Six Lethal Sins of CDC: A Toxic Legacy of Lies

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By James O. Grundvig

Grundvig 6 sin graphicSix Lethal Sins of CDC: A Toxic Legacy of Lies

If you think the Washington establishment has upset most Americans this election year read the following indictment on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For the healthcare agency, which went out of its way to find “no association” between Agent Orange and injured Vietnam veterans during the 1980s, and then toxic vaccines and the autism epidemic, its legacy of fraud, bad science, and manipulation and omitting data goes beyond the sins of finding no links.

CDC has committed the Six Sins dating back to World War II. It repeats those insults today. Other sins have included tainted vaccines that killed hundreds and injured thousands in the fabricated 1976 Swine Flu panic. Another sin was the experimentation of African-Americans, the poor and mentally disabled. Perhaps more disturbing and corrupt has been CDC’s manufacturing of fear in flu and virus pandemics to secure billions of dollars for vaccine research that is needless, ineffective, and deadly. CDC adds to its litany of abuses by “cooking” the autism numbers. In suppressing the true severity of the epidemic, when autistic children soon become adults it will require a burden of care, while removing them as productive members of society. This is a massive wealth transfer from U.S. taxpayers to the Big Pharma monolith, for which the CDC has been deeply embedded.

A New York Times article on the National Football League (NFL) exposed the alleged practice of league scientists’ omitting 100 former players injured by concussions from the dataset analysis.[1] The NFL did it to show no association between the collision sport and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which has lead to premature dementia and death in many of its former players. If that’s a major scandal, then what is CDC‘s same practice perpetuated against U.S. troops, minorities and children? More alarming—the architects of this fraud are still in charge at CDC.

With two CDC whistleblowers coming forward in as many years, airing the agency’s dirty secrets, one begins to see that, after the NSA and CIA, CDC is a Teflon agency not fearful of being corrupt or exposed in its money grab against humanity—your health for their wealth. CDC is beyond greed.

Six Lethal Sins of the CDC:

  1. Agent Orange: In the 1980s CDC quit the U.S. Congress-mandated Agent Orange Studies two years early, while finding “no link” between dioxin and injured veterans.
  1. Vaccines: Since 1990, the U.S. Vaccine program has run amok, keeping toxins in (aluminum, mercury in Thimerosal) while allowing a generation of children to become gravely ill.
  1. Autism Numbers: When the autism incidence rate exploded in 1990, instead of finding the cause, CDC, like the NFL, corrupted studies showing no association.
  1. Experimentation: CDC global trial of vaccines on human “guinea pigs,” with no placebo, makes up a long dirty list from Tuskegee, Willowbrook, and Belgium Congo, to India and US troops, the 1976 Swine Flu and Iraq Wars, and since 2012 pregnant poor women in Brazil.
  1. Sin of Omission: From censorship to omitting data, as the NFL scientists did, is standard operating procedure at CDC, with Agent Orange, Vaccines, and Autism Numbers.
  1. Zika Panic Virus: New year, new pandemic threatening the world, with the media reporting it like gullible parrots, while CDC tries to secure billions in funding for vaccines.

Part I

Poisoning the Well


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) isn’t passed from one generation to the next; it’s only been around since the 1930s. The fallout from Agent Orange, however, has been passed on to second and third generations since the Vietnam War of the 1960s. That has been confirmed with families both in Vietnam and America.

The dioxin defoliant that destroyed every living green foliage and plant life when sprayed, maimed human beings with chronic diseases, rare cancers, and put them into accelerated death sentences.

What did a decade of spraying Agent Orange across the jungles and rice fields of Vietnam produce?

  • 9 reproductive effects, including a 50% increase in “spontaneous abortions” of pregnant women exposed to herbicide versus those unexposed.[2]
  • 1961-1971 US sprayed Agent Orange over 12% of Vietnam land mass.[3]
  • “Without admitting guilt, Congress approved $21 million to help disabled people in Vietnam, but that country says the aid should be far higher.”[4]
  • Damaged to DNA doesn’t necessarily happen during the time of exposure, but can effect reproduction over generations.[5]
  • “Red Cross estimates that Agent Orange has affected 3 million people spanning three generations, including at least 150,000 children born with severe birth defects since the war ended in 1975.”[6]
  • “In 2002, the Department of Veterans Affairs added chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) to the list of diseases with sufficient evidence of an association with Agent Orange exposure.”[7]
  • 1,200 members of Operation Ranch Hand had a 5-to-1 ratio of being less well than unexposed troops in Vietnam, having “significantly more birth defects than other veterans, according to San Diego Tribune (1994)”[8]
  • Agent Orange has produced 39 cancers and 12 diseases in America, several of them rare and acute.[9]

This short list of the horrible, pervasive defects created by the US Air Force spraying 20 million gallons of Agent Orange and other liquid herbicides has had a catastrophic effect on Americans and the Vietnamese people. “About a million and a half of us are already gone,” Paul Sutton, former chairman of Vietnam Veterans of America told the Chicago Tribune in 2009. Today, the Vietnam Veterans Registry database holds 500,000 names of troops exposed to dioxin poisoning.

