Scopolamine: The Devil’s Breath & Confessions of an MK ULTRA Sleeper Assassin (Buzzsaw Episode 208)

MK ULTRA Sleeper Assassin Confession: Government Scopolamine Secrets 

The Murder of Time: Making and Unmasking a Sleeper

By Matthew Pauly

A non-consensual Canadian test subject of MK-ULTRA R & D reveals clandestine sleeper assassin training and testing over a decade by an operator in American intelligence with Canadian paramilitary support. This report explains how many hate crimes, assassinations, and terror events are manufactured using non-consensual, scopolamine drugged, mind-controlled slaves as actors and patsies. The mind-control mechanisms are explained in detail, including summaries of experiments conducted in Toronto, Canada and a USA test. Declassified CIA documents at ‘mind control’ topic reveal mind-control R & D started in 1945 in North America when CIA Project Paperclip resettled over one thousand Nazi Germany mind-control and rocket scientists in American institutions. This book reveals a Nazi influence still. Link to eBook

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  • I strongly recommend reading Matthew Pauly's story of being forcibly kidnapped and programmed in a van on the streets of Toronto by a shadowy agency using military mind control technology designed to turn unwitting Canadians into domestic terrorism suspects. Matthew, who knows no Arabic, was forced by operatives working for our own security services to scream terror threats which were recorded on video to blackmail him later. His book is a remarkably detailed account of how he fell into the hands of the very people who are manufacturing 'terror threats" to sell to a gullible public via our controlled media.

  • Yeah. They can do this with your i phone now. Deep State fealty is a Nazi tactic. The Nazi's were never defeated, they just changed flags, names and locations. This is Tavistock, deep State fealty is induced via trauma, via a series of rewards and pain. See exclusive boarding schools, the Ivy League of doom, corporate america, banksters and war criminals. They poison the well to achieve family annihilation. The rape of a heterosexual male creates a one man sleeper cell and this is how they blackmail the governments. The child killers have been televised. That is how they do it. What this dude is describing is how they used to do it. Now they can just headjack your physical brain via Artificial Intelligence. Neural brain to brain interface. The dopplegangers will be televised. I tell the people, because I care. The Brits are the Roman Empire, part deux. Our nation constitutes their tax/wage/fiat slave base augmented by their ME pitbulls; and America, that IS the very ugly truth. It is controlled by less than 1500 people on a planet of 7B. They are almost all, to a person; PSYCHOPATHS, child killers and murderers.

    Peace in the New Year America.