Sherlock Hawkins — Con Air Marcy’s Princess Di, Psycho Soames’ SWAT Team Yaw, Serco’s Spot On Rothschild Bridge

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David “Sherlock” Hawkins has reverse engineered the curious case of the stolen Mercedes Benz S280 which was returned in pristine condition prior to the wrongful death of Princess Diana in Paris on 31 August 1997 but for the apparent replacement of the on-board chip with Micron Technology Inc’s RFID system in communication with vehicle on-board computer US6112152A Priority date 1996-12-06 Grant 2000-08-29 which allegedly allowed SWAT team psychopaths rewarded with upgraded privileges by Kristine ‘Con Air’ Marcy (sister of Marine Corps whistleblower Field McConnell) and Nicholas Soames (White’s Club-gambling grandson of Winston Churchill and brother of Serco CEO Rupert Soames) to place the car under the control of Jerome H. Lemelson’s Prisoner tracking and warning system and corresponding methods US6054928A; sabotage the Princeess’s seat belt ; induce dizziness in her chauffeur, the late Henri Paul, with Eli Lilly and Co Ltd (GB)’s (S)-norfluoxetine in method of inhibiting serotonin uptake US5250571A Priority date 1988-11-14 Grant 1993-10-05 and ‘yaw’ the car into a spot-fixed collision with the 13th column of road tunnel under the Pont d’Alma bridge.

Hawkins is investigating Serco‘s apparent development of fuzzy logic algorithms in the Lemelson patent to reward Marcy SWAT teams for spot fixing high-value-target or mass-casualty events on the federal bridge certification authority PKI network invented at GCHQ in the early 70s, where psychopaths procure children for an online pedophile ring established by Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein for Serco‘s investment banker N M Rothschild, investment banker for U.S. President Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II.

Hawkins is investigating Serco’s apparent use of QinetiQ North America Inc.’s Social engineering protection appliance US9123027B2 to inject fake news / media plays onto the federal bridge and help the Soames and Marcy (S&M!) psychopaths in their continuing efforts to decoy public attention from the pedophile and dead-pool ring which Princess Diana may have been about to expose.

Hawkins uses storyboards and reverse CSI scripts for prospective production companies to help injured communities develop wrongful death claims associated with the negligent, reckless, wilful or fraudulent use of patented devices in the custody of Serco agents and shareholders including the British and Saudi Arabian Governments.

Hawkins alleges that a psychopathic relationship between the Soames and the McConnell siblings emerged after Kristine Marcy conceived a daughter at a Mendenhall oath taking ritual witnessed by her SES colleagues and apparently hosted (?) by Nicholas Soames in November 1978.

David Hawkins

“On 31 August 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales died as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris, France. Her companion, Dodi Fayed, and the driver of the Mercedes S280, Henri Paul, were pronounced dead at the scene. A fourth passenger in the car, bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, was seriously injured but survived.”

“Micron Technology Inc RFID system in communication with vehicle on-board computer Priority date 1996-12-06 2000-08-29 US6112152A Grant Abstract A system comprising a vehicle on-board computer; and a wireless transponder device coupled to the vehicle on-board computer. The system performs a variety of functions because of its ability to transmit and receive data from other transponders which may be remote from the vehicle or located in the vehicle at a location spaced apart from the system. Remote transponders are spaced apart from the vehicle. The remote transponders can be positioned, for example, at a gas station, toll booth, service center, dealership, parking lot, or along a roadside”

“PM ticks off Soames for jibe at Diana
COLIN BROWN Chief Political Correspondent
Friday 24 November 1995 01:02
The Independent
COLIN BROWN Chief Political Correspondent
Nicholas Soames personally apologised to the Prime Minister before being slapped down by John Major in the Commons yesterday for going over the top in accusing the Princess of Wales of being in the “advanced stages of paranoia”.

Mr Soames, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, was not threatened with the sack, but it was made clear at Westminster by senior Conservative sources that his prospects for promotion had been damaged because of an alleged “lack of judgement”.”

