SOS USA: 2015 State of the Union message

More good news from the feral dust bowl formerly known as the USA… the People’s Republic of Duplicity, Mendacity and Greed. We have gone from human psychopath control of our systems to AI, programmed by psychopaths, controlling our systems via panopticon skynet. 

· – – ·

Now, we have sky pirate. Running her own clandestine service via a bathroom server in Denver, Colorado, and outed by SENIOR DEMOCRATS.

They are in trouble. Even if this is all a diversion or head fake to cover something even worse, the PR damage is beyond done. Biden will run. Biden/Warren, or many others. Biden/O’Malley. Biden/Webb.

She will drop out before Christmas. She will very narrowly avoid more serious sanctions. If they continue running, in hubris, their foundation is very seriously at risk; the party, communists to the end, may decide the “Democratic Global Initiative” is a better title for the organization they head. Democratic insiders, at the highest levels, engineered this downfall.

It is difficult to know what the real political calculus is. Why, for instance, are 17 GOP candidates running? Is that in the best interests of the party? I think the one certainty is that the American people have grown weary of politiCIAns, hence the rise of Trump and Sanders. I think the banksters and statists were concerned about Rand Paul, so suddenly you have 17 people running.

Sitting Governor of Ohio Kasich is the “stealth” Republican with the political chops and the temperament of an executive. To underestimate him is to be defeated by him. Also Fiorina. Those two can really gain traction in this field.

I find the fact that Bernie Sanders is really gaining on Mrs. Clinton to be interesting, and the fact that Biden will probably run.

But. These candidates cannot tell you the truth. The truth is classified. OK? And that is the people’s greatest advantage.

Think it through. There has never been a time in history, except maybe after the Civil War, when the American people had such a chance to elect NEW leadership. Or uncorrupted leadership. Clean leadership.

This nation is run by Great Britain and Israel. It is run by Exxon. It is run by Big Bomb and Gun. It is not run by the people, and that IS what the US Constitution was designed to be: Government of, by and for the People.

Where is it? You don’t even have the right to privacy in your own home anymore.

Now. Think on that.

· · – · ·

No person is perfect. No candidate is perfect. When you run for office, everything in your life is laid bare. Everything. Very few people could hold up under that scrutiny, in any circumstance. Many of these candidates were first elected pre internet. They governed pre internet. It is a glass house now.

The fault I find with the left is their constant reliance on race card/gender card/gay card issues. They argue inclusion. But anyone who points out that their policies do not work is racist, or sexist, or homophobic. It is a very tired and transparent argument.

In the last 25 years, the oldest person to be elected to the office was W Bush in his second term at 58. The other two, mid to late 40s. A 69 year old woman, dogged by scandal, Benghazi, email sky pirates, classified emails on a home server, pay to play? Their own party has a harsh assessment of all this. I don’t think she or Mr. Bush can be elected. How can she run on her State Dept. record? On Obama’s record?

What Trump is showing is maybe people don’t want a politician as their leader. Maybe they want a successful person who can build things. Or tell the truth. Or put America back on track. It is beyond clear they are looking for NEW management. I think that is clear as glass.

The system immunizes these folks from their practices. The people do not. And therein lies their biggest challenge. They have to get through the people.

· · · – ·

All people over 40 something are old enough to see the stark decline of America.

Now. Most of these issues are economic or corporate related.

We have the system we have. The problem is they are not running a clean or legal government. The Constitution has been shredded through a series of set up frauds and false narratives.

The people do not even know what the USA is.

The American people have been exposed to so much toxicity and criminality in this world. Poison food. Poison medicine. Poison opportunity. No social cohesion to be seen anywhere.

The biggest problem we have in the USA is a lack of shared purpose and of opportunity. I have never seen more poor people in America. The American people look so beaten down. Like they’ve lost the fight.

Well, they haven’t. They can get back up again, but people, you had better do it soon. If you elect another corporate pol to this job, the nation will become the NAU, the North American Union, and you will become a stranger in your own house.

