South Africa: Farm Attacks and Farm Murders (257 Attacks; 53 People Murdered) Between 1 January – 31 July 2017

Source: South Africa Today

Farm attacks and farm murders: 1 January – 31 July 2017

August 4, 2017

From 1 January to 31 July 2017 there have been 257 farm attacks, and 53 farm murders reported, in South Africa. It’s terrifying, it’s shocking, it’s routine. In 212 days, 53 people were brutally killed, many tortured, and families torn apart forever.

From January 2017, MSVS and Vonkmedia began to keep track of attacks and murders on farms, and in particular attacks and killings on white people in urban areas. Yes, you have read correctly, specifically attacks and murders on white people.

And before all the liberal people become hysterical, I’d like to say in advance, that I know it’s not just white people in South Africa who are killed, and yes, I know everybody lives with fear and violence all the time. Nobody denies it. Please keep your own statistics on whatever form of violence affects you.

Our research is about farm murders and farm attacks of all demographic areas, as well as killings and attacks on white people in towns and cities. Any other group is free to investigate any other attacks and murders, and we all want is to see the correct statistics revealed.

How do we get our information? We work closely with several Commandos, CPFs and community information groups nationwide who provide information to us. These people do incredible work, and without them, many more people would have lost their lives. All information is verified to make sure the information is correct and can be substantiated.

What does the situation look like after the first 7 months of 2017?

Bad. Heart broken. Frightening. Should you talk to the men and women of commandos and safety groups, you will feel the pain, because then you realize what’s really going on in South Africa. Many nights in a row, these men and women hide on farms, where they safeguard the farmers and their families. Where they wait for signs or information sent to them of possible attacks. Where they work with policemen and women to stop offenders, wiping out their families.

While you and I sleep soundly, these are the volunteers who try to prevent an attack on a farm. You see the trauma and despair in their eyes. Eyes that have seen too much death. If it were not for these people, the statistics would have been much higher, and the tragedy much bigger.

But great …. is the tragedy, yes great, 257 attacks in 212 days leading to 53 funerals. For most people, these statistics are something of a shock for a few minutes and the feeling of sadness, but then people move on. Forget about that. But how can we forget? We must not forget. We CANNOT BE INDIFFERENT ABOUT THIS. WE CANNOT SIGH AND MOVE ON, and we must NOT forget the victims.

Please go to South Africa Today to read about this ongoing carnage in South Africa.


The South African navy is compromised. Weapons and equipment are being pillaged exposing South Africa to further deteriorating political and socioeconomic conditions:

Navy in stormy waters as weapons, equipment get stolen


Increasing use of AK47s being smuggled into South Africa by gangs involved in robberies and violence:

Gangs Hiring AK-47s Outgun Cops in Crime Spree


As political and social conditions rapidly deteriorate in South Africa, the double standards and anti-white racism dominating the government of South Africa are becoming more apparent all the time. Whites are now guilty of “being rather than doing” and this is going to lead to increasing violent attacks on whites in South Africa.

AfriForum’s Ernst Roets exposing anti-white racism and double standards in South-Africa

Suidlanders are organizing for self-protection of whites in South Africa as the socioeconomic and political conditions in South Africa rapidly deteriorate:

Simon Roche on The Ark

Simon Roche – Suidlanders: Preparing for Disaster in South Africa

Charges were brought against Simon Roche claiming he is “dangerous for the Suidlanders” and that Roche is a “high ranking ANC member.” These charges cannot be substantiated as of this posting. These charges require investigation and discernment, and require that Simon Roche himself rebut these accusations if he hasn’t already done so.

VERY URGENT: Information wanted on Simon Roche of the Suidlanders


More information on the Suidlanders in South Africa:

NEW on CCN: THE ORIGINS OF SOUTH AFRICA with Simon Roche | 12 January 2017 @ 8pm GMT


More evidence the government of South Africa is being plundered:

“SA may have lost R100bn from State Capture” Gordhan unleashes at CPT conference


We have communicated with Simon Roche and the following is a basic organizational explanation of the Suidlanders organizing in accordance with the protocols of international law to protect non-combative civilians in South Africa who are coming under increasing violence and murders:

Dear [redacted],

I am completely inundated by work here in USA so I cannot do justice to your query but I have provided brief responses to your points below:

The organisation is a civil defense plan constituted under international law, particularly but not only the Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions (excluding Protocol III which is not applicable to our circumstances)

The Protocols make specific provision for identifiable groups e.g. ethnic groups of non-combatant civilians to gather together – only under very particular circumstances, see below – and declare the aegis of international law over themselves the law also makes specific provisions for the perimeter of that gathering place to be secured by light arms (only!) the organisation has two “paradigms”, namely The Now and The Then. The Now refers to any time period prior to a nationwide anarchy which meets the criteria of international law. In other words, we can only adopt our full Nationwide National Emergency Plan when circumstances justify it; that is defined by specific criteria under international law.

The Suidlanders is structured much like, say, the Boy Scouts, with small groups of approximately ten families each across South Africa, which in turn comprise Regions, which in turn comprise Conferences (although we are phasing out Conferences) which in turn comprise Provinces. We have 27 such Provinces in The Then, we shall have a HQ with five sub-departments running our entire National Emergency Plan.

Contact: The best contact for general inquiries is Karin Maree at and (I don’t have her phone number on my USA telephone but it is available on the website).

The best contact for membership inquiries is Marlene de la Gey at

Logistics: I am not sure what you mean but I can say that our logistics department is by far our largest department and it is comprehensive. It covers every aspect of the collection, transport, storage, and distribution of vital necessities for civilians in the event of a civil war.

Operations: Again, I am not sure exactly what you mean by operations (planned operations? current exercises?)

Purpose: Our purpose is purely and simply to protect civilian non-combatants of the Boer people in the event of nationwide anarchy in South Africa

Weapons: We are non-seditionist and non-insurrectionist and we do not plan or prepare for conflict. However, the Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions make specific provision for identifiable groups of non-combatant civilians who have gathered under the aegis of international law to secure the perimeter of their gathering place with light arms. It is for that reason that we 1) do not speak about this very much i.e. we don’t like to be associated with militarism BUT, 2) we do (and you can find this in our public literature) encourage our members to carry legal firearms, ONLY! WE DO NOT TOLERATE NONSENSE AND DISOBEDIENCE IN THIS MATTER.

Training: we do many training exercises all across South Africa – some small and some large – on an ongoing basis

Successes: I am not sure what is meant by that but I can say that our membership – almost 100,000 people – is the largest for any non-state civil defense organisation anywhere in the world and that is a great success

I trust that this response at least partially serves its purpose. De Wet, please feel free to fill in any gaps as you deem fit to do.

I am yours sincerely,

Simon Roche


The threat of violence and civil war is increasing daily and if the South African government officially acts to confiscate white-owned farms without compensation, this will trigger an extremely violent race war. The ANC leadership under Jacob Zuma are fanning the flames of hatred towards whites for their own personal financial gain. There was a vote of no confidence in Zuma’s leadership of the ANC with the communists coming out in full support of the Zuma government.

The Fall of South Africa: Zimbabwe 2.0 – LAND GRAB

Contact the Suidlanders:



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