So France, How Are the Riots Coming Along?

Who does Emmanuel Macron owe?

Source: Voltaire Network

by Thierry Meyssan • December 11, 2018

President Macron is often presented as a Rothschild Boy. This is true, but secondary. Thierry Meyssan demonstrates that he owes his electoral campaign mostly to Henry Kravis, the boss of one of the world’s largest financial companies, and to NATO – a considerable debt which weighs heavily today on the solution to the Yellow Vests crisis.Voltaire Network| Damascus (Syria)| 11 December 2018

Emmanuel Macron did not feel destined for a career in politics. As a young man, he hoped to become a philosopher, then a senior civil servant, then a business banker. To help him on his way, he frequented Uncle Sam’s fairy godmothers – the French-American Foundation and the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

It was in this milieu that he met Henry and Marie-Josée Kravis, in their residence on Park Avenue in New York [1]. The Kravis couple, unfailing supporters of the US Republican Party, are among the great world fortunes who play politics out of sight of the Press. Their company, KKR, like Blackstone and the Carlyle Group, is one of the world’s major investment funds.

“Emmanuel’s curiosity for the ‘can-do attitude’ was fascinating – the capacity to tell yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. He had a thirst for knowledge and a desire to understand how things work, but without imitating or copying anyone. In this, he remained entirely French”, declares Marie-Josée Drouin (Mrs. Kravis) today [2].

Bearing the double recommendation of the Kravis couple and Jean-Pierre Jouyet [3], he integrated the closed circle of François Hollande’s campaign team. In an e-mail addressed to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Director of political planning Jake Sullivan named the four principal members of the Socialist candidate’s campaign team, including the unknown Emmanuel Macron. He specified that Macron would probably become the Director General of the Treasury (“the top civil servant at the Finance Ministry”) [4].

However, when François Hollande was elected, Emmanuel Macron became the assistant General Secretary of the Elysée, a more political function. It seems that he had ambitions to succeed Jean-Pierre Jouyet as Director of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (the Deposits and Consignments Fund), a post which was entrusted in May 2014 to the General Secretary of the Elysée. A few days later, proposed by the Kravis couple, he was invited to the Bilderberg Club, where he delivered a violent intervention in perfect English against his boss, François Hollande. When he returned to Paris, he resigned from Hollande’s cabinet.

The Kravis couple are among the main pillars of the Bilderberg Club, which is administered by Marie-Josée Drouin-Kravis. Contrary to a commonly-held belief, the Bilderberg is not a place where decisions are made. Its archives attest to the fact that it was created by the CIA and MI6, then became an organ of influence for NATO, which directly looks after its security [5]. Since Macron’s intervention had been well received, he became one of NATO’s men in France.

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Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

Former CIA Director Petraeus joins KKR backed security firm



From teacher to lover to France’s first lady: Meet ‘Madame Macron’

May 7, 2017

Photos: AFP

Brigitte Macron, the wife of France’s President Emmanuel Macron, used to be his drama teacher. Here’s a closer look at France’s first lady.

So who is Brigitte Trogneux?  

In short, she is the 65-year-old wife of Emmanuel Macron. They’ve been married since 2007.   

She was once his high school teacher and she is 25 years his senior.   

Hang on, they met at high school?

Yep. She used to be a French teacher at his private high school in Amiens, northern France. She also ran the theatre club where he was a budding actor. The picture above shows Macron’s first “kiss” with Trogneux at the end of a theatre production.  

It seems like it was love at first sight – it’s understood the pair used to have long discussions together – and she would read his writing out to the class.   

“She used to recite his work all the time. She was totally captivated by his writing skills,” a former classmate told Le Parisien newspaper.   

A whole new level of “teacher’s pet”.

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Ed note: As long as the subject of NATO has been brought up by Thierry Meyssan in his article on Henry Kravis’ ownership of the French poodle Emmanuel Macron, here is a look at what NATO has done over the years and explains why Russia just sent a pair of Tu-160 bombers to Maiquetia airport outside Caracas, Venezuela on Monday, December 10, 2018 following a 10,000-kilometer (6,200-mile) flight. 

Venezuela has gone from an ally beginning with WWII supplying the US military with petroleum to 70 years later as an “enemy” now being fortified and supported by Russia and China. Good going America, hope it works out better for you in Europe as NATO absorbs one country after another the most recently Ukraine as NATO encroaches on Russia.

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