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Ed.’s note: We were waiting for more confirmation as the chess pieces are being moved into place for war with Iran using a sabotage event to start a war. Note the fact this was an “attack on a couple of Saudi ships by Iran” as the event. The Saudis want Iran destroyed as much as Israel does. We judge this to be a major failure and everyone is onto it. Iran attacked no one. So the story is Iran attacked these ships and then ran away. Yeah right…and of course, Fox News being an intelligence operation mistaken for being the “media” immediately fingered Iran. One would have to be completely out of one’s mind to even consider Iran would blow up ships or use proxies giving the US and Israel all the pretext they would need to attack Iran.

First assessment blames Iran for Middle East ship explosions, official says

Detailed footage shows extent of damage to tanker ships in Persian Gulf (VIDEO)

We sometimes wonder if there aren’t foreign intelligence assets in place that have been there for years inside Iran that are provoking Iranian leadership to agitate the US from Iran’s side. This should never be doubted for a moment being used to trigger a war. Why else would Iran deliberately go out of its way to provoke the US and its Neocon-driven foreign policy?

Flash points could trigger ‘all-out war’ between USA and Iran as tensions flare


Source: Fort Russ

BREAKING: CONFIRMED Four Oil tankers at UAE part of al-Fujairah ‘SABOTAGED’, government now admits

By Joaquin Flores | May 13, 2019

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – FRN has now confirmed that powerful explosions occurred in the Emirati port of al-Fujairah, where four oil tankers were admittedly sabotaged.

The blasts took place early on Sunday morning, according to the Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen television channel, which reported the development hours later. FRN reported then on the story, as unconfirmed, when at the time the number of ships involved was claimed at seven. The government has recently released a revision of their previous denial, and has the number at four.

After initial denial, UAE confirms ships ‘sabotaged’ off its coast.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has confirmed, after initial denial, that a number of commercial ships have been targeted by “sabotage” attack near its territorial waters.

The Foreign Ministry of the United Arab Emirates issued a statement, saying that four commercial vessels have been targeted by “sabotage operations” near its territorial waters.

Please go to Fort Russ to read the entire article.


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The Theaters Opening Up to Stage World War III

by Christopher Jon Bjerknes | May 13, 2019

Why are we being simultaneously led to pull our military forces away from the United States and Europe? The Communists and Israelis, with Trump on their leash, are drawing us towards conflicts in Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. Each of these nations has close ties to Russia, just like our President.

Iran and Venezuela are also oil producing nations. What will happen if we go to war with all three countries at once? Our land, sea and air forces will be spread thin and wide, far from home. Energy prices will skyrocket, providing Russia with massive revenue with which to build weapons of war, as our Western economies crumble.

Europe and America will grow ever weaker and more in debt. Our military resources will be exhausted. And what will happen if we “win” these wars? Will we occupy each of these nations and further deplete our vital resources and will to fight?

What if Saudi Arabia joins in our war on Iran? Will Russia use it as pretext to war against us? Will the entire Muslim world erupt in internecine warfare between Sunnis and Shia? Will the Persian Gulf become engulfed in war and disrupt energy supplies to the West?

What if China again joins with North Korea, this time fully supported by Russia? What will become of Japan, Australia and the United States, as China invades Australia as we fight in Korea and Japan?

And China has its sights aimed at South America, too. If we are drawn to fight there, they will have a pretext to follow us and shred the last remaining scraps of the Monroe Doctrine.

This is a very bad mix for us. It is extremely advantageous to Russia, China and Israel. That cannot be a coincidence. This is all still avoidable, but no one can help prevent it but you. You must become politically active and let the Congress know that the American People do not want these wars. We want to defend our homeland and preserve our military and our will to fight for that purpose.

If we fail to stop these relatively minor wars, Russia and China will build their forces as ours are depleted. Then they will strike, with Israel at their side, when we are weak and war weary. It is easy to act now. We must do so. If we do, we will succeed.



Someone Blew It In the UAE

Iran Delivers 1 Million Barrels of Oil to Fuel-Starved Syria in Defiance of Empire’s Sanctions

Has anyone wondered why all these economic and political events are so hideous? We are literally living in the final stages of a demented freak show. And as such it will be very easy to drive the Americans into a war with Iran for Israel with Israel working very closely with Saudi Arabia.

Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult

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