Soviet Era Espionage Penetration: James Angleton Suckered by Israel

Ed.’s note: Will America survive? America right now is a “300lb Twinkie-eating spoiled f*cking brat.” Have readers ever wondered where FBI and CIA agents receive their educations from? Call it “bankers communism” (Communitarianism), because that is what is coming complete with updated technology including A.I., drones and robotics. And if you think Donald Trump and Fox News are going to bring you news that will help make our circumstance any clearer, you have another thing coming. Just like Israel has been against America all along, we are now starting to see that Israel is against Venezuela as well.

Forget the presidential debates, not unless Tulsi Gabbard confronts Israel head on which from our perspective seems highly unlikely. And from interviews of these presidential candidates, we can see they are like illiterate used car salesmen selling substandard junk to unsuspecting customers in a “wilderness of mirrors”. Why do we need intelligence and counter intelligence? Survival. In this quote by James Angleton, keep Israel in mind:

“You don’t have to be a large, great or wealthy country to have a good intelligence service. As long as you have the norms, as long as you have the discipline, as long as you have the motivation, the singleness of purpose; you can be a small service, have one great penetration, then you can rule the world.” – James Angleton

The Bolsheviks aren’t coming. They’re already here.


This is Thought Provoking (“America can afford survival”)

The Sovietization of America Is Almost Complete

Did you feed the BIRD?

DeSantis of Florida Goes Full Wailing Wall as War With Iran Moves Closer

Here is where the “RussiaHoax” originated which was conducted to vector attention away from Israel:

Key RussiaHoax ‘Sources’ Identified – Two ‘Russian’ Jews Working for MI6, CIA

How Exactly is Israel America’s Greatest Ally and Friend in the Middle East?

Continued fear mongering by Israel through their propaganda branch office in the US at the New York Times (listen carefully to the 10 minute discussion with James Angleton above):

No, Iran Is Not Rushing To Build A Nuclear Weapon

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