The Vietnam Wall in Washington, DC, for all of its minimalist grace, holds 58,307 names of soldiers who died as a result of the war, or just 11.7% of the troops in the Agent Orange Registry.

Agent Orange 1“How can it kill the jungles but not humans? They refused to say anything,” said Larry Carter, a Vietnam veteran, on the U.S. government’s failed response to the manmade epidemic.

 1.1         CDC AGENT ORANGE STUDIES (1983-1987)

In 1983, Congress appointed the Centers for Disease Control to conduct four (4) epidemiology studies on dioxin poisoning and US soldiers who, just a decade after the war, were already showing signs of ill health, some dying not from shrapnel, bullets, or mines, but from rare diseases and rarer cancers. Congress gave a hefty budget of $71 million and six years to dig deep into the records of troop movements on the ground and compare it to the flight routes of the Operation Ranch Hand planes. Dates, times, locations of both would haven proven the obvious—direct poisoning.

Sure, it was the pre-Internet days, no mobile phones, no big data analytics. But all of the Air Force records on the Agent Orange flights were stored in an archive warehouse outside Harrisburg, PA. Not a far trip from either Atlanta, GA, the headquarters of CDC, or Washington, DC, from which the US Congress operates. But instead of ever examining those archives, which would have shown an Occam’s razor correlation of the spraying campaign against the soldiers exposed on the ground, CDC quit the Agent Orange Studies two years early in 1987, leaving $20 million of its budget on the table. Since when does a federal agency not overrun the costs of a project, but instead walks away from hard-to-come by federal funds in the year that saw the stock market crash?

Principle Investigator (PI) Dr. Coleen Boyle anchored CDC’s Agent Orange Studies team. She, together with another epidemiologist, Dr. Frank DeStefano, led a staff of 30 full-time scientists, 19 contributors, 5 report writers, and 2 secretaries.

More remarkable, during the four years, Dr. Coleen Boyle’s epidemiological studies, data analyses, and reports examined Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, and depression. All are laudable forays into the health of veterans, but none of those areas focused on the association between Agent Orange and troops dying prematurely.

1.2         101ST CONGRESS DISSENT (1990)

PI Coleen Boyle’s findings from the Agent Orange Studies (Boyle, C.A., et al. 1987): “The results of the mortality follow-up have been published in a separate monograph.” But still those results continued to show no link between dying U.S. soldiers and Agent Orange.

Boyle’s team also found: “Vietnam veterans had a 17% higher post-service mortality rate than other [US] veterans.” But did not link that increase to dioxin, as per the CDC Vietnam Experience Study.

IOM made a site visit to Vietnam archives: “Found the records important and useable, and was critical of CDC’s performance.” And “at one point, CDC attempted to take over the work of DoD’s Environmental Support Group from the Study.”

–  The Agent Orange Coverup: 12th Report Congressional Review of CDC Studies (August 9, 1990).

“Any possible link between herbicide and the reported birth defects was dismissed by CDC because of the cancellation of the exposure study.” [The Agent Orange Coverup – 1990.]

In a government agency, which insulates its employees, Dr. Coleen Boyle wasn’t fired for finding “no link” or causation with the decade-long spraying of dioxin—one of the most lethal manmade chemicals ever produced. On the contrary, CDC ended up promoting Boyle year after year, until she became the director of the National Center Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) division at CDC, where she sits in power today.

In chapter 5, “Agent Orange is the New Black,” in my Poul Thorsen book, Master Manipulator: The Explosive Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Governmental Betrayal at the CDC, is a chapter on the Coleen Boyle-led Agent Orange Cover-Up Studies.

The cruel irony: Boyle took her no association template and used it on the Autism Studies. And the question remains, should a scientist like Coleen Boyle, who deliberately found no association between either Agent Orange or toxic-laden vaccines and U.S. veterans or newborn babies and children be in charge of “birth defects” and “developmental disabilities?”

The answer is a resounding no. Time to fire NCBDDD Director Coleen Boyle.

Master Manipulator COVER

James Ottar Grundvig is an investigative journalist who has been published in the Huffington Post, the Financial Times Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) magazine,, and the Epoch Times, among other media outlets. He has written extensively about technology, autism, and the CDC’s failure to contain the runaway epidemic—all of which comprise the foundation for Master Manipulator. He resides in New York City. His new book Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC is available on Amazon now.


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