Senate Report Admits Clinton ‘Gifted’ Children To Human Traffickers

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June 17, 2018 • Baxter Dmitry News

Hillary Clinton’s State Department gifted an “unknown number” of children to human traffickers after refusing to run the most basic checks on these so-called “caregivers,” according to a bombshell Senate report released late on Thursday and completely covered up by mainstream media.

These children were then sexually abused, starved, and forced into child labor, according to the Senate report. Disturbingly, the fate of many of these children, mostly migrants, remains unknown.

NY Mag reports: Local law enforcement uncovered the operation last year, prompting the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations to open an inquiry into the federal government’s handling of migrants.

“It is intolerable that human trafficking — modern-day slavery — could occur in our own backyard,” Senator Rob Portman, Republican of Ohio and the chairman of the subcommittee, told the New York Times. “But what makes the Marion cases even more alarming is that a U.S. government agency was responsible for delivering some of the victims into the hands of their abusers.”

As detention centers became incapable of housing the massive influx of migrants, the Department of Health and Human Services started placing children into the care of sponsors who would oversee the minors until their bids for refugee status could be reviewed. But in many cases, officials failed to confirm whether the adults volunteering for this task were actually relatives or good Samaritans — and not unscrupulous egg farmers or child molesters.

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BOMBSHELL: There was never a Hillary E-mail investigation

The FBI never investigated Hillary’s sell out of American secrets via a totally illegal un-secure E-mail server anyone could get right into with no password. This was just brougt to light today: IG Horowitz revealed in Senate testimony FBI never named a target or even subject in Clinton probe. Not Mills, Abedin, Combetta or Clinton herself. “Nobody was listed as a subject of this investigation at any point in time,” adding this was “surprising” for a criminal probe.

If no one was a target of an investigation at any point in time, it means no investigation ever happened because you have to have a target to investigate. It was all a fake phoney show. A scam on the American people. OF COURSE HILLARY WALKED, no one investigated anything.

Instead, the FBI and others actively worked to scrub all evidence, to make sure no investigation ever could happen at a later date.

IT REALLY IS TIME TO DISBAND THE FBI, and I’d add the CIA and a few others also.


Where are the babies and girls? (No longer rumor, this is confirmed)

Remember a few days ago when I posted the video of Democrat senator Jeff Merkley who was not allowed into a FEMA wal mart (associated with Jade Helm) where immigrant children are now held to see what was going on? After a long pause, the cretins that run these places finally let people in, and they had it impossibly primped and primed with perfect beds and cute little spaces for all the BOYS. PROBLEM: ALL BOYS. They could make a space look good for the cameras (obviously fake, due to the time delay), but there were no girls and babies to put in any of them, and lots of girls and babies were taken from parents. Here is the rumor, and this story is taking off:

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was just asked where are all the girls who have been separated from their parents, after a flood of images and videos of young boys have been posted. “Why is the government only releasing images of the boys being held?” In addition to this, there are no young children or babies at all in any of the images. If the girls and babies went into the system and the DHS can’t find them, something is seriously amiss.

It all started with senator Merkeley’s video, where he busted them cold. They even called the cops on him to get rid of him. And now, tweets like this are showing up:

My suspicion: Trump was duped into agreeing to continue separating parents from children at the border (Obama started this) so a child trafficking system could be fed. I knew right away when Senator Merkely was not allowed in that it HAD TO be this, and that the kids were in deplorable care.

FORGET THE WHITE WASH. Here is a real picture of the inside of one of these wal-marts:

Yes, a $1 mylar blanket is the standard. Well below a homeless shelter. And none of the images I found had any girls in them. Something is definitely screwy here.

FACT: The border should not be a place where little girls are sent to “Podesta’s Pizza.” I don’t care what people think of the immigration problem, THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO HANDLE IT. AND THESE SHITTY WAL MARTS ARE INEXCUSABLE.

At least give them a **[email protected]@^%$ REAL BLANKET!

AND HERE IS THE DEAL WITH ALL OF THIS: I have worried about this a lot, so remember, this ALL STARTED WITH OBAMA, HERE IT IS:

This is a great way to impeach and charge Trump. They are building up a case similar to pizza gate and will nail him when all the pieces are in place. Once they have them all, they will accuse and frame Trump for trafficking kids.

That’s where they will take this, BET ON IT and all the while, all Trump did was listen to advisors who set it all up in the background to screw him.

The bust has already happened. If they come up with pictures of girls in the near future, with 250 kids detained per day it will take them a whopping 3 days to get enough girls and toddlers to make a convincing photo. They already lost this, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE TODDLERS AND GIRLS?


Update: June 20, 2018

June 20, 2018

TRUMP: I will draft an executive order to allow kids to stay with DETAINED PARENTS!

HA HA HA, Trump can not only overturn a Clinton policy that was made brutal under Obama, he can totally end catch and release. This new policy will require the construction of “Detainment apartment complexes”. Don’t worry, THEY CAN BE BUILT IN A WEEK IF CHINA HELPS AND CAN BE COMPLETELY FUNDED BY AID CUTS TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES THAT SEND BAD PEOPLE TO THE U.S. That is what is called a win/win. Kids are not separated from their parents, and foreign countries that created the problem lose aid, and there is no change to the overall budget. PERFECT.


They were JUST FINE with child separation at the border when Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama did it, but now that Trump is president, he gets the bash? YEAH RIGHT!!!

They just NEVER GIVE UP.

Child separation policy is not a Trump policy

It was Bill Clinton that started it, this has been going on for a long time. Trump just went along with “established policy”. So if they try to burn him with the question “Where did all the girls and babies go”, it will be difficult to nail Trump for it without explaining all the other years it was in place.

So two decades of this crap went by, you can bet the systems of child trafficking are well entrenched.

One thing I noticed is it appears they have lots of trolls out there, posting comments about “why does everyone suddenly care about the children” and “The Democrats need to stop whining” and “The Republicans never cared about them before, they are hypocrites for caring now” and yada yada. Every excuse possible to diminish how people react to what is going on. And that by itself speaks volumes.

I can’t think of anyone with a normal brain that could look at that Wal-mart picture and think it is OK, and not be shocked that it is an improvement over what Obama ran – I can’t believe anyone with a normal brain would think it is OK that it cannot be immediately answered where the girls and babies are, – people posting as if they are all upset that people “suddenly care” definitely have something to hide and come off as nothing but naked trolls that are trying to diminish the fact that they have been BUSTED.

The troll reactions alone are strong evidence not everything is on the up and up, they probably really are selling off at least a fair number of the girls and babies. Into what? There is plenty to guess.


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson with man/boy pedophile ring

People are questioning why she’s wearing the man/boy pedophile ring, when the woman to girl pedophile symbol is a small heart inside a large heart. Who knows. This is an old photo, but the child immigration / probable peddling issue is an old issue and her wearing of the ring probably has to do with associates. Also, the posture of the ring while she speaks appears to be intentionally showing it off, she’s probably sending a signal that she’s part of the club.



Hillary Was NEVER Under FBI Investigation?!!, 2289

FBI Tried to Entrap Trump, 2288


Comey distancing himself when there was no FBI investigation of Clinton by the FBI in the first place:

Analysis –Crooked Comey Reopened Hillary Email Case in October 2016 Because Good Cops in the FBI Leaked Info to Congress – Comey Later Fired the Good Cops

Clinton still ‘doesn’t understand’ FBI investigation root: Comey

The DOJ Report Proves It : America’s Intel Agencies Are Out-of-Control – They Need to Be Reined-In



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