We have treaties with nations that the population has no idea even exist. We have a government that works against each and every one of us. We have an inverted debt laden financial system that has rendered real opportunity extinct, and we have the few people out there trying to tell the truth being hounded, thrown off the air or even killed because the criminality is so far out of control.

You have the absolute right to free speech. You can say almost anything. But if you can prove it, watch out.

Also I have noticed, in alternative media, there really is a lot of sabotage of other people’s operations. That is usually from your competitors, not the USG.

The USG is running a War Crime Ponzi. Period. They want to abolish the US Constitution. They want to strip you of every right and privilege. They want you desperate.

So. I ask you people. Who is more desperate? You or them.

They’re being exposed on a daily basis. They don’t have time on their side anymore. Their rolling war crimes exposed in real time, the 400 year old psyops so transparent a smart kid can see through them.

So again. Are you going down for the count for this crew? Or are you going to put someone in that office who will serve you? All of US can change this. But it will take every one of us, together, saying:

We want our nation back from these criminals.

· · · · –

It takes a solid four to seven years to produce a SEAL or any special ops warrior. They undergo rigorous physical and intellectual training to mold them into specialized, highly skilled warriors, capable of seemingly impossible feats.

Now. A nation worth its salt would do everything possible to train young SEALs coming up, to preserve and protect these men to fight another day; they would be treated with the respect they’ve earned for volunteering to serve our nation.

But not this United States. This United States of Zion is burning and cannibalizing everything in its path. These troops have no idea what the mission behind the mission is, and the command structure sees them as pawns who volunteered to be utilized in whichever manner the command sees fit. These men should be priority one. But they aren’t.

This system has become septic with death and destruction.

I admire the courage of the families as they grapple with a nation and a system that so cruelly betrayed them. The foreign policy of the US has cost US this nation. The foreign policy of the US has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis all over the world.

Leadership is a sacred trust. It should be. This nation will not survive another cycle driven by political CRONY CROOKS who are more interested in stuffing their pockets with stolen and counterfeit wealth at the expense of half the life on the planet. We ask the impossible of these folks, as a nation, and then turn away.

– – –

Now. I was in chat last night, and many people were chatting about all the dead journalists and whistleblowers.

This is what I think. They kill their patsies. They burn assets in illegal operations when they are exposed. They kill leakers with large corporate structures behind them, like the three NYT journalists earlier this year. Also it happens before they publish, like Hastings.

My advice to any whistle blower who has any connection to a corporate/institutional behemoth, or is an actual witness to illegality: LEAK it. There is no pride of authorship that is worth your life; and folks, I do believe it is AI who is doing these kills, which is why it seems so random and nonsensical.

They have never killed anyone in a chat room. It would make them look so pathetic, I think, to kill someone with a podcast.

So these guerrilla journalists are OK, I think. Dahboo, Alex Jones, Pete Santilli, or any of them. I can’t believe some of what Abel Danger, Veterans Today, and especially Jim Stone have published. Some of them like Jim Stone or Field McConnell have to be cautious because it IS a very, very fine line. In my opinion, what has published regarding Fukushima, vaxx, nine one one and remote control final destination flight termination take downs, is more important than any of the Snowden revelations. These people (zionists of all “faiths”) are, have been and will continue to be a threat to human survival, in every way.

Look. I have been researching these issues for two years. It challenged my whole belief system. After you get over the natural denial, it starts to sink in… and then, one day, you see the pattern and you see what is behind it all. So here are a few sites if you want to know who and what has turned the United States into a steaming bucket of shit. Here you go:
architects and engineers for 9/11 truth

There are many other good sites; but actually reading some of these greatly researched and detailed articles, if your mind is open to the truth, you will see. The truenami on this crew is imminent. Even God would turn away.

· · · · · ·

I think reality theorist is a fairer and more accurate phrase. Reality Theorists.

Silverstein Demolition.

If you’ve noticed in the last 15 years, many industries that deal in facts, documents or evidence have imploded. Law firms, accounting firms, actuarial firms, medical firms. Now why do you think that is?

