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Ed. note: After listening to this short clip from Business Insider on Russia’s Vladimir Putin discussing a possible false flag coming against the country of Syria to blame Syria’s President Bashar al Assad, be sure to read the accompanying article on Fort Russ on how the three countries of Iran, Iraq and Syria will be connected by road, rail and pipeline with the border crossing recently being opened after being cleared of ISIS proxy terrorists. The following is a news article on the staged false chemical warfare attack in Syria in April, 2018.

OPCW’s Report on Supposed Syria “Chemical Attack” Discredits It as Source of Impartial Investigation

If a false flag event including a false chemical weapons attack that has been attempted over and over again does go down in Syria, it is likely related to the US and Israel’s vehement rejection of Iran building infrastructure to connect Syria and Iraq where Iraq has already purchased Russian T-90 tanks. Just the other day, Israel again attacked Syria claiming to have bombed Iranian missile production facilities. This same pattern continues to be repeated over and over again with absolutely no retaliation against Israel. Considering Israel and Russia work very closely together for their plans in the region, Russia isn’t likely to object to Israel bombing Iranian targets in Syria. If Russia and Israel agree to “removing foreign forces” from Syria, does that include US and Iranian military assets as well? If this false flag chemical attack does occur, it is likely the US military will move into Syria for Israel.

Source: Business Insider


Source: Fort Russ

A magnificent moment is about to happen in the New Middle East

By Paul Antonopoulos • Apr 14, 2019

When the Battle for the Middle East began in 2011 in the framework of the Arab spring process, contours of the geopolitical struggle were quickly formulated. The whole world was a witness to the grouping of states into opposing camps. The arena for this conflict was the territory of Syria and Iraq, but almost all of the world was drawn into the conflict. After more than a million dead, we enter the final phase of what the war was really about, the creation of a New Middle East. The armed parties knew that there was no mediation. The Middle East would be recreated in one way or another, depending on which bloc of states won this war.

And if the war did not stop, we can see the outlines of the Middle East, which is confirmed every day. After the integration of the Axis of Resistance and the Iraqi Army on the Syrian-Iraqi border, the clearing of the remains of the Islamic State on both sides of the border has been under way for more than a year. And if there remained a negligible number in the form of cells scattered across the desert, a decision was made that the border crossing of Al Qaim or Abu Kamal, on the other hand, was put into operation, thus opening Syria’s communications on three sides of the world and re-establishing the land route with its main ally, Iran. Let’s remember that in 2012 Syria had a land route for supplies from Iran, which was practically re-established only a year ago, and has officially reopened, with a fully regulated border crossing between Syria and Iraq.

The first news that arrived was the announcement on the opening of the border crossing, which was immediately followed by a statement by the Railway Director of Salih Salib al-Hussain, who stated that Tehran, Baghdad and Damascus would soon hold a summit to discuss the implementation of the rail network that will connect these three countries. Shalmcheh-Basra railroad will cost around 2.2 million rials and will connect Iran with Syria and Iraq. The Zeleznicka network is the natural first stage of connection, because it is also the cheapest for construction.

After the implementation of the first phase, it is expected that the three countries will be connected by road, rail and pipeline, which will encompass one large security and economic whole that will ensure the existence and economic development of the Middle East.

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