“Witness tells Diana death inquest of white flash

Jurors have been shown CCTV footage from the night of the fatal crash ten years ago
By Katie Franklin, Richard Holt and agencies
4:54PM BST 15 Oct 2007
A French witness has described how he saw a “major white flash” in the Paris tunnel where Diana, Princess of Wales, was involved in a fatal crash in 1997.

Francois Levistre was driving in front of the Mercedes Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed were travelling in when they were killed in Paris 10 years ago.

Speaking via video link from the French capital, Mr Levistre told the inquest into their deaths that the Princess’s car was overtaken by a motorcycle inside the Pont de l’Alma underpass.

He then described seeing a very bright flash, which he compared to the light from a police radar.

Mr Levistre said the flash had been directed at the Mercedes.

“I realised there was this major white flash of the motorbike in front of the Mercedes, in front of the car,” he said, speaking through a translator.

“I was nearly at the exit of the tunnel and I realised that because I heard the noise of the motorbike within the tunnel.

“I just wondered what happened because the light was like you were caught by the police in a radar.”

Mr Levistre, who saw the events in his rear-view mirror, described how the Mercedes veered from side to side before it turned around.

“When I saw the light, I looked into the mirror… I saw the car going from left to right to left again to get within the pillar. The car had no light any longer. Everything was switched off.”

Mr Levistre also described seeing a passenger on the motorcycle get off and approach the car.

He said the passenger looked inside the car and made a hand gesture to the bike’s driver before the pair drove away.

Mr Levistre added that he saw a small white car in the tunnel, but maintained that there was no contact between it and the Mercedes.”

ARCHIVES | 1997 New Test Finds an Anti-Depressant in Diana Driver’s Blood
The driver of Diana, Princess of Wales, had taken the anti-depressant drug commonly marketed as Prozac in addition to drinking large amounts of alcohol before the car accident that killed them, the French prosecutors’ office said today.

The statement said two drugs — fluoxetine and tiapride — were found in the blood of the driver, Henri Paul, 41. Fluoxetine, which was apparent in greater quantities, is the generic name of Prozac. Tiapride is often prescribed for the treatment of aggressiveness in alcoholics.

“Prudence in the use of these drugs is generally recommended for drivers of vehicles,” the office said.

The statement, based on further blood tests on Mr. Paul ordered late last week by the investigating judge in the case, Herve Stephan, appeared to add to the case of those arguing that it was the incapacity of the driver, rather than the pursuit by photographers, that was the central cause of the accident on Aug. 31.

Lawyers for Mohamed al-Fayed, whose son Emad (Dodi) Mohamed al-Fayed, Diana’s companion, also died in the crash, have argued that the presence of paparazzi on motorcycles near the car as it entered the tunnel at the Pont de l’Alma caused the driver to lose control.”

“Eli Lilly and Co Ltd (GB)’s (S)-norfluoxetine in method of inhibiting serotonin uptake US5250571A Priority date 1988-11-14 Grant 1993-10-05 Abstract The present invention provides (S)-norfluoxetine and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof capable of inhibiting the uptake of serotonin.”

“Vanity Fair .. The Diana Mysteries Seven years after Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed’s fatal car crash in Paris, and a million rumors later, Britain’s royal coroner is calling on Scotland Yard to explore evidence that has led many (especially Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed) to suspect the monarchy and the secret service of murder. Talking to investigators on both sides of the Channel, Tom Sancton probes the gaps left by the official French ruling—including the exact nature of Diana’s injuries, and whether she was pregnant.
“Somebody snatches your son and slaughters him. What you do? You have to get the bastards.” That “cocktail” of drugs and alcohol should have impaired his coordination and visibly affected him. Some of the photographers milling about the Ritz that night did find his behavior “bizarre” or “giddy.” But Dodi’s two bodyguards said they noticed nothing unusual about Paul (though he drank two Ricard liqueurs right under their noses), and he appeared to be acting normally in the Ritz security videos. What really raised questions, though, was the extraordinarily high level of carbon monoxide, or carboxyhemoglobin, in his blood. It was 20.7 percent, which should have caused a severe headache, dizziness, and confusion.”

