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My name is Eva Moore and I am the wife of Seal Team 9 Member William Newel Brockbrader II, born October 22,1972.

Eva Moore

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His Buds class 188

Classified & trained along side Erik Prince of Blackwater.

My husbands BUDS class was and still is classified. He trained at Area 51 and I am under the impression that you have knowledge of these programs.

In the wake of the 15th year anniversary of 9/11 I am going to start by saying that my husband tried everything he could to prevent this trauma from happing in accordance with his oath to protect both foreign and domestic. William was given Intel late 1999/ early 2000 of a potential strike to come on US soil involving pilots and he passed this through his chain of command and the village and Akbar where this source came from was then demolished by tomahawks. The location of the village that gave this intel was 50 miles south of Iraq on the Iran Syria boarder. This will prove he was not in jail as stated on paper but rather put back to work. This time in his life was exceptionally hard as he was given targets he did not deem viable and against the laws of war. What other things of interest were in that location I can only speculate would cross over in to disclosure.

William’s Hell Week was held on Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. Erik admits that his Buds group was moved off of the traditional location on page 22 of his book “Civilian Warriors” corroborating that William Brockbrader’s claims are valid.

Further more William’s trainer Michael Jaco of Seal Team 6 confirmed that he remembered training William along side Erik.

He later recounted when his wife Tracy Jo’s life was threatened.

“Tracy Jo: yea this is messed up …… and how that terrible man Mr. Shipley attacked us for admitting that we knew him….. all we did was to say only that Mj remembered him going thru seal training ~ that is the truth !! You have no idea what it is like to have your job and your life torn away from you and your personal life messed with because you told the truth…. been called “a miss goodie two shoes” or how about “tattle tale” someone even told me once that “lying is necessary at times” ????? REALLY …this person will eventually get it, maybe because LIEING ABOUT ANYTHING IS NOT BEING OF SERVICE TO ANYONE BUT YOURSELF and lier’s always get exposed in the end ….. the truth may not be what you want to hear but it is necessary to hear and to truly understand because until you hear the truth and understand it and accept it WE will never change it ….. people have been lying and have been lied to that so many think that the lies are now the truth ??? know thyself or lie to thyself … choice is yours ~ BB be well where ever you r <3″
October 3, 2015 at 8:26am

Im aware that your mentioning of SEAL team 6 or DEVGRU as it was legally changed in 1987 by JASOC caused a great deal of controversy, and Im sure being that 6 & 9 being paired it would make sense that SEAL team 9 would also have been trade marked under a new name.

My reasoning for this is because of the trademark attempts written here:

Walt Disney Surrenders to Navy’s SEAL Team 6
By ETHAN SMITH and JULIAN E. BARNES Updated May 26, 2011 12:01 a.m. ET

“The request for Navy SEALs and SEAL Team was to broaden our existing portfolio,” Cmdr. Hernandez said.

Yet Navy officials didn’t file a request for “SEAL Team Six.”

The Navy confirms the existence of SEAL Teams 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10. The Navy has never acknowledged the existence of Team 9 while SEAL Team 6, the service’s most elite hunter-killer team, is officially called the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, or DevGru.

Unofficially, DevGru is widely known as SEAL Team 6.

“We certainly would not request a trademark on a SEAL team that doesn’t exist, like SEAL Team 6,” said a Navy official.”

I worked with GAP the Government Accountability Project and its founder Tom Devine in 2012-2014 during my husbands trial.

I’m writing to you today because my Husband has been missing for over 16 months. If his case was triggered in to FISA or under National Security Im sure this is of great importance to you.

It is my understanding that his Case in Boise Idaho Federal court Under Chief U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmil and Ronald E. Bush Presiding Magistrate Judge was somehow triggered in to a National Security issue as there were a number of issues that point in this direction. William’s finger prints could not be found in any data base nor were they permitted. There is also the issue that while at the clerks counter she slipped that he had diplomatic immunity. Im also aware there were sealed motions submitted by my husbands lawyer Robyn Fyffe assistant Jeff of Nevin, Benjamin, McKay & Bartlett LLP who also represent detainees at Gitmo. In correspondence between GAP and Robyn and I, Robyn made this statement that she was concerned for William’s safety.

I have contacted my husbands appellate lawyer Elisa G. Massoth, PLLC of Idaho but she hung up on me refusing to tell me anything about my husbands where about’s under confidentiality even though I am his wife and I have power of Attorney and signing authority. This furthers my suspicions that he has been triggered in to a National security status.

I believe that my Husbands attempts to disclose Erik Prince and Blackwaters plans for 9/11 previous to it happening was the reasons he has been targeted by JTRIG as its the template that was exposed by Greenwald here.