They are shredding history. Destroying fact patterns. They are going after all real and documented evidence regarding the wholly criminal systems we are forced to live under. They are, in fact, destroying RECORDED HISTORY and transferring it to CLOUD HISTORY because they are filthy, child killing terrorists and complete scamming THIEVES in Brooks Bros. suits like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. OK?

That is who is running your financial system, folks.

They are erasing truth. But nothing will erase their karma.

What goes around comes around. And this garbage is going to get the truth tsunami that reveals them, in full, in front of a world that despises them. Universally.

Have faith. These animals have killed some very powerful and benign spirits over hundreds of years. These spirits, prime or cardinal spirits, do not rest until they are exposed. And that is a big part of why all these “outings” are happening now. Look at the swill coming out regarding the UK Government. Wow. All these folks would probably say, “Couldn’t happen to an apter lot of pervy sots.”

It is already out there. The work of these people will go on forever; the people who did it will end up like all tyrants throughout history have ended up.


– – · ·

The world is run via a tiny cabal perpetually orchestrating an intricate charade and shell game of insider war and financial policy that serves only the uber rich at the expense of 7B human beings trying to survive. To this ilk, the world is a chessboard; the world’s wealth and bounty belongs to them because they stole it fair and square; and we, as in the real humans, are to be manipulated, used, exploited, extracted for value and discarded like an old pair of shoes.

It is an ugly system. A criminal system. An unclean system.

It seems to me that this system has decided against the interests of human beings or sovereign nations, so it can keep its slave system of usury and cheap labor going, in its pursuit of one world hegemony at the cost of life on Earth.

My former husband was way up in this world. He said the corruption and evil of zionist rule would eventually destroy billions of human beings. He also said the higher up he got, the more profound the evil really was. He said many of these people were flat out murderers and it was common knowledge. The most horrible things you’ve been hearing about in recent years have been taken for granted among this tiny cabal and their minions for decades.

He did not name any person specifically, but he did say that the rumors regarding war crimes, targeted take downs, false flags, and hideous abusers were all true, and the USG has been run on sex blackmail for decades. And he said the UK and Russia were the ultimate targets of the zionists, beyond the US; if you look at the hideous revelations coming out regarding the UK government, and the line up regarding Russia/UKraine, there could be some truth to that.

Be cautious delving into this. These are a very dangerous species of soulless humans driven by insatiable greed and sadism. They have been exposed globally. There is no need to risk your aspirations to these filthy and murderous devils who can only win by killing the competition.

When I figured out who my former husband really was, I firmly believe my whole family was targeted. I don’t feel I am in danger, any longer; but I was. I actually had to run for my life in the late ’90s early 2000s.

What I did was very, very carefully get the story out there, without directly implicating anyone. I just stuck to the facts as a conclusion, without hard evidence. OK? EVIDENCE will get you killed. Look at the journalists. The scientists. The researchers. They all deal in reality based FACTS. These people, ultimately, will not be able to outrun the truth and the horrible reality of what they have done to millions of families all over this world.

So. You can talk till you are blue in the face. If you are a former employee of theirs, a contractor, a sub rosa agent: watch out. You may state conclusions, sans evidence. People like Jimstone Freelance, who has published material far more relevant than anything Snowden or Assange ever revealed, do so at their peril. I cannot believe what VT or Abel Danger publishes. I think that it is a very fine line, and as I said: I think I am alive today because I never crossed that line, I just revealed the conclusions.

Also, frankly, too many people know the truth, and the truth about these animals actually dooms them.

Listen, I will say this. These people are so profoundly disgusting that when they get theirs, the world, collectively, will stand up and cheer.

– · · · ·

I can only speak from my own experience. One of my children had autism. Now I know this happened during the 20 to 24 month shot period, in Fairfax County, Virginia. There were two pediatric practices tied to a large teaching hospital connected to the NOVA heath system. I am not going to name them here.

There is more. When autism clusters spiked in the early 1990s, and there are pediatric practices that manufactured hundreds of these kids, the media started broadcasting that it was tied to fetal alcohol syndrome, thus blaming the mothers for causing the condition. OK?

