Sherlock Hawkins – Jim’ll Fix It Pan Am Crash – Diana’s Bridge of Con Air P.R.E.Y.™’

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With this post, David “Sherlock” Hawkins looks at the apparent spot-fixing and blackmailing role of the late Jimmy “Jim’ll Fix It” Savile (1926–2011) and his gambling friends at White’s who allegedly used Jerome Lemelson’s “Prisoner [‘Con Air’] tracking and warning system and corresponding methods 2000-04-25 US6054928A Grant” to execute the pitch, roll, evade and yaw (P.R.E.Y.) manoeuvres on the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) network and trigger the mass-casualty and high-value-target events which killed 270 people (259 on board + 11 on the ground) when a modified Boeing 747–121 of Pan Am Flight 103 was crashed into Lockerbie Scotland on 21 December 1988, and when a stolen and then modified Mercedes 280 (Boston Brakes) carrying the late Princess Diana crashed into the 13th column of the road tunnel under the Pont d’Alma bridge on 13th August 1997.

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