Someone Blew It In the UAE

Ed. note: We always wondered why Commander Scott Stearney turned up dead in Bahrain. There will never be anything released to the public on how Commander Stearney ended up dead last year in December, 2018.

Scott Stearney, US navy chief in Middle East, found dead in Bahrain


Source: Fort Russ

Unconfirmed Reports: American, French Air-Force attack on 7 oil tankers at UAE part of al-Fujairah

By Joaquin Flores | May 13, 2019

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – FRN is seeking confirmation of powerful explosions that have been reported in the Emirati port of al-Fujairah, where seven oil tankers are said to have caught fire. All together, FRN’s best assessment is that these and similar reports from May 8th, may be connected to a larger psychological warfare operation underway, which Iranian authorities have accused the U.S of  conducting with its deployment of the USS Abraham Lincoln to the Persian Gulf.

The blasts are said to have taken place early on Sunday morning, according to the Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen television channel, which reported the development hours later.

Images circulating on social media were revealed to be of an August fire related to a Hong-Kong incident, casting serious doubts on the claims of an Emirati port attack or accident of some kind.

However, on May 8th, ‘’ reported:

On Wednesday, first responders rescued 13 crewmembers from a burning vessel in Sharjah, UAE.

The vessel, a small cargo ship, was carrying about 6,000 gallons of diesel, plus 300 tires and 120 vehicles, according to Sharjah’s civil defense agency. The fire broke out at about 0645 hours and firefighters arrived on scene at 0725.

13 Indian nationals were rescued from the vessel and were given medical attention. They were unharmed and none required hospitalization, Major Hani Al Naqbi of Sharjah Civil Defence told The National.

The cargo is believed to be unsalvageable, and images from the scene show rows of burned cars on the vessel’s deck.

After visible flames and smoke were extinguished, photos taken by The National indicate that the vessel settled low in the water and listed to starboard as firefighting tugs continued to cool it with fire monitors; the water’s surface can be seen overtopping the starboard rail.

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May 10-12, 2019

Want to stop a false flag? Just report it a few hours before it is supposed to happen!

The plan was to blow up oil tankers in a UAE operated port in the strait of Hormuz, and blame it on Iran. PROBLEM:

The Lebanese media jumped the gun, and released news of the attack before American planes which were witnessed by “numerous people” dropped their bombs. They could not overcome the social media backlash from this, and called off the attacks. That’s the only thing that fits.

Here is the story, according to Sputnik:

“Several heavy explosions occurred early on Sunday in the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, a number of media reports say. The reports, citing eyewitnesses, further suggested that American and French warplanes have been seen flying over the port at the time of the incident. The government of Fujairah denied on Sunday media reports about several heavy explosions taking place at the emirate’s port, insisting that the port is functioning as usual.

“The press service of the Fujairah government denied media reports about powerful explosions in the emirate’s port earlier this day and confirmed that ship traffic is as usual,” the state-run WAM news agency reports. Earlier in the day, the Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen broadcaster said, citing local media that several heavy explosions occurred in the port of Fujairah.

The blasts were heard between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. local time (00:00 — 03:00 GMT), the broadcaster reported, adding that from seven to 10 oil tankers were in flames. The broadcaster continued by saying that the real cause of the incident has still been unknown.”

My comment: So there you have it. Here’s what I think: Someone spilled the beans because they did not want this to go forward as planned. The U.S. was not going to have who did it identified so clearly, so they called it off. Fact: You can’t see “French and American” planes during such an attack, let alone at the time the report states the attack happened because it was dark so someone who knew who was going to do this ratted it out and to make sense of it all, the reports said people saw the planes, when in fact no one did but someone knew. That’s the only explanation that fits.

UPDATE: I know when the false flag was supposed to happen. It was supposed to happen at 8:30 AM CST, just on time for the American news feed. I am not going to say how I came up with the exact time. I am now totally convinced there really was going to be a false flag attack to kick off a war with Iran this morning (Sunday) and someone BLEW IT.

I am not going to say how I know.

Yep, MILK THAT RAMADAN FATIGUE just like prime a-holes would. And they then bitch about a Yom Kippur war.

NOT SO DEAR ISRAEL: It appears your G-d was not with you on this one!



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