure European business for Touche from the US carrier. It was a natural progression to move to Thomas Howell Selfe, Chartered Loss Adjusters, where he became a board director until he founded Haslocks. He is a member of the Academy of Experts and sits on three committees of the Fraud Advisory Panel .. THE JUNIOR WARDEN Tim Ablett is a Chartered Accountant but has spent most of his working life in the Insurance industry, firstly as a Lloyds’ auditor specialising in Lloyds’ brokers then as a Group Financial Controller of Wigham Poland before joining in 1986 The Legal Protection Group Limited/International Assistance Services where he was Managing Director .. became Chief Executive and with Royal Insurance Broker Personal Lines in 1996. Tim then went to Bournemouth to head up a newly created business within RSA – the Healthcare & Assistance Division .. Tim is married to Ann and they have three adult children – Justin, Davinia and Tarrant. When not fulfilling his business and Livery commitments Tim likes relaxing in their house in the Vendee region of France enjoying a glass of fine wine.”

“Crown Agents is exactly what its name implies, an agent of Her Majesty the Queen. It was founded in 1833 as Crown Agents for the Colonies, and historically played a vital role in the creation and management of what British historians call the Third Empire .. Crown Agents printed the stamps and banknotes of the colonies; provided technical, engineering, and financial services; served as private bankers to the colonial monetary authorities, government officials, and heads of state; served as arms procurers, quartermasters, and paymasters for the colonial armies .. Her Majesty’s Murder, Inc. .. Crown Agents’ range of “services”–arms procurement, border controls, offshore banking–also nicely fit the “administrative requirements” of the world’s organized crime cartels .. review of some of the more sordid aspects of the recent history of Crown Agents, suggests that the firm has been at the center of the British Crown’s highly sensitive patronage of global organized crime–what EIR long ago dubbed Dope, Inc.”

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