“Micron Technology Inc RFID system in communication with vehicle on-board computer Priority date 1996-12-06 2000-08-29 US6112152A Grant
A system comprising a vehicle on-board computer; and a wireless transponder device coupled to the vehicle on-board computer. The system performs a variety of functions because of its ability to transmit and receive data from other transponders which may be remote from the vehicle or located in the vehicle at a location spaced apart from the system. Remote transponders are spaced apart from the vehicle. The remote transponders can be positioned, for example, at a gas station, toll booth, service center, dealership, parking lot, or along a roadside”

“Diana ‘believed she would be bumped off’
Diana, Princess of Wales, ‘believed M16 were out to kill her’
By Nick Allen
12:01AM GMT 10 Jan 2008
Diana, Princess of Wales believed she was going to be “bumped off” by MI6 because of her high profile campaign against landmines, the inquest into her death has been told.

Her friend Simone Simmons said the Princess was about to “name names” and publish a dossier called Profiting Out of Misery.

“Top of her list of culprits was the Secret Intelligence Service which she believed was behind the sale of British landmines that were causing so much misery to so many people,” Miss Simmons said.

On one occasion the Princess sent her a note which said: “If something happens, MI5 or MI6 will have done it.”

Miss Simmons said the Princess gave her the landmines dossier, which was up to six inches thick, and she kept it for several months under her mattress along with the note.

Later, she burned them. She said: “I was more than nervous. If I had the material, I might have been bumped off as well.”

At Kensington Palace in February 1997, the Princess asked her to listen into a phone call she was on in which she was threatened over the landmine campaign, Miss Simmons said.

“This person was saying to her that she shouldn’t interfere in matters she knew nothing about,” she said.

The caller told the Princess “Well accidents can happen” and she was “very pale” after the conversation.

Miss Simmons said the Princess told her the caller was Conservative MP Nicholas Soames.

Mr Soames, the grandson of Winston Churchill, has previously told the inquest that the suggestion was “grotesque and preposterous”.

According to Miss Simmons, the Princess had secret meetings with Tony Blair in the months before he became Prime Minister about becoming a roving ambassador in relation to landmines.

“That’s what he promised her and she thought he was going to announce it when he was elected.

“She was very disappointed,” Miss Simmons said.

The testimony of Miss Simmons, who describes herself as an “energy healer”, provided an insight into the world of the Princess, including her belief in alternative therapies.

Full coverage: Princess Diana inquest

Bodyguard ‘blundered before Diana crash’

From 1993 she went to Miss Simmons up to three times a week at a complementary medicine clinic.

They later became friends and she would go to Kensington Palace up to five times a week and was teaching the Princess how to be a healer herself, Miss Simmons said.

The Princess’s flat had “bad energy” which Miss Simmons had to clear it of in an “exhausting” procedure.

The two women once spent 10 hours on a single phone call to each other, the inquest heard.

“We talked about everything and if she was upset I would calm her down reassure her,” Miss Simmons said.

“I believed her calls were being listened to and every time there was a click on the phone she used to say ‘hello boys, time to change the tape’.”

In November 1996 she had a premonition the Princess would be one of four people in an accident in a Mercedes.

When she told the Princess, she replied: “Oh my God, Charles”.

The inquest also heard about an “Arab conspiracy”.

Miss Simmons said: “She wasn’t paranoid, somebody had told her there was a fatwa on her head because the Arabs liked Charles.”

The inquest continues.”

“FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2007
Princess Diana’s Death: The Mystery of The Stolen Mercedes
Princess Diana: The Disturbing Events Surrounding Her Death
One would expect that with the financial means Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana had at their disposal there was absolutely no reason why they should have been chauffeured in a vehicle that had been snatched at gunpoint a few days prior to the fateful night of August 31, 1997.

But that is precisely what happened!

