SALT IN FOOD IS ESSENTIAL – Frank McManus & Rae West – True science of salt & health.

This is why the “salt is bad” myth is propagated! Now we know…

I find it interesting that cancer rates have exploded during the mainstream “official” campaign against salty foods, which is a scam of the highest order. Jews salt the living hell out of their food, and then go on TV and jack with the medical community, telling the rest of us to avoid salt. Not having enough salt makes you have serious water retention problems (always thirsty, always peeing), and steals clarity of thought and overall energy as well. EAT LOTS OF SALT FOR A GOOD LIFE WITH A CLEAR MIND AND LOTS OF ENERGY, and additionally to keep enough water in your system so you are not always thirsty. Sure, salt makes you feel thirsty, but that goes away after you get enough salt and drink enough water. If salt makes you thirsty, you just don’t have enough salt to begin with in your system, and subsequently you don’t have enough water either. This is not any sort of myth: salt your food as much as it tastes good. The Jews do it – they told me to when I was with them – AND THEY ARE WINNING. Salt gives you life, and they want you to be weak and ineffective so you accomplish nothing against their tyranny.

Don’t worry about getting too much salt. The real measure of how much salt you should have is that if it tastes good and makes you feel good, you need more. When you get enough, it will suddenly not taste good and you won’t want it. It would be a challenge to eat too much because your body will certainly let you know by saying ICK!

[Recommended: Celtic sea salt and/or Himalayan rock salt, which both have abundant trace minerals for optimal health. The field ration of Kosher salt for the Israel Defense Forces is stated in the video above to be 15 grams/day.]


Calcium-silicate in salt is hard on the body. Too much iodine can cause the same problems as not enough iodine. Morton Salt is loaded with calcium-silicates (the silicates apparently cause plaque buildup in the arteries) and believe it or not, small amounts of sugar. The body can’t absorb the silicates. Iodized salt, which the Morton Salt Company processes, causes higher blood pressure levels overworking the heart along with a whole host of related physical problems. Just imagine consuming Morton Table Salt for 30 years? The salt for slaves started in 1924 when iodine was added to salt to prevent goiter. Himalayan pink salt (why is the girl’s umbrella pink on Morton Salt containers?), which is an excellent alternative, is preferred, being loaded with vital minerals including some iodine, and is unprocessed. Morton Salt Company’s iodized processed salt is harmful and guarantees profits for doctors, hospitals, the pharmaceutical cartels and the insurance industry.


Japanese Salt and Foreign Salt


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  • Roland Edgar Dent GBR DL13 3PR

    PROSTATE blocked?
    If you cannot pee and you are a male do not delay in seeing the medic. Your tube is pee tube is blocked. Do not delay. How do you know? Well you think your release muscle has a problem but that ain’t the cause. Nothing to do with stress. YOUR TUBE IS BLOCKED. They use a fancy Dremel Tool to remake the channel. Not a big job.

  • Roland Edgar Dent GBR DL13 3PR

    Over weight? Too much SUGAR?

  • Ray, the interviewer is very antagonistic. He certainly didn’t make a fan of me.

  • Cindy – Unfortunately Frank has a lot of nonsensical baggage, which I had to avoid – for example, he believes the earth is flat, there is no evolution, the atmosphere can’t exist with a vacuum around it, and other things. You probably don’t understand such issues. Moreover Frank is not the type able to stick to a point. But by all means interview him yourself and see how far you get.

  • and yet Rae is too soft to debate me on the topics that he thinks are nonsense. You will also note that Rae interrupted me regularly while I was in the flow. Rae has told me he is taking the salt page down… I guess the video may go as well.