Saudi Arabia is the Epicenter of Wahhabism – Gear up Iran, You’re Country is Next – Three Regional Powers Will Clash: Israel; Saudi Arabia; Iran – Whispering Into President Trumpstein’s Ears – White House Changed to Goldman Sachs House – Appeasing Saudi Arabia as the Biggest Financier of Terrorism (Commerce) – $350 Billion Weapons Deal Means One Thing: Iran (Going Moderate) – Israeli Government Minister Calls for Assassination of President Assad

Stranahan Midday Report – 5/22/17 – A great disturbance in the force, Trump schizophrenia 

Stranahan Morning Report – 5/22/17 – Trump takes Saudi position on Iran

Live from Washington DC at the Jefferson Memorial, getting ready to shoot a video about populism

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Wahhabism to ISIS: How Saudi Arabia exported the main source of global terrorism

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Israeli Government Minister calls for assassination of President Assad and war on Iran

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  • Saudis celebrate huge arms deal by having one of their terrorist outfits bomb Manchester arena. Will the patsy be an Iranian or Syrian of even a Yemeni?

  • Surfing the site >

    Found link to > “Trump is the Swamp” by Truth Media Films

    This video explains this End Game video. Also see Geo Webb….

    “Day 211, Hillary’s Leakers and Hackers” series on YouTube

  • Lets not forget what General Clark stated Saudi Arabia is a target so is Iran . So far everyone who has been supplied with weapons and i’m your buddy kind of deal is no longer . Bombed to pieces every single one of them . IRAQ , LIBYA ARE 2 TYPICAL EXAMPLES . Setting up a tent at the whitehouse then hasall his loot stolen , then bombed and murdered . Ithink your onto something with Trumps wife something sure is not right between those two . And his daughter there clainmg to be for women is some kind of bad joke .

  • david williams

    Ever notice that the new terror events, (not the old terror massacres of 1860s and others but still mostly the same) never seem to occur anywhere that there happens to be any elites hanging around. No big state players or above in the shadow masters. Always some kind of plain folks, concert goers, clubs where elite could hang out but were not at the time, then it is always the elite worker bees who report right away and mysteriously seem to know more in a few hours than can be found out in a long trial with careful questioning of credible witnesses. The world is getting tired of it. Those who must kill and sacrifice others for their own personal gain, leave messes and destruction as a fruit of their contributions and offerings to society as a whole are running to the end of their reign. Like any thing that defies the rules of the universe, it takes itself out with time.

  • How do they keep getting away with this fakery ?? Their 400 actors have also been trained by a psychologist so they know how they should react in a traumatic situation. “It’s not what we call jazz-hands acting,” says Hunt. “It’s not about trying to do a big show and doing a great Lady Macbeth bit – ‘Oh my god, I’ve got blood on my hands.’ It’s to do with making sure the person you’re dealing with gets caught in the realism.”

    And it is very real, says another member of the team, Mick Massey, who spent 30 years with the London fire brigade. “It’s as real as you can get without it actually happening,” he says.