The car in which the ill-fated couple was traveling, a Mercedes Benz S280, had been stolen some days prior to the crash. This fact on its own is perhaps at best nothing more than pure coincidence but where that event turns decidedly strange is how that very Mercedes was returned a few days earlier in pristine condition save for one very important aspect…


The onboard computer chip controls, amongst other things, navigation, acceleration, steering and braking of a vehicle. Considering that Princess Diana’s death was due to a car crash, the fact that the Mercedes S280 involved in the crash had its onboard computer chip stolen some days earlier (and nothing else mind you…suggesting the car-snatchers were no ordinary thieves) pushes the pervasive accident account onto firmer conspiracy territory.

To date there actually exists a well established assassination technique from the 1980s (developed by the British SAS) nicknamed “The Boston Brakes” which involves steering, braking and acceleration capability being taken over by remote control!

In fact world famous explorer and former SAS officer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes did indeed confirm the relatively common use of this assassination method with particular reference to the death in England of one Major Michael Marman in a car accident that bears uncanny resemblance to that of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul.

So what could have been the motive behind the theft of the Mercedes Benz S280 that was involved in the Paris tunnel crash on August 31, 1997?

Well let’s see; assuming you want to execute a very sensitive, high profile assassination but at the same time create as little fuss as possible, the best way to go about it is to make it look like an accident.

Keeping that in mind the disappearance of the onboard computer chip from the “Crash S280” then makes a lot of sense. Steal the car, remove the onboard computer chip, replace the old chip with a new doctored onboard computer chip that allows another party to gain remote control over the car and tada…

You’ve got yourselves a genuine accident in the making!

Furthermore, very suspiciously, the stolen Mercedes Benz S280 was the only vehicle “available” to the Princess and her companions that night! Talk about leaving nothing to chance!


Initial reports leaked to the press suggested that the Mercedes Benz S280 involved in the crash had been zooming at speeds in the neighborhood of 120 mph! If this were translated into km/h this would come out to a staggering 192 kilometers per hour!

In fact reports of the day had the speedometer of the car stuck at 196 kilometers per hour (122 mph).

The truth of the matter is if the car had been traveling anywhere near those speeds, seat-belt-or-not NOBODY would have survived that crash (the only person to survive the crash was bodyguard Trevor Rhys-Jones who sat in the passenger seat and is widely believed to have been an operative of MI6 or MI5 branches of the British Secret Service).

Many professional drivers have decried the authority-cited-speeds (120mph region) as being absolutely preposterous and from the evidence available to them put the car at about 60 mph (96km/h) at the time of the accident.

To date, Mercedes Benz has never been able to examine the car for the simple reason the authorities never allowed them. This in itself is very strange because Mercedes Benz experts should have been party to the panel of experts examining the car!


How about if for no other reason than they built and engineered the vehicle and thus would have been in an excellent position to determine how fast the car was going and what caused the various impact damage to the vehicle.

It would appear though that an internal investigation conducted by Mercedes Benz (albeit with the rather limited information available to them) seemed to suggest a speed of 60mph was far more reasonable than the 120mph spread by authorities and that the safety protective features of the Mercedes more or less behaved as expected.

This may explain why Trevor Rhys-Jones who was seat-belted in the passenger seat and thereby in the least likely position for surviving such an accident survived! (The passenger seat is known in the industry as “The Death Seat”).

The Mercedes engineered safety mechanisms that helped preserve Mr Jones’ life, incorporate the engine block being forced under the car and not into the passenger compartment following the tremendous force from such a collision as the one that occurred in the Paris tunnel that night.

The widespread view is that had the Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed been wearing seatbelts they would have likely survived the crash! (Hmmm…perhaps not! Princess Diana did survive the crash and actually spoke to a French Doctor (not affiliated with the authorities who arrived shortly after) who was passing by at the time of the accident and as he administered the 1st First Aid, in his own words said “I thought her life could be saved”).

Princess Diana ultimately died because of a suspicious 2 hour journey in an ambulance that snailed its way to a hospital 3.25 miles away averaging a speed of 25 mph and which conveniently bypassed 4 other hospitals on the way!

As it is there is new evidence that indicates that perhaps the reason Princess Diana was not wearing her seatbelt is because it was mysteriously but very conveniently jammed in such a way as to render it unusable!”


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