William came forward as a whistle blower in early 2012 after the NDAA was enacted and the constitutional erosion of US rights since 9/11

His Navy Career started in June of 1991 until June 2001 in a special unit called SEAL team 9
Trained to be used as an asset to control Tomahawk cruse missiles in the middle East between 1992 – 2000 in a similar capacity as Drones driving them in to targets line of sight. Then trained for bomb damage assessment and leave as quiet as a “Ghost” and hence the nick name “Ghost Walkers”

Starting as a Navy Fire control-man A school approached to take part in a “Special Secret Team”
resigned to San Diego CA ship where he went to a special training school to learn how to use specialized equipment that would sync with Tomahawk Missile’s over horizon and drive missile’s in to line of target bomb and damage assessment

After the first Persian gulf war missiles were not flying correct.

In late 1992 William was deployed on missions where he would get to a target by plane and haho in and getting with in the line of sight of a target set up with the bird and use regular airplane controls much like an operator would fly drones now

Tomahawk were the first generation of Drone aircraft.

He was highly trained in advanced electronics, optics, electromagnetic devices , motors, syncros & servos , radar and laser, and control of Air surveillance drones while on the move. Deployed to The Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyers (DDGs) is the United States Navy’s first class of destroyer built around the Aegis Combat System out of San Diego

Termed Asymmetrical warfare Williams mission started through out the Middle East, mainly Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen , Syria, Libya.

Although most people were led to believe and think the Gulf War ended shortly after it began in 1991, however Bill’s testimony is that William’s work was to be part of a 3 man team to carry on the level of occupation and violence carried on between 1992 and 2000.

First class petty officer, a weapons protection detail, and the Operator position that William fulfilled

From 1992 -1995 Bill was content that the targets he was going after seemed viable from the out side. Although the USA was not at War these actions would be considered an act of War and would be classified as an Asymmetrical tactics. William admits the work he was doing was in Violation of UN rules and regulations, this was a main cause for his conscientious objection

A member of a Still TO THIS DAY top secret group SEAL team 9, 3 Teams of 3 , much like the now declassified SEAL team 6. Trained in counter surveillance and counter detection.

Indigo was his level of security clearance related to anyone working with Tomahawks and SEAL team 9

Sea Based Launch Missile’s, Tomahawks missile’s primary launch platforms tended to be Las Angles Fast Attack Submarine or The Arleigh Burke class.

The Missiles would go along preprogramed way points and using a combination of radar laser and terrine mapping it would snake its way to the target. The official story was it would use a comparison of the target with what was in line of sight, the unofficial classified truth is what Williams job was to do was to interrupt the flight plan and get between and extend the line of sight of the missile and the target and sync up with the missile using a “special piece of equipment” much like a drone operator controls a drone from Las Vegas. Back then the only way to control the Tomahawk would require him to get closer to the target because of the limitations of the equipment to exchange information between systems was to be on-sight.

Capabilities of the missile’s were 2 fold with a bomb load capacity of a thousand pounds. Generally 2 types of missile one that carried a cluster bomb and a main explosive charge capacity, and one with out cluster bomb capacity. Cluster bombs would be detonated before reaching William.

With the current state of OIL pipeline issues and protests going on it would be of UNIVERSAL benefit to all people that the truth around the alternative technologies that my husband used called “THE BOX” would use a narrow band microwave frequency that was encrypted that would sync up with the missile allowing visual of the target. These boxes I feel are ZERO POINT ENERGY and your administration would benefit from not only disclosure as Steve Bassett says but the release of technology to free humanity from its oil dependancy as I know you attempted to do with the Solar company at the start of your Presidency. So much can be gained by bringing Seal Team 9 to the forefront.

Tomahawks have cameras on them cost of each missile was $1.2 Million Dollars each

How many were used between 1992 and 2000 = hundreds pushing in to the thousands

500 pounds of Destex was the material used, shock waves would destroy everything with in a 50 and 100 yards of target loss of life would be complete at 100 yards.

In 1995 while in Northern Iraq the targets changed and questions started to be asked about the tiny targets and the level of over kill used against small villages. In April of 1997 while out on a mission in a village in Norther Iraq William had a crisis of conscious. When the first detonation took out a small 2 story building and cause local villagers to gather in the rubble and start to look for and rescue any survivors. The second missile was 5 min late coming in termed a “Double Strike” and William upon seeing the hundreds of villagers rushing in to help he made the executive decision to divert the second missile and send it safely in to a hill side causing an international political event. Think Baby food factories …. He was then court martialed.

I know that in 2010 you were concerned with the fraud waste and abuse that was triggered in 2008 and I know that your focus has been on the equality of all.

I am asking for your help in bringing the truth of Seal Team 9, the truth around what they do their technology and the where abouts of my husband in to the light for the benefit of all humanity.
In accordance with God’s will.

Thank you in advance,

Eva Moore

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