It gets worse. I had doctors saying the condition was due to “poor parenting.” We had counselors saying our child had an IQ of 68 and would never be mainstreamed. Imagine what that does to a family.

I have said on many occasions that I always felt like we were being studied – by the doctors, the therapists, the teachers, and the school boards with their endless meetings and assessments. This was a carefully orchestrated BIOWARFARE program targeting American and EU middle class affluent Caucasian MALE children. OK.

Hundreds of vaccine damaged kids started showing up in clusters in wealthy suburban counties in 20 states, like NY, VA, MD, NC, IL, WA, OR, CA, FL, MI, CT, MA et al. Doctors and nurses who suspected and started ringing alarm bells were threatened and driven out of the profession. Some of the doctors who researched this and found smoking guns were assassinated like the Iranian scientists. OK?

Follow the tainted batch vaxxx. I am not saying it was Merck. Lilly. Novartis. GSK. AstraZeneca. Bayer. Dow Chemical. Raytheon. NIH, CDC, DoD or HHS. I am merely saying that is a good place to start looking.

They did it. They did it on purpose. Just like AIDS and Ebola and all the rest. They are filth soaked generational psychopaths and they are a threat to human survival.

These SOBs. These amoral pieces of dog shit. These people have annihilated families the world over, in pursuit of evil and counterfeit riches. This was a planned introduction of brain damaging compounds into a specific population for a specific purpose; and I don’t know about you, but I would call that a crime against humanity. They blackmailed their way into immunity because these Mengele Nazis knew that this BIOWARFARE would leave them with a multi trillion dollar public health liability. There are millions of parents just like me all over the US and EU.

They are killing these doctors to try to hide information that will still be public within a few months. This is how desperate and evil they really are. See BIN regarding disease cures. These physicians, whose first duty is to “do no harm,” have the goods on Big Pharma and their genocide. Genie not going back into bottle.

Do you folks hear that rumbling? That is the truenami.

For you see, beautiful people, these animals cannot stop the truenami. They can’t kill the TRUENAMI. They can’t even FUK or NUKE the TRUENAMI. They can’t hit the TRUENAMI with a Stuxy drone or a gunman lone. Oh no. They can’t. So, tis YOU, who know the TRUTH, who become their problem. Ergo, if thou know, leak it to the CLOUD, then let them take on SKYNET.

These people are desperate, as they know the TRUENAMI is headed straight for them. People who know, leak. Leak anonymously. Keep leaking like the Titanic on steroids, and very soon these child killers, terrorists and family annihilators will face God.

Now have a nice day.   ; – )


Writing by Cynthia Rouse (Website|Google+)
Montage by AgEnT MeDiCi


SOS USA: 2015 State of the Union message

YouTube playlist by Abel Danger (17 videos)

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Further explorations:

Eustace Mullins: Clinton’s Place in the New World Order / Murder by Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America

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  • take note on the section whereby AI is implicated for snuffing people out in this writing , and then think back to Kubricks 2001 ,and HAL trying to kill Dave the astronaut. I believe what Field and David write ,because they have the smarts and sources to back it up , Duff from veterans today Though, admits to 40% disinfo , Jim Stone like Anngirfan just goes ballistic on the rotten core. Chris Spivey takes the piss out of those ,who are taking the piss IE the establishment. any way, the state of the union is up shit creek without a paddle it seems , but The truth will set us free.

  • Before you BRAVO this article you should read the one linked:

    Constant Conflict
    RALPH PETERS  /  From Parameters, Summer 1997, pp. 4-14.
    Ours is also the first culture that aims to include rather than exclude. The films most despised by the intellectual elite (Alan:  Meaning the ones that he works for.)–those that feature extreme violence and to-the-victors-the-spoils sex–are our most popular cultural weapon, bought or bootlegged nearly everywhere. American action films, often in dreadful copies, are available from the Upper Amazon to Mandalay. They are even more popular than our music, because they are easier to understand. The action films of a Stallone or Schwarzenegger or Chuck Norris rely on visual narratives that do not require dialog for a basic understanding. (A:  Have you ever watched those things?  I mean you could put grunts in there and you would still know what’s going on.)  They deal at the level of universal myth, (A:  Universal myth, that’s very important to understand.  If you understand that, you’ll know what’s driving you and you might catch on to the forces that understand that MAKE you get driven.) of pre-text, celebrating the most fundamental impulses (A:  Basic impulses.) (although we have yet to produce a film as violent and cruel as the Iliad). (A:  That’s his little snobbish bit saying you probably haven’t read the Iliad because you’re not intellectual.) They feature a hero, a villain, a woman to be defended or won–and violence and sex. Complain until doomsday; it sells. The enduring popularity abroad of the shopworn Rambo series tells us far more about humanity than does a library full of scholarly analysis.  (A:  That’s all they have to see.  They do surveys all the time.  What’s most popular?  That’s for the masses; the masses don’t read scholarly analysis.  In fact, now they can hardly throw a sentence together.  As I said earlier in the show, English is a BASIC language.  It certainly is today.  It didn’t used to be.  But like Orwell’s 1984, every year the dictionary gets thinner and thinner.  When you can not convey a thought in pure detail, then it’s in bits and pieces; it makes no sense.  It’s incongruous, it’s doesn’t fit together properly.  There are parts of the jigsaw puzzle missing and people just turn off.  People have no ability of concentration today for very long periods.  The young admit it.)
    When we speak of a global information revolution, the effect of video images is more immediate and intense than that of computers. Image trumps text in the mass psyche, and computers remain a textual outgrowth, demanding high-order skills: computers demarcate the domain of the privileged. We use technology to expand our wealth, power, and opportunities. The rest get high on pop culture. (A:  So he’s talking about the elite.  ‘WE use technology to expand OUR wealth, power, and opportunities.  The rest get high on pop culture.’  You see, one of the little secrets they are taught when they get into psy-ops, and they feel very special; that’s how easy it is to trick guys too:  You know it; you’re up at the top now, you know it all.  They know as much as they’re meant to know.  So WE use technology, his own class.  He knows at that level at least, he’s not serving the people; he’s serving a system and a class, a very small class.)  If religion is the opium of the people, video is their crack cocaine.  (A:  It’s so interesting too because at one of the much-music awards recently, some actor – who I think is doing his part as a stunt to introduce a video game – they don’t just give their little devil sign anymore, he actually stopped and had all the audience join in a prayer to Satan. 

  • The article is directly from a military war college magazine! Disgusting! You should look at the cities the elite are building for themselves in China and the Middle East! That is where OUR MONEY is going!

    Our own military destroyed our culture and now they're sending our boys/girls/gender confused ??? to destroy the culture of other countries.

  • Thank YOU abel danger and thank you abel danger readers! —–cynthia

  • OMG you just hit it on the nail and I have proof in this article I wrote over a year ago, but I need it updated to include these ghost cities in China. I am a one woman show with almost a million hits/month on the website and cannot dedicate the time to updating this. I will put your name on it as author if you like. I just need help. Most of the youth in this fake alternative media have turned into networking and money whores. After a year of social media changing their algorithms, I had to pimp some conspiracy BS because it sells, but my heart can't take it. My email is: …if you read this article (remember I wrote it over a year ago) and can add on the info you wrote, I would so appreciate it. My name if Julie Telgenhoff. I hide behind a ram/sheep on website, so people don't know me, but this is just a comment and my personal profile on social media is public because I FEAR nothing. Take a look and see if you want to help.

  • Hey Julie,

    check out That is where I pasted my comment from. He has an amazing wealth of documented proof if you want to check it out to substantiate your own claims. He responds to my e-mails but does not want to do our homework for us. This info is dated October 21, 2009 Link to transcript:–A_Clue–Elites_Plan_for_You_Oct212009.html
    Amazing amount of research and documentation for proof. He's a one man show too as he refuses to take on ads or be paid for his work